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Introducing The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

New for 2013. +Danny Dover introduces the 2.0 version of the Web Developer's Cheat Sheet that he first produced 5 years ago. The new cheat sheet from +Moz is divided into 4 printable pages that you can tack to your wall or computer screen.

Topics Covered include:
     • Important HTML Elements
     • HTTP Status Codes
     • Canonicalization
     • URL Best Practices (new)
     • Webmaster Tools
     • Robot Control Syntax
     • Important User-agents
     • Sitemap Syntax
     • Facebook Open Graph (new)
     • Twitter Cards (new)
     • Google+ (new)
     • Google+ Authorship (new)
     • Google+ Publisher (new)
     • Targeting Multiple Languages (new)
     • Mobile Web Development (new)

In the future, the Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet will be updated when SEO best practices, standards or techniques change.
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People will argue this but I have seen great success in using CSS to present your most salient content high in the DOM, as opposed to top/bottom right/left rendering.
I thought it was web developers that created these standards. 
Thanks for all of your help with this!
This always comes in handy, awesome resource, thanks for sharing!
Great read. Great tips. Cant believe im just reading this now
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