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The status bar height in the Android M developer preview is changing. It is now 24dp tall in order to match Material Design quidelines (previously 25dp). From what I remember, it is also the first change in height since Android 1.0.

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Now we discover which apps use window insets correctly and which ones hardcoded the old size. 😉
+Adam Powell You got me :p The thing is (as far as I know,) there was no other way than hardode the value for preview Window as @android:dimen/statusBarSize is private and the fitSystemWindows(Rect)/dispatchApplyWindowInsets (WindowInsets) gets called way too late…
Window insets are dispatched before first layout. What are you doing that you think that's too late?
I'm sad to say that I still don't know how to use window insets correctly. 
If you describe what you need them for it may help guide an explanation.
+Adam Powell Yep but it is still too late as my code is not yet called when the system displays the startup/preview Window. What I'm doing is basically to set the Window background to a temporary Drawable that the system will used when inferring the preview Window. Once my Activity onCreate gets called, I set the background to a simpler one.

Here is my drawable :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<layer-list xmlns:android="">

        HACK Cyril
        25dp corresponds to @android:dimen/status_bar_height. Using this
        dimension would have been a better way to set the top inset.
        Unfortunately, the resource is not public and therefore cannot
        be used directly in this XML file.
    <item android:top="25dp">
            <item android:drawable="@drawable/action_bar"/>

            <item android:top="@dimen/action_bar_size">
                <shape android:shape="rectangle">
                    <solid android:color="@color/app_background"/>


Am I missing something ?
Ah, yeah that's not even in your process then.

A dirty starting window trick is to have a special theme that you set for the activity in your manifest, but in your onCreate immediately call setTheme to a different one that you'll actually use for the real thing. That means your manifest theme is basically just a theme for your starting window. From there, set android:statusBarColor to your desired color, any action bar style you want to show in there (even if you use a Toolbar in your layout for the real thing, etc.) and a windowBackground you're happy with.
Such a huge difference. I'm glad they've put resources into this - so amazing -_-
it may not seem like an huge difference but if you have a translucent status bar now you need to handle two different heights for your content :)
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