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Top 5 - Today's Most Interesting SEO Content

1. Article examining sites hit by Penguin. Is anchor text the culprit?
Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn’t Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter (And 5 Easy Ways to Do So!)

2. iPullRank tweets: Bruce Clay says that Matt Cutts is working with the G Webmaster Tools team to develop a nofollow on the receiving end in G WM Tools

3. The Open Algorithm releases latest correlation study between rankings and Domain signals.
New Correlation Data Suggests Enhanced Importance of Site Wide SEO

4. Dr. Pete sums up the latest round of Google Penguin changes, and what to do about it.

5. SEO walking map of downtown Seattle connecting the new office of Portent Interactive, my office, Distilled and SEOmoz.
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As a few of us have been saying - SEO is almost dead in the water. It's thinking about the viewer - and how to attract them. It's now a game... On the marketing - of the engines - and providing the data needed for placement - because of the users of your site...

It's understanding the demographics... reading the competition, following up with becoming the AUTHORITY in your niche/brand/etc.

Tags, links, PR.... all "FLUFF" - and easily beaten.

Keep your visitors interacting and returning - and have original content that validates your authority - Understanding trends... following desired trends in advertising - knowing where the consumer is looking to land - is what will place your site in the tops...

The rest... tags, rel-tags, internal links and things like that no longer carry weight - and backlinks - SHMACKLINKS -- nice but not necessary to place in the top 10 any longer.

GAME ON people... If you're not paying attention - and you're looking for a special fix --- go blackhat...

If you want to be in the top --- then make it the top... Study - watch - pay attention... It is no longer build the site in 3 days - and expect top ranking...

It's STUDY everything - and understand what is needed for the consumer / viewer - and make it happen - it can take up to 3 - 4 months to finish studies and tests now... SORRY SEO PEOPLE - not what you believe... I know... But truthfully - if you think about it... It's the most honest way to get there... Do the research, make your tests... understand your audience and make your site for them - and not the search engines...
By the way - usage of G+ as a technique is currently a viable backlinking strategy - however - be very careful to not ascribe it and use it too many times as the profile should be the most important one.

Note the reason I believe it is currently in play - is because the branding is needed - to bring in the people from the branded sites to G+ - to follow and "FAN" the brand or the people...

It is purely a marketing move to obtain the numbers necessary for demographic information and sales to or for advertising.

Think Bladerunner - think any futuristic movie where advertising was flashing geared for the individual person... Well - to be honest - this is the beginning of the information gathering process.

All the social media sites - are making and banking their money on the sale of information of the individuals using - moving - commenting - and sharing data...

Simply the way it is... Jump in it - or dive out.

The current trend of G+ placement and backlinking - however, will not always remain - and it won't be as instantaneous.... At least I don't think so - consider it a temporary perk for selling your soul... errrr. I mean data...
+++++1 on the local paid inclusion link... Truth is oft stranger and more hard work than fiction.
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