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So, playing with toy dinosaurs (or thinking dinosaurs are real) could be the devil's way of tricking children into believing in evolution


How would you respond (intelligently and without being cruel) to something like this?
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Are you sure you don't want cruel?
Satan lives in the form of creationists.
lol .. I just hope the boy doesn't grow up like his mother :)
Inform the Mother that in order to make an informed decision on any subject, that educating one's self with all of the available information regarding the subject is required. Since she exhibits knowledge of the" scriptures" , she should begin to arm herself with knowledge of science in order to discern the answer, beginning with geology and how over time minerals replace organic matter, leaving only the outline of the original matter.How geologic strata correspond to particular time periods as verified by radio carbon dating.

I remember a picture of a Grandmother leading a child by the hand into the "Creationists museum". It made me think of the confusion the child would later face. The Grandmother was only doing what she felt best for the child, according to what she had been taught.
Therein lies the answer.
Scientific education in geology, chemistry, anthropology and astronomy would open new worlds for her - and her offspring.
I hope she talks to God before she logs in, because there's no mention of the internet in Genesis, either.
there was no room on the ARK for Dinos. Sheesh, get it right
You simply can't respond to people like this without acknowledging the correctness of their beliefs first and foremost. Remember, she's taking it as a given that god created the universe in 7 days, 6,000 years ago. I'm an atheist, so I've had to debate religious people plenty, as they would try and convince me that I was wrong. Here's how I'd respond, given that context:

"Genesis states that God created man on the 7th day (or at the end of a single day, depending on which version of the creation myth you believe). The bible doesn't really concern itself with what happened specifically until Man enters the scene. Thus, the bible doesn't really cover, in detail, what was created before Adam. Dinosaurs could have been around, and God killed them off to make room for man, as creatures that large would have made sure man was extinct, should they have continued to exist. Additionally, we know that God is able to alter the shape and dimension of animals, as he does so to the snake, which gave Eve the apple. There's no reason to believe that dinosaurs have never existed, just that they didn't exist when Adam was created.

Additionally, the Bible's concept of time has changed through the various books. Also in Genesis, we see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob each lived many hundreds of years. But, we don't know how that year was defined. Likewise, we don't know what counts for a day to God, during that time when he was creating the universe. What is hundreds of millions of years old to us, might only be a few days to God."

The idea is to make room for acceptance through her own beliefs. On a more personal note, I agree with the graphic. People like this really do make me wish I didn't live on this planet any more.
seriously? he's 8 yrs old. let him play. why must he pray before play? i guess you don't leave any room for imagination.
I think she is somewhat right, but at the same time extremist and wrong. None, whether evolution as taught nor creation are confirmed, but believed on. This is hard to admit for most, since acknowledging own's uncertainty might force a reconstruction of core believes or assumptions. Many tend to believe on a "set" of things, accepting some flaws in those beliefs until fully understood, but fighting for those almost blindly, as part of fear reflected as many other pretexts for mistreating other's beliefs. I somewhat agree with +David Andrews in the fact that she needs to learn little more about those things before saying anything about it to her son, but i add she should rather focus on good habits like prayer and learn to say "I don't know why god did it that way, ask him".
When you run into someone like this, just nod and smile. The rapid pace of technological advancement is leaving fewer and fewer places to hide from the science that makes it possible.

By the time the kid's in his 20s the whole "fossils are just rocks" thing will seem as plausible as Santa or the Easter Bunny.
the whole 'Its the devils trickery' argument is a never ending poor excuse. Seriously, you could say that God created these creatures and Satan deliberately altered the bible so that it caused a dilemma for Christians and question their faith.
Great comments, everyone. I appreciating reading them. I asked for intelligent responses without cruelty because I really didn't want to turn this into a hate-fest and I also don't believe it's right to insult or punish someone for simply being ignorant. I just hope her son grows up with enough confidence in himself and his own personal beliefs to extend his borders beyond what he was taught as a child. :)
I have to agree with +Samuel Sprague This has got to be a joke. Where I don't doubt that there are extremists like this out there, this post seems to focus too much on "shock value" to be real. (On a separate not Wow there are more Spragues out there :o)
This is just crazy. How can people flat out ignore science? I'm a catholic. I believe in both evolution and god's creation. Do I think it happened exactly as written in Genesis? Of course not... I believe evolution has occurred over time, but i don't believe life just started one day with a perfect storm of primordial ooze & chemicals and a catalytic bolt of lightning. I think God had a hand in the initial creation and the continued evolution of life.

