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A few months ago I discovered a positive correlation between the price of Google stock and the number of people searching for "happy birthday." Ridiculous, I know.

Then this landed in my inbox today...
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That's the true reason behind the Happy Birthday cards 
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Cyrus Shepard

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Update: Google Authorship Pics Drop to 0%

This morning, Dr. +Pete Meyers reports the MozCast feature graph reporting 0% traditional authorship snippets across all data centers. This represents a significant drop from the 22% of searches that previously showed author photos, and means author pics have now been completely wiped out of Google search results.

As +Mark Traphagen points out, photos still show for logged in personalized searches for people in your circles:

Read More
Post on Moz:
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Aka: Google have dropped their Google Plus advert from the SERPs.
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Cyrus Shepard

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New Post: Google Announces the End of Author Photos in Search: What You Should Know

Following up on an excellent post yesterday by +Mark Traphagen we explore the implications of Google's Authorshipocalypse.

Here's the link to John Mueller's original announcement:

And the link to Mark's post:

More on +Moz here:
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Hey, in my case losing the photo may boost click through :-)
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Cyrus Shepard

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We've managed to "recover" two sites from the last Panda with a simple fix; read all about it :)
If you're hit by Google Panda 4, this post *might* help you fix it in a very simple way. Robots.txt-ing your CSS & JS might be the cause.
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Cyrus Shepard

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Answer Box Optimization

How does Google extract entities for answer boxes? Consider this query for "How Many Astronauts Walked on the Moon?"

Then take a look at the anchor text from Open Site Explorer:

In fact, if you look at most Google answer box queries, you can often find anchor text that helped them determine these semantic relationships.
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+Saroj Choudhary might be something interesting
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Cyrus Shepard

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Best thing this week: New MozBar detects and previews Google Authorship snippets

And it's free:

The team also released a few bug fixes from earlier in the week, and they are working on even more improvements.
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Hi Cyrus, as you are the SEO guy I thought i'd ask, I hope you don't mind but earlier today I was using the Open Site Explorer tool, I did take a screen shot but its not appearing here, is there a bug? Reason being, in the keyword difficulty section  I asked for google results but once the results appeared it came up with Bing results, it said google on one side and bing on the top? I really like this tool but only if its accurate of course. Thanks  Im in the process of building my new site and am trying to rank for SEO Chester but only if the search results come back ok, hopefully not long a long way off completion :-)
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The amount of packaging in one mens dress shirt

It takes hours to unpack the pins alone.
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Make sure you use Alfani Stretch undershirts too, the best
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The Beginning of the End? Authorship Results in Google Search Drops 10% Overnight

#seo #google #authorship  
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Sian To
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Cool Try-on Eyeglasses App

Have  you ever used a "see how you look in the glasses" app? Usually they kinda suck. This technology is leaps and bounds ahead of other try-on software.

Below you'd actually believe this beautiful woman is wearing the glasses (she's not) and the permutations are infinitely adjustable. Available from
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Sadly app not available in my country 
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Cyrus Shepard

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Who's willing to help?
If Negative SEO is Possible, We Need to Prove It

New blog post: on what's needed to help nudge Google to change their practices.
There are a tremendous number of claims from across the search marketing world that negative SEO (the practice of knocking someone else’s website/page(s) out of search results by pointing spam links at them) is not only possible, but has been done. One of the most recent and, IMO, most credible came via this SERoundtable post …
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Cyrus Shepard

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Feeding the Hummingbird: Structured Markup Isn't the Only Way to Talk to Google

Here's the deal: People who haven't implemented structured data on their website shouldn't feel left out of the entity search revolution. While microformats and are great, they are only one of the ways search engines can extract relationships from your content.

In this post we explore 7 ways to strengthen semantic relationships in your content, including;
• Keywords
• HTML elements
• Entities and synonyms
• Anchor text and links
• Google Local
• Structured data highlighter
• CMS plugins

... all without complex markup languages. (and at least 3 reference to +Bill Slawski) Read the full post here:
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really great information thank you very much
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Amazon's Google Problem: Disappearing Review Stars

Where did all of Amazon's review stars disappear to in Google search results, and will they ever come back?

#google #marketing #seo  
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I just sent two emails to a couple of NY Tech reporters. If we all do the same, maybe we can get to the bottom of this, if we don't get stonewalled.  
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