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Do you remember the post I told you the Android back button had a glitch [0]?

Here is another funny detail I noticed this morning (I don't even had my glasses ^^). Look at the Contacts icon and you will notice the contact name is not "Lorem ipsum" but " Lauren ipsum" :) If you don't believe me, look at the Contacts app source repository [1].

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I think Google is intentionally making these mistakes just to see if you can find them, lol
That's a funny touch, Lauren being a person's name and all.
You don't think that a play on words turning it into a fake name on a contact card icon could be intentional? ;)
My guess is also that its intentional. And quite funny too :)
+Marcus Körner Of course it it. I'm just trying to make people notice some of these little details I so much love :)
It's hard to keep track of all of the easter eggs floating around Android.
If you're as old as I am, you won't notice this stuff anymore :-) Even though I know it, I still cannot see it on my GNex. On which device did you notice this?
It will be easier to spot on the upcoming Android 4.2 xxhdpi :)
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