This lady is just nuts. Its worse than the days of old when people were labeled heretics and blasphemers when they said the earth wasn't the center of the universe. Now we realize this is completely ridiculous because discoveries in science have shown us that Earth isn't even the center of our little solar system. Science & archaeology has also brought us many discoveries which show us there was life long before 6,000 years ago...
these comments are.... interesting. She is misinformed, yes. However; I would encourage her to continue rearing her child the way she desires, since it's really none of our business what she chooses to let her children play with. This choice is no different than those parents who make a similar decision regarding food or clothing--one might raise his children not to eat meat or to regard pork as foul. The same decisions are made by parents every day, in various circumstances, are they not? I saw no commentary regarding the purpose of this woman's post, only commentary as to the topic, Christianity. Let those who have children, do as they will with them, but many of you are making untrue or exaggerated claims about science and religion alike. To me, there is no difference between what you all have done and what you are claiming she is guilty of; you are critical of her choice, because you view her as ignorant. For this reason, I am critical of you. She may be ignorant to the particulars of religion and science (not every Christian is a theologian nor every scientist an expert ) yet, you have all demonstrated the same flaw from where I sit. The answer to her question may not be determined by any one of us, she must be led by her own insight into her life, as she lives it. Not as you or I do.
How to reply w/o cruelty and w/o changing their believe of a god simple just go up to her hey i know you believe in god and the bible and to be honest i believe in god too (even if you dont) but not so much on the bible what if this dinosaur bones are actually gods work of telling people that his message was lost in translation and that there's more of gods wok out there than what the bible actually tells us there is...
+caroline russelle the beauty is that a child will always rebel at an older age against that which he has had forced upon him. And now we live in 2012 it means the wealth of information he has around him will let him make up his own mind.
Call social services. And the guys with the white shirts.
I don't think Science has it 100% right. Science has been wrong before, it is wrong now, and it will be wrong again. People who put their faith in science will end up disappointed when their pet views within science are disrupted. YET people put their complete trust and faith in science while making fun of religion. I find that ironic.

Example, Newton's "law of gravity" as it was taught to me in school is not accurate, nor is it a "law". It is a good approximation of what Newton experienced and works at a macro level quite nicely, but it is still wrong because it fails at the fringes of mass.

Newton is also a great example of a man of faith, searching the bible for hidden truths. The fact is, there is no reason why both faith and science cannot co-exist.

As for the example above, I have a simple counter claim for those that think Dino's were extinct millions of years ago; coelacanth (its existence) and the Stegosaurus at Angkor Wat. When science explains why we have ancient beasts in relatively modern world then I'll believe what they say. Evolution doesn't explain it. Outliers are a bitch
I think that this is meant to be:

1) A joke
2) A sarcastic reference to those who take religion a liitle "too" serious...

Can Not Be For Real!

I believe in God and I can testify to this much at least. It does not specify which animals God created, all we know is which are still around today.....

further more. A study into the dimensions of Noah's ark said it was more then large enough to hold dinosaurs.

And finally, only God knows exactly how old the earth is. TO put your faith that if its not in the bible it didn't happen, is to say that Jesus Christ never took a piss all the thirty six years of his life, the bible never mentions it. So according to that dumb broads philosophy he never did.

A lot of what happened back then is not in the bible. people who follow it blindly are the worst kind of "christians". Yes Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus, but anyone who believes that Joseph stayed married to her without getting laid is fucking retarded. Jesus had brothers and sisters most likely.

Just because you have faith, doesn't mean the thinking process of your life is over.
Science does explain it, Some creatures are not pressured by their surrounds to change, so they dont. (kinda like if it aint broke dont fix it). The coelenterate lives in the deep in a very constant environment, that it is already very well suited to live in, and thus an fish born with a adaptation doesn't have any better luck of surviving. unlike most other animals, who have and must continue to adapt to their always changing environment.
+Michael Tilton Yeah but science was what discovered that the earth was round and not flat and thanks to that we know we can go around the world and will not just fall off from earth when we reach the limit or get eaten by a monster, i do agree science is wrong sometimes but at least it has gotten us farther than religion ever did you dont see religious people looking for proofs on why god does exist, instead anything that goes against religion it has to be Satan's work, i do believe in god it might not be exactly the same god of what other people believe but at least i know that there are people out there trying to find an answer to the unanswered.
(thinks about commenting on religious beliefs)... science and religion should not have this kind of gap in between... they should work together... But I guess that's were our free will kicks in... (keeps thinking and remembers Ned Flanders)... I probably need to shut up now...
that wasn't exactly the point i was trying to make Lisa.
I'll weigh in. I am a Christian, and I believe in the literalness of the Bible, yet I also believe that there were dinosaurs, neanderthals etc and the earth is hundreds of millions or more years old, and I see no contradiction between these two apparently opposing conclusions.

