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Maybe its ''the awakening '' from doomist transitioning to realist ???
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Anyone who deigns to declare that they have earned their place in Heaven is making a grave error. Even the most vilainous heart can be granted access to God's kingdom, a long as he/she seeks His forgiveness and repents while he/she still has a chance. Notwithstanding this possibility, assuming that you have done all that it takes to secure your position in His domain demonstrates hubris on a level on par with the Deceiver.

Bloomberg has just proven to me that he has skeletons in his closet; and only God will judge him.

What a fool!
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Cyrus Manz

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Pot head...
True story.
#pot   #pothead   #marijuana   #weed  
  Today is 4/20, a sort of countercultural holiday many people commemorate by smoking a lot of pot. Marijuana is considered by many to be an “acceptable” drug, mainly because of its natural origins. Some states allow medicinal use of marijuana, mainly because it seems to help people with cancer and other severe illnesses with pain …
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Thanks, mr. I really appreciate ! God bless you and yours ...
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Cyrus Manz

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No other stream on G+ returns as much nonsense as #climatechange  propaganda....
True story.
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+Michael Lederman I bet both have similar intentions too.
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Have him in circles
1,822 people
Come and see what real life scientists have to say about man-made climate change.....
#climatechange   #globalwarming  
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+egorone0408 lol:-)
He is my favorite too.
Dr. LIndzen, Dr. Curry and Dr. Christy (an ex IPCC scientist), have been heavy weight opponents of this nonsense.

The American Physical Society (APS) was forced into electing the trio this year in order to "correct" the APS organizational declaration about climate change after renowned members resigned their positions.

APS boasts a membership of 60,000 scientists and can no longer afford appearing in support of this BS.

Google it. It all happened last month and I did a big editorial for the community about it.
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Speaking of our community....
Check our archives,you'll be glad you did.

#climatechange   #globalwarming  
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Least regulated Vs most regulated!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=unemployment_rate&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=state&idim=state:ST250000:ST450000:ST480000:ST500000&ifdim=state&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false 

And across the big pond!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=unemployment_rate&fdim_y=seasonality:sa&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=country_group&idim=country_group:eu:non-eu&idim=country:de:is:no:fi:el:it:hr:es&ifdim=country_group&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false 

Oopsie, didn't mean to get messy facts and evidence, all over your fundamentalist religious dogma...

Say, where was your messiah (Adam Smith's guiding hand of the market) in 1929? 1973? 1983? 1988? 2008?
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NASA's Recent Complicity in Climate Fraud.....
Most everyone (99.9%?) involved in the climate science  community are fully aware of NASA's gross manipulation "enhancement" of the historical global temperature record dataset .
It's understood by all that the real 20th century warming was just not very dramatic, thus it had to be 'sexed up' to fit the alarmist fear-mongering. As a result, the NASA/GISS climate agency has shown their amazing "scientific" capabilities by producing an enhanced global warming simply, and literally, lowering (ie, cooling) past recorded temperatures prior to 1960
#climatechange   #globalwarming  
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More on Climate Fraud......
Like the UN, the IPCC is a political organization that seemingly has a primary objective of misleading the public and policymakers about climate science. Another example of such behavior is.....
#climatechange   #globalwarming  
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If their lips move ... doubt them
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My new project....
True story:-)
#climatechange   #globalwarming  
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and don't forget that to be on the UN committee, you have to be a communist. The UN is the communist NWO OWG.
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Have him in circles
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Call me Ishmael...

Cyrus Manz is my online pseudonym and I primarily write against the the ideology of man-made (anthropogenic) climate change which used to be called global warming (which of course never happened).

In my spare time and on occasions I get into heated debates with certain groups online and I am almost certain that they go away taunted by the experience.

On a personal note I am a very private individual who holds the principles of family and friendship at highest levels of regard.

Do not circle me or get into discussions about anything with me unless you are over well over 21.

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