Does Ranking #2 With an Author Pic Get the Same CTR as Ranking #1?

In my own experience, I've found that a kick-ass author photo can increase your traffic as much as 35%.

Keep in mind, this is relative to the position you started in. So if previously your #2 ranking URL received a 10% CTR (click-through rate) then after optimizing you might see a 13% CTR, if you're lucky. While this is great, it's nothing like the bump in CTR you'll see if you move to the number #1 spot - where many SERPs see a CTR between 15-40%.

In the screenshot below, I took a snapshot of the SEO report in Google Analytics, using an account where an author profile shows up consistently in search results. Even with an author photo, there's a huge drop-off as you move lower down the positions.

So even with a great profile pic, you'll see far greater gains by moving up in rankings. (That said, it's possible an improved CTR over time can also help you move up in rankings. So get a good pic!)
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