Christians base the "6,000 year old earth" thesis on a reconstruction of a loose timeline based on ages and dates of characters given in the Bible. If Noah lived this many years, and this person lived this many years, and Jesus was born around AD 1, then we know...

It is on these grounds, and on the conviction that the Bible is the word of a God that never lies and is never wrong, that the age of the Earth is determined to be only 6,000 years, and no amount of "science" could change such a Christian's mind.

It is my contention, though, that it is not God or the Bible who is mistaken, nor is it science, but rather it is often man in his mistranslation of the Bible, and this is a case in point:

Genesis 1:1 is very familiar, and says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:2, slightly less familiar, says in many English translations, "And the earth was void..." However, when one looks to the original Hebrew, the verse is actually "And the earth became void..." Also, Isaiah 45:18 says, from the original Hebrew, that God did not create the earth waste, or void. This is significant because it indicates that God, who is perfect created a perfect earth (how could imperfection come out of perfection? wouldn't that prove that God himself is imperfect?), but something happened. This something, according to the Bible, was the fall of Lucifer/Satan, which preceded a rebellion, or a war of sorts. This may have been quite devastating to the earth at that time. Anyway, the point is, the Bible itself indicates that an indefinite amount of time passed between God's creating a perfect heaven and earth and earth's subsequently becoming void. Any number of cataclysmic events, changes in geology, flora, fauna et cetera could have happened; these changes, however, are basically irrelevant to the narrative of the Bible, and so are left out. It was only after this series of events that God came in to recreate the world "in 7 days".

Of course, for the many atheists who will read this, this is simply more fairy tales and they will be unconvinced; my message to them is that whether you believe the Bible or not, it is important to at least give it a fair hearing, to see that it is often misrepresented, not only by non-believers, but even more often by believers themselves. As to any Christians who may read this, you should consider the possibility that the Bible and science are actually in harmony, and it is simply a failure on man's part to understand what the Bible is saying.

I apologize for such a long post, but I felt it was necessary to spend a little time elaborating my point of view.
Smothering her in her sleep. It's less cruel that way.
Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible.(not by name as the term "dinosaur" didn't appear until 1841) Job talks about Behemoth and Leviathan and describes their characteristics. There is no way they are anything but dinosaurs. I have no idea what that woman was thinking.
is it physically possible to answer that without being cruel? Being cruel is a need when the objective is so stupid
In the immortal words of Saint Bill Hicks:
"God put [dinosaur fossils] here to test our faith!" … I think God put you here to test my faith, dude. Does that bother anybody else, the idea that God might be f*cking with our heads? I have trouble sleeping with that knowledge. Some prankster God runnin' around, [pantomimes digging] "We'll see who believes in me now. I am the Prankster God – I am killing me!"
I think the root of this issue is in her reliance on evolution being wrong. I used to have some of the very same views and concerns when it comes to the theory of evolution. After a lot of studying, I have realized that there is good science in the theory, but more importantly, I can still keep a faith in God while still accepting compelling evidence for evolution. The two are not as mutually exclusive as I once thought. I have found that some things I heard in my church while I was young about the "evils" of science, evolution, etc. were unfounded. Unfortunately many militant atheists have in the past and still today use evolution as proof that God exists, or at least that the entire Bible is now false. This is what you have to watch out for - bad logical arguments, not a specific scientific theory.
Not seeing many posts that actually answer the original question...

Christian to Christian explanation: God did make dinosaurs, but they didn't go on the ark. Dinosaur bones used to be bones, but they have fossilized into rock. The dinosaur bones are confusing scientists, because normally it takes a super long time to fossilize bones. The Flood in Genesis 5 was not only water covering the earth, but it was also massive tearing and folding of the earth's tectonic plates as the water underneath them escaped. The folding of the earth that created today's mountains also trapped the dinosaur bones in them and pressure-cooked them into the fossils they are today.

