Nearby Pokemon Scan with Notification

Pokemon scan is now working.

(Long click anywhere on the map to start scanning)

• Pokémons are shown on the map
• The listview on the right shows the found pokémons with the more rare ones on top to help you spot the more interesting ones. The background colors show the rarity level.

• Click on any pokémon to show its details in the bottom left corner.
Name, Rarity, distance (on this screenshot the distance is 75 km because i was not there ) and remaining time.

If you click on the aim icon in the pokémon info window, the map zoom will always be adapted to show both your location and this pokémon location on your phone and your android wear watch if you have one.

• You can enable a notification showing the pokemon with their expiration time

(if you scan areas far away from each other, pokemon go servers might stop sending information for a while)

You can download the apk from Dropbox:

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