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New Study Shows Google Click Through Rate Increases with Keyword Length

The longer the keyword search query, the higher the CTR. Other findings from +Catalyst show that while CTR for the #1 ranking in Google has been falling, there is evidence that clicks for positions 3-5 are actually increasing.

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Very interesting study +Cyrus Shepard -- This will be shared via "best of google+" next week!
Complex study +Cyrus Shepard. Maybe this will make people understand that being first in not everything but being convincing.
Yes, I have noticed few of my friend not clicking #1 result. They instead open #2 and #3 most of the time. May be the effect of Google Ads?
Thanks for sharing my first YouMoz post Cyrus. Much appreciated!
This makes sense, in a way. The longer the search query, the more specific the request--a person who types "buy a used xbox" is probably going to find more relevant search results compared with someone who types "used xbox" or some other short query. 

Just my two cents. 
+Pankaj Gupta I have no data on this, but I myself often confuse the #1 search result with Google's ads, so I find myself skipping the top search result on accident sometimes. 
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