So: dinosaur bones aren't fake. But they're also not millions of years old.
+Paul Vanderburg good answer! it is however possible that some dinosaurs survived, as sightings still occur today (loch ness monster, various Congolese legends etc). Also nearly every ancient culture from the Romans to the Chinese have some sort of dinosaur legend. Possibly a few swimming and flying variants survived.
+S Lo Her grasp of science was quite weak, so I gave her the explanation that would make sense to both her and her child. :)
About ten years ago I recall a web-comic with this "just rocks shaped like bones put there to test our faith" thing. I sort of didn't really accept that some people really believe that. Even today I wonder if it's just a humorous meme - not too well founded in reality. But you can do a Google search for phrases like that, and it seems there really are people out there who think that way.
I'm a Christian. +Javier Salazar Loyola there is way to answer and not be cruel, just use what see would believe in to prove otherwise, as it has already been mentioned there are creatures describe in the Bible that sould like dinosaurs and the bible has events in it but just because it only talks about the events and certain people doesn't mean nothing happened between these events it just means nothing noteworthy happened.
Plus both creation and evolution have not been proven and therefore both take faith to believe in them.
Some will never question what they are told, and it's so sad that they will not allow their offspring to question their beliefs.
well said murieljcompton - however a dinosaur toy is not a problem its just a toy
I wouldn't respond. There's no way to convince someone of something they closed their minds off from long ago. Response is only reasonable when the opposing party is willing to listen. Otherwise, you just look like a belligerent ass.
I suggest adoption is the best solution for all of her kids
I know a group of people that definitely think they aren't real. I feel sorry for them, but at the same time know that they won't see any other option.

Although, I seriously hope this person is a troll
This is what I believe and many other Christians would say the same thing. Although there are bits of evidence in the Bible of dinosaur-like (in size) creatures i.e. Leviathan the serpent
Perhaps the idea, +Paul Carini, but not the potential existence. There is such a thing as certain external, objective, absolute truths. Assuming God exists, the lack of belief in Him would in no way degrade His existence. For example, the earth has always been a globe, but that fact was not realized and accepted until billions of years later.
What the hell are you talking about, +S Lo? +Paul Carini is suggesting that if there were no humans left—not even eight—then there would be no one to continue the idea of a God or deity. Therefore, religion and God would in a sense die with humanity.

EDIT: Unnecessary and unintentional aggression.
I too believe this is actually a joke for shock value but to answer the question posed I would tell her this: "he's 8. He'll believe anything you tell him. If you tell him they're mythical creatures he'll believe you."

The boy is going to grow up and eventually think for himself anyway.
+Paul Carini stated: If mankind was wiped off of the earth, the bones would remain, but the idea of God (and the devil) would cease to exist. He is suggesting a hypothetical scenario total and complete annihilation of the human species, not the Great Flood spoken of in the Holy Bible, +S Lo. Your inference seems to be off. No problem, though; I'm just trying to help clarify.
More evidence I should pack my bags and move to a remote island far away from the rest of humanity.....
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1. I'm a "young earth creationist" by definition (not title).
2. The Bible does mention dinosaurs and similar creatures.
3. Believing in dinosaurs has nothing to do with evolution.
4. This is old, drop it.
5. Bleh... I know I'm about to get flamed.
You really need to wake up ...belive in Christ .. god is just the church way of controling you ,have faith in you self why would you belive in a priest who is a pervert who is thinking of screwing your kids behind you back if he can find a way of doing it.. learn to think on your own ...stop letting your self fall subject to some one elses submission..
Well, evolution has been scientifically proven, +Roland Taylor. I'm a Theist who often associates with Liberal Christianity and I fully support evolution. It's called Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creationism. Additionally, dinosaurs are essential to evolution. I don't understand the distinction between the title and definition of being a Young-Earth Creationist, to be honest.
+Jon Gallu all generalizations are false. including yours about priests. I do not care what priests think because I am a protestant. all that matters to me is what the Bible says, science (real, observable science that is) has never disproved anything in the Bible.
You're doing exactly that ("letting your self fall subject to some one elses submission") by following religion. Anyway, your statements are irrelevant.

+S Lo, I believe you're referring to Ockham's Razor.
+David Greene sorry, but evolution, like much of "science" today, is just what is accepted by a majority, not what is proven. I will probably just mute this post anyway, I said what I had to say and I know anything I say in defence of what I know will be ignored or laughed at.

And one last thing:

By definition: means I believe the basics required for the title, but I do not apply the title to myself nor adhere to it as some kind of affiliation. In other words I don't go around calling myself a young earth creationist to tick off old-earth creationists :) (yes it's a bit vague but I know what I mean).
Understanding God & His Holy Books is simple.

What is fate?

Why can't we prevent our death?

Why aren't we able to gain each & everything social & materialistic we want starting from the beggar upto the richest man in this world?

