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This morning I noticed a bug/glitch on the #android on-screen 'Back' button. It looks like it has always been there but noticed it only this morning. Have a closer look!

Yep there is a little dark grey dot (an unclosed vectorial shape?) in the middle of the arrow. Is appropriate for this kind of bugs?

Who said I'm a "details guy"? :s
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OMG! You have sent me into an OCD tailspin!!!!!! 

123, 123, 123
wow - now that you've pointed it out it seems glaringly obvious.  I'll file a bug internally - thanks for reporting.
I don't know you, but I hate you for showing me this

Lol I completely forgot about this and you made me realise it's still not fixed. This is how it happens when bugs are filled internally (high priority). Think about the official bug filer now. No offence...
Looks like it's still not resolved.  I'll ping the internal bug.
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