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Cynthia Woodard


Cynthia Woodard

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#Hangouts now available for Nexus 10 and 7.  Still not sure I'm actually glad about that since there still isn't a way to see who is online... 
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Oh wait, if you scroll down that impossibly long list of contacts, the people with greyed out photos are offline and the people with normal photos are online it looks like. Now we just need a way to show online people only or at least online people at the top.
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Cynthia Woodard

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So... the new Google #Hangouts .... How the heck do you see who is online???? I really, really want to like this. Also, some people who show up on my Google Talk list don't show up on my Hangouts list. I've been hoping for a unified message app for a while, but this doesn't seem very functional :(

I do like many of the other new things though... Google+ UI, Play Music app update, etc etc.
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Ah ha. On my phone, if you scroll over a pane to the long list of contacts, offline people have greyed out pictures. Online people are solid. Still awkward since online people aren't on top, but better than nothing I guess.
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