Why our scientific theories mostly go wrong or sometimes the laws after applicable for decades even go wrong?

Why can't we give birth to ape-human like forms if we were really evolved from apes?

Why are there still preserved holy books if there is no God?

Why do we discover things; who kept it hidden?

Why accidents happen so frequently even in science?

Who made the stars & other planets?

Who made the BigBang possible?

Why isn't human perfect?Why can't he make himself perfect with current or future genetic engineering?

If a human isn't perfect had he evolved from someone imperfect like Adam & Eve made by God who committed a mistake in Paradise as said in Holy Books? Then why don't we believe it? Just because we don't see God?

Or do everything we see is never an illusion but then why the mirage of the desert?

Understanding God & His Holy Books is simple.
Well science is not perfect is it?
And the one making science also isn't perfect or is he?
+David Greene I think you just proved with your human extinction hypothesis that a tree really wouldn't make sound if no one were around to hear it fall. Thanks for your help.
You won't have any success unless you can see her views and beliefs as equals to yours. If you do, then you can ask here why she believes those things.

You'll find that her beliefs are centered on Christ and Biblical teachings. You could ask her some of her favorite teachings from the Bible, and she should probably talk about passages like the Sermon on the Mount, which teaches principles most of us agree on.

If you have a common belief system such that she feels safe talking to you, you could then ask her about some of these more sensitive beliefs, you could ask her why she believes the earth has only been around for 6000 years and you could ask her why she believes the Bible excludes the existence of dinosaurs. You could also ask her how she believes make-believe should fit in with children's play.

There's no quick, easy response but if this is a person you care about you can build the kind of relationship where you can talk about things.

The crazy part is if you do this you'll find beliefs and values she has that can improve your life as much as you'll help her relax a little about the whole evolution thing :)
+Roland Taylor, hypotheses and theories are proven and disproven through a system called the scientific method, which aims to establish the distinction between speculation and scientific fact. Disregarding the Agnostic concept that nothing can be known, a scientific fact is the closest anybody can get to an absolute truth; evidence backs up the fact, not merely "public opinion."

Evolution has been tested and proven in a laboratory on a microbial scale.

Here is the article:

I understand you are probably going to rebut this with the statement that an evolutionary shift in some bacteria doesn't prove evolution because we haven't observed it occur on a macro-evolutionary scale. This is a fallacy, however, because all it takes is concrete evidence of evolution occurring on any scale—even the smallest—to prove evolution. If evolution can occur in bacteria (what we evolved from), then it's theoretically plausible to state that if given billions of years to continue to evolve, that bacteria would develop into an organism resembling a plant or animal.

The reason why we don't see evolution occur in real-time, though, is because evolution on even a microscopic scale, like shown in the article above, takes decades to occur. In order to see evolution occur in "real-time," we'd need to set up a time-lapse camera to record for millions of years—millions of years longer than the human species has even existed.

+S Lo, I was referring to +Jon Gallu. Sorry about that.
the animal by the name of Behemoth is menchioned in the book of Jobe and the people are proclaming the size of the beast(i'm going off memory) but in my opinion i think that they are real but lived at the same time as man
Mark C
Did you click the 'Report this" for the sheer stupidity?
And what is this bad & good in human?Is this just science?

Why haven't the current generation of apes evolved into humans(why not even one of them)as some of them have ancestors as old as the first humans?
So what about dinosaurs? Do we just base them on fossils & 3D animations & can't there always be reptiles, amphibians & mammals just like the apes of today.

Who made the seas, the oceans, the sky & the earth when there was no life not even microbes or anything much smaller?

Why do some people have disease & others not?

Why are some happy & others sad, some rich & others poor & Why is this everchanging?

There is Someone Whom our weak eyes(illusioned by simple pictures of illusion.. :)) can't see.

There is Someone who knows the future, present & past more than our scientists do.
I'm a Christian, and have always scratched my head at people that believe this concept of a 6000-7000 year old earth. I know of at least one person (and a fairly young and otherwise enlightened one at that) that holds to this belief. He also believes that the Great Flood, aka the story of Noah's Ark, is the first time it rained on earth.

My question is always this, "Why would God change the natural laws of the world, including physics and chemistry, essentially to play a joke on humanity?" It doesn't make sense at all.
Not necessarily, +Stephen Adkins. Just like how the sound of the tree's fall are actually waves of vibrations through the air, religion would still exist in the sense that the texts and literature we wrote would last longer than humanity. Even after millions of years, our monuments and carvings could still be found, some of which would be associated with religion and spirituality.

