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Cynthia Woodard


Cynthia Woodard

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#Hangouts now available for Nexus 10 and 7.  Still not sure I'm actually glad about that since there still isn't a way to see who is online... 
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Hi, I read your review of YouTube Kids, I also have older kids (7 and 10) who like Minecraft. I couldn't find a suitable app, so I made my own. It's called YouTuze, I'm still working on ways to improve it. If you get a chance try it out an let me know if there are any other features you think it should have. Thanks    Michael
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Cynthia Woodard

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So... the new Google #Hangouts .... How the heck do you see who is online???? I really, really want to like this. Also, some people who show up on my Google Talk list don't show up on my Hangouts list. I've been hoping for a unified message app for a while, but this doesn't seem very functional :(

I do like many of the other new things though... Google+ UI, Play Music app update, etc etc.
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Ah ha. On my phone, if you scroll over a pane to the long list of contacts, offline people have greyed out pictures. Online people are solid. Still awkward since online people aren't on top, but better than nothing I guess.
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