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Feeding the Hummingbird: Structured Markup Isn't the Only Way to Talk to Google

Here's the deal: People who haven't implemented structured data on their website shouldn't feel left out of the entity search revolution. While microformats and are great, they are only one of the ways search engines can extract relationships from your content.

In this post we explore 7 ways to strengthen semantic relationships in your content, including;
• Keywords
• HTML elements
• Entities and synonyms
• Anchor text and links
• Google Local
• Structured data highlighter
• CMS plugins

... all without complex markup languages. (and at least 3 reference to +Bill Slawski) Read the full post here:
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Excellent article on the future of SEO. So my question to you +Cyrus Shepard would be that since, like you mentioned a small percentage of sites across the web are making use of Schema markup or the like, do you believe it to be a large advantage to the sites that do use as much markup as possible going forward?
+Nathan Coryell That's definitely a possibility. My co-worker and structured data expert Matthew Brown says "yes!"
Searchmetrics recently completed a study that supports the idea that structured data provides an advantage.
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