Therefore, a tree does make a sound if it falls even though no one is around to hear it due to the disturbance it makes. Such vibrations would not last forever and eventually, they would either dissipate or be absorbed. Religion and spirituality would still ring out long past humanity's extinction, but even it will erode away over time.
Dafuq did I just read?! Haha
There were dinosours when G0d created all of the land animals. They were under different names because English wasn't a language for a few milenia, like untill A.D.. Look up Job and where it talks about the Bohemoth. Pay attention to the characteristics given.
Earth is 6,000 years old.. and because of the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, it is impossibe for the earth to be as old as ''scientists" say it is.. and dinosaurs did exist, and still do... Poor lady, she needs to listen to Dr. Dyno aka Kent Hovind.
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and who created the dinos? i know that they didnt just zap onto earth.
Kangaroos aren't mentioned in the bible either. Are kangaroos put here by satan to tempt us?
So sad. Science and traditional religion does not have to be exclusive of each other. Dinosaurs the work of satan? there are really people that believe this?
I would say that Evolution was in fact...REAL as it makes more sense and has more logic, than something that I would blindly accept. As creationism is taught like 'just believe it and ask no questions' and evolution is taught as 'From what we have learned so far, and what is logical; we would say that evolution is responsible for what we are now; *OPEN YOUR EYES, QUESTION EVERYTHING*'

Though, that is my point of view; I respect other's view....
I think if one thinks of the Holy Books & Messengers of God as sent by God(as they had already proved that & i mean all holy books & messengers) then one can understand that he doesn't know more than his Creator & also the Creator of the first human & Satan.
I think this all depends on your definition of "religion" and "sound." Does something exist because it affects its surroundings, or because it is perceived and understood?
i dont know how old the earth is, i was way to young back then to remember much .how long was a day before the earth was there to rotate , or a year before there was a planet earth to circuit around it ? is the big bang over? was there a singularity at the beginning, is the universe still expanding , or has it begun to contract? i can say right now unequivocally that i dont tend to trust any info that comes from people that speak in absolutes...and when i find out who left all the superstrings in my unified field i will put quarks with a spin of Δ+ 3/2 in their higgs bosun !! (just kidding, i mean Heisenberg.hellooooo. seriously .)
relax man . i am an absurdist .
Lol an the Bible does talk about dinosaurs, just never uses the word.... It uses words like "leviathan". Crazy woman! Christians believe dinosaurs existed too! Lol
There are a lot of topics that the Bible doesn't touch on in history, and dinosaurs is definitely one of them. I am a Christian, and see the Bible as God's inspired Word, but just because dinosaurs isn't mentioned doesn't mean they never existed. It's probably not mentioned because in the grand scheme of the Bible, they're kind of irrelevant. Some people interpret things way differently, and sometimes are mislead. I don't blame folks for being put off by reading this.
Everything is a trick by the devil. Go to sleep.
Wow, I had to google that lady to check. I think she is for real. Poor uneducated (stupid) people! Either that or she is the best troll ever
I just have to lol- it's either that or complete and utter despair.
Wow, who'd have thought that the debate of religion vs science would spark such active conversation... That NEVER happens!

Ignorance is not bliss, it is cruel and disempowering.
+emmie vinluan But most evangelical protestants (who are usually the sort who believe this nonsense) still believe that all Catholics are going to go to hell.
sorry but dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible, I believe its Job. They didn't have the word DINOSAURS in the the original English translation of the Bible (KJV)
Evidently a fundamentalist :P I'm a Christian, but I believe the chair I'm sitting on exits, even though the Bible doesn't say anything about it. The Bible was written by rational people who didn't claim to have all the secrets of science under their belts.
science gets to continually change and evolve their concepts with a collective progression each building from the work of others . the Bible on the other hand does not significantly change .
reference to creationism instead of intelligent design is a good indication that we are having a discussion about beliefs instead of science. let people believe as they will. science on the other hand is a tool for understanding . why cant we use it for that ?

