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Hauntingly beautiful. Tilt shifted van Gogh paintings
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Heaven is a Place where nothing ever Happens, isnt it ?
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Cyrus Shepard

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Register for SEO Basics: The Fundamental Signals Used to Rank Our Content Higher

Tue, Feb 10, 2015 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Moz's own Senior Content Astronaut Cyrus Shepard delivers a special presentation perfect for the beginner to intermediate SEO. Cyrus dives into the very same SEO ranking signals he uses at Moz on a daily basis in order to rank for relevant traffic in search results. From the overlooked to the obvious, Cyrus shows how a few basic principals improve almost any piece of content and help boost SEO success.
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 I do love moz keyword analysis tool :)
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Cyrus Shepard

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Link Opportunities. Go try it!
Shhh... We're Soft Launching the New Link Intersect Feature Only Here on G+

In Open Site Explorer, if you navigate to Link Opportunities → Link Intersect (e.g., starting ~5 minutes ago, you'll get to experience our new, full-index-powered version of the data.

When it first launched, this tool wasn't particularly great because it only used the Fresh Web Index, so unless lots of news/blogs/rss sites linked to you in the last 30 days, there wouldn't be many results. Now, things are different. Give it a spin - plug into two sites you think influencers in your field might link to and your own site as the exclusionary one, and you should see some MIGHTY FINE link opportunities.

Would love any feedback. We won't be doing any marketing for this broadly until next week, but if you find anything, please drop me a line!
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Cyrus Shepard

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New Post - Google's Sitelinks Search Box: What You Need to Know

Have you implemented the SearchAction Schema on your homepage to qualify for Google's Sitelinks Search Box?

We were surprised when the folks at SimilarTech reported  the SearchAction markup now dominates all other Schema types on the top 1 million sites that they monitor.

Does it lead to traffic? What if you don't have a search engine? Should you opt out?

We tested it and spoke to SEOs at some of the largest websites around. Here's what we discovered...
Several months ago, Google announced a new sitelinks search box. Despite its strong adoption, until now we've had very little evidence to understand its effects. We implemented it to share with you the results. Here's what we found...
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Have there been any confirmed my, major Google updates lately?
People keep asking me when Moz's Google Algorithm History will be updated, but the simple truth is that there haven't been any major, confirmed updates since late October. I've added the Penguin roll-out to UK/CA/AU and Pigeon "everflux", both of which happened in December

The Penguin timeline is unclear - flux was high for weeks after Penguin 3.0, even causing reports of an unconfirmed Penguin 3.1.
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If you're using the basic local business schema markup, you're not getting the full benefit. Take it to the next level with this great post from +David Deering on the Whitespark blog.
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+Anrich Brummer what I was saying... 
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Have them in circles
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Cyrus Shepard

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Would love to learn what everyone's favorite SEO tools are:
I'd love to hear about your favorite SEO tools of 2015 - what can't you live without?   For bonus cool points, please share this with your friends, followers and colleagues so we can get the best possible dataset!
Last year I ran an informal questionnaire on twitter, that ended up getting 130+ responses, and hundreds of votes on your favorite SEO tools. While it wa
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+Majestic gets a lot of regular use in my world!  
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Cyrus Shepard

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I'm giving a free webinar on SEO Basics and Ranking Signals. Register
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Cyrus Shepard

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What do you think, new profile pic? 
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Wires and D batteries--trending in 2015.
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Cyrus Shepard

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How I actually do SEO at +Moz
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I just mentioned that, because when you work +Moz you may should read that first. You are right +Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing
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Cyrus Shepard

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Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition

Distilled consultant +Geoff Kenyon has updated his classic Site Audit Checklist for 2015. While a lot of SEO has remained the same, Geoff added important changes around mobile, international SEO and site speed, among other things.
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Hi +Cyrus Shepard I really like seeing audit checklists from other people,  and getting an idea of the kinds of things they look at and review  and make recommendations on a a site for.  So thanks for making +Geoff Kenyon 's checklist available.

Like +Barbara Starr, the idea of adding recommendations about semantic markup, and information about things like Schema that might work with a particular site, seemed to me to be a good addition, and I've been trying to do that with client's sites - it gives us an idea of things we want to do on their sites as we work to improve it, its quality, and its rankings.

I've also been trying to learn more about entities that appear on pages of a client's site, and looking to sources such as Wikipedia or Freebase to see if I'm including relevant/important/notable information on their pages I might be reviewing, or what I've been calling an "entity review".  Knowing stuff like this can help in content creation, in knowing what words or phrases their pages could rank for, in understanding whether or not certain types of rich snippets might show for them, and more.

When Barbara writes about sending consistent signals to a Google with both the content visible on your pages, and the markup you use, I think she nails an extremely important element of SEO - increasing the confidence levels Google might have in what you write and what you offer.   And your pages can be that much better for human visitors as well, which can have other positive impacts upon search engine rankings as well, too.
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Cyrus Shepard

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Test Your SEO Knowledge - The Local Search Expert Quiz

How well do you know local SEO? This new quiz from +Moz contains 40 fast questions to challenge and test your skills. Samples from the first two questions:

Q.1 What does the acronym 'NAP' stand for?
a) Nation, address, postal code
b) Name, address, phone number
c) Nation, area, phone number
d) Network, apply, persist

Q.2 When a 'W' is added to the acronym NAP, what does the W stand for?
a) Wikipedia
b) Website
c) Write-up
d) Windows

Take the full quiz here:
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Pretty fun quiz!
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Senior Content Producer, SEO Consultant & Website Strategist at
SEO, Social Media, SEM, PPC, Organic Search, Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy
  • Moz
    SEO and Content, 2010 - present
    I help lead content strategy and content production around Moz. My responsibilities also include marketing our Inbound Marketing software and SEO tools.
  • Cyrus Shepard Inc.
    CEO, 2009 - 2013
    Personal online projects and private SEO and website strategy consulting.
  • PlaceFull
    Chief Marketing Officer, 2012 - 2012
    Responsible for Placefull's go-to-market marketing strategy. Also helped build the design and creative teams as well as guide the design of the original UI.
  • True Fabrications
    Web Manager, 2009 - 2010
    My fist SEO job. Responsible for all online marketing.
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Seattle, WA
Marshalltown, Iowa - Los Angeles - Portland, OR
I write about SEO, Social Media, Web Strategy, Startups and Online Marketing
I live in Seattle and work on the Interwebs. I work for Moz. I love tackling  tough SEO problems and helping online businesses spread their online marketing message. The web is the most democratizing force the world has ever seen, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

My wife Dawn creates infographics as the world's greatest graphic designer at Not only does she provide me with great logos and infographics, but she's a personal inspiration as well. Currently, she's having an awesome time setting up her watercolor art store for children on Etsy. As an SEO, I've learned that having a graphic designer as a partner is an invaluable asset. Highly recommended.
Bragging rights
Editor of the 2012 edition of the Beginners Guide to SEO. I've hitchicked over 5000 miles across the US. Played young Steve Martin in Cheaper by the Dozen. Once won a convertable on Hollywood Squares. I've done SEO consulting for some of the most interresting web properties in the world.
  • University of Southern California
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