dinosaurs still exist. that is to say giant reptiles that have not evolved significantly in fossil history , and sharks that predate reptiles also .(although like cell phones everything seems to have gotten smaller over time ,) science makes me laugh though. every time a new theory advanced , or discovery vetted scientist say it disproves God. whatever...
sometimes i wish they would just go back to turning lead into gold .
actually +emmie vinluan , many Fundamentalists are strongly anti-Catholic, and some of them won't even admit that Catholics are Christians :O
+Paul Schwen, you must have one helluva Church because most I've come across—even the most Liberal and contemporary of ones—dispute at least one or two scientific theories. I'm not criticizing your words, by the way; if you seriously have a Church like that, then you're a lucky man.
I'd ask her if the Bible mentioned America.
And its people like that, that caused the dark ages when anything scientific was "the devil's work" and set the earth's scientific achievements back by 100's of years. Thanks religion. Always figured it was a poorly executed plan to control the masses. 
No dinosaurs in the Bible? Alright fine, I guess it's fire breathing dragons...but that's close enough to dinosaurs :) (apparently someone hasn't read Job 41 :))
Human Evolution! a prank pulled by Darwin... :)
In the 19th century 'Yo Darwin Monkey where's your ape mummy & daddy. And what's with your grandfather. I bet he looks more like dipplodocus'
People who think like this scare me. The fact that you can't GET OVER your outmoded and, frankly, nonexistant idea of an omnipotent being of hyperbolic proportions is pathetic. I am being very intolerant by saying this, I know, but in an increasingly scientific world, It disturbs me to see that the youth if our nation is being raised like this.
I wish people would get that god and science exist together. Maybe if they didn't take the bible so literal they could see things in better perspectives.
Perhaps you should point out to her that the head of the Catholic church accepted evolution years do most regular Christians,
those holding on to these views are the "Bliss Ninny" Christians...
I hope that someone reported this mom!!!!
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Dinosaur comments
I'd ask her to look up the verses that talk about the behemoth and leviathan in the Bible. Then ask her if she can think of any animal that matches those descriptions other than dinosaurs. Changing peoples views on anything as explosive as religious beliefs is very difficult, but since she cites the Bible as the source of her disbelief in dinosaurs, I think that's what a person would need to use to convince her.

Side note for anyone who's wondering: I personally believe in creation in 6 literal 24 hour days, the Bible, the flood, dinosaurs on the ark, micro-evolution (not macro-evolution), and that science continues to prove the existence and creativity of God. A lot can be learned about a painter by studying his work.
unicorns are real i have one in my back yard

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Dinnosaurs are made out of rock. Damn.
yeah just like dinosaurs unicorns are real. Go scientists go. Waste your time proving them
Have to tell the small kids to study dinosaurs & grow dinosaur eggs in the lab. So that the next generation would be crushed by Godzilla.
Nav H.
Good laugh. Religion is bullshit.
Sigh.... Sad....

If there was a god, I am rather sure that (he/she/it) would want the creations to not be stupid, but to learn and gain wisdom. Anything other than that would be foolish.
I would be like, Well, it stimulates children's imagination. They can use this to make their own opinions about things and come up with ideas of why people have found them. Maybe God put them here for us to study to teach us about different creatures. Maybe this lady is right and we are beieng tricked. Or maybe we just have no clue at all. I would let the kid play with it, becuase he doesn't know that at this age. He just thinks of it as a cool animal, as any normal boy would. LET. HIM. PLAY!
There are alot of things that exist that are not called out in this bible--that's reality. Abstaining from everything not in this bible would really expose oneself as a nut.
many others to many dead sea scrolls are the proof Judis to name one and several woman if you want to know it should be looked at and a new more completed bible for those that would want to know more about Christ's teaching look at all the older copies AND THE ONES WRITTEN NEAR HIS TIME !
Is this a serious thread? Are there really people that think that the earth is only 6,000 years old? I'm having a hard time taking this seriously, I so want to post something sarcastic.....
K Davis
I was raised in church, never was I taught there were no dinosaurs ect...yes there are many "churches" that teach this. Sad really. 
1 the existance of dinosaurs has nothing to do with the existance of God. To say that if dinosaurs existed there is no God is a false conclusion. God created dinosaurs like he created all other life, and now they're extinct. Like tons of other animals have been. The fact that scientists use incredibly inaccurate methods to say that the bones of dinosaurs are millions or billions of years old simply proves that they are using methods proven to be unreliable and inconsistent. Dinosaurs were created by God in the perfect world He created, and in the fall of man the earth changed, and they could no longer adapt, and they died. To say that Satan created these "bones" to fool Christians into thinking there is no God is giving Satan more credit than he's worth. By saying that you are assuming that Satan has the power to create. Satan has nothing but temptation and a mouth, he has been defeated and is under the rule of almighty God who rules all things. 
Dear Muriel Compton,

Satan has actually moved on from things like dinosaurs. It is because God is so great that Satan wants to deceive man into believing in evolution. That way Satan can discredit God and man will no longer believe in him. You must keep your faith strong! Evolution is fake, just like medicine, math, and all other forms of rational thinking. These things will make us start to question his power, and if you question his power, then God will cry because you don't love him anymore. I'd shoot your kids.

'_' wtf. Buy a book. Go to school. If I said anymore I'd start a flame war.
the bible speaks God's word, plain and simple, its not here to explain dinosaur fossils, its here to tell everyone on earth about the future of the earth, how the earth was meant to be like, and what God's plan for the earth originally was (this is your queue to go read the book of genesis) the earth was meant to be a paradise, if dinosaurs were supposed to be there then its gonna be awesome. if theyre not then oh well. because hes not going to let the earth be destroyed plain and simple, and not everyones going to heaven, and Hell is a load of crap designed to scare people into giving churches money, God is a God of love, Would a loving mother stick her childs face on a hot frying pan? no she wouldnt, and a loving God will not eternally torment anyone in a burning fire of hell. the word Hade's which is translated hell is nothing more than the common grave. The purpose of the bible is to tell you how you can be in the earth the way it was meant to be as a paradise, dinosaurs or not.
This is randomly hilarious. I don't know any Christians who think dinosaurs are a tool of the devil! Dinosaurs are actually alluded to in the book of Job. 
These are the people that will end up killing their familys in December becaues they are scared the would will end.
+Caleb Schieck I'm intrigued by your comment. Could you expand on how modern science continues to prove the existence of god? 
If you read the book of Job, it mentions dinosaurs, they are called the behemoth and the Leviathan. 
I think that people can believe that God believes anything they want to. But, it doesn't matter what God thinks, he told us to love everyone, so you should just shut up and love everyone!! D&C 64:10 I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.
Luke 6:37
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.
Matthew 7:1-5
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.
In response from a Christian, not all Christians and Catholics hate homosexuals, that is a very generalistic view that all religious people hate gays.I am also bi-sexual and stand up for myself in my church and we all accept that God loves all and we should follow in his footsteps in love but also, homosexuality is genetic and NOT a flaw, it was something that God implanted in certain people. In response to everyone else, I don't believe in evolution, it just doesn't make sense to me, God, the Bible, and such? That is easy for me to understand, and I question it all the time! I don't need the facts to believe in something, I believe with faith, but the facts help me out. And, to me, the facts point to God...FOR ME!!!!! It may be different for you, but that's how it is.
Actually both Dinosaurs and Dragons are alluded in the bible soo... -__-
Funny thing about Christianity every topic ends up in a war between gay-lovers and gay-haters.
Accurately translated "God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth, and the earth BECAME without form and void..." Torah scholars have wondered for millennia what happened in verse 1 and how much time passed between V1 and V2. Whenever there is an apparent discrepancy between the Word and scientific observation it is always the result of misinterpreting the data, either the text or the observation.
+Andrew Cureton a couple verses in Job refer to terrible lizards (which is a dinosaur translated)
These photos don't do the original post justice. They fail to give the conclusion to the question posed elsewhere. It's a complete one-sided attempt to malign Christianity. Don't judge the whole based on one man's thinking. Obviously, the other Christian believes in dinosaurs.

Surely, there are always people who believe wrong. But if we think about it - that's everyone of us. Let him cast the stone, if he has not sinned, first.
my friend says tht all the time! maybe thats where she gets it.
Does the bible mention jellyfish? I dont think it does. Jellyfish must also be the work of the devil 
wish I could comment inline, or on someone's comment. Actually the seventh day was Saturday (or Sabbath, that we get the word Seventh from). Sunday, was the first day, when god said let their be light, even though our light on earth originally came only from the sun, and the sun wasn't made until day 3 I think. It's been a while since I read genesis.

Either way, These people make me so sad. My mother-in-law is like this. I tell her that the biggest problem with religion, besides being wrong, is that it is fixed in text written 1500 years ago, by man, and about events that happened 500 years prior. So have you ever tried playing "telephone"? Imagine that across 500 years. I bet the stories got mixed up and blown out of proportion. Also, they can't change. They can't be updated. And their god has been absent for a very long time.

The beauty of science is that they are constantly testing it. If something is wrong, they change their ideas on that thing. It evolves, much like we do, and everything else on this rock has.

My biggest thing about creationist is that why must things be created anyway? That's a very limited point of view and physics tells us it's wrong. Remember, matter is neither created nor destroyed. Who created the universe? No one. All matter in it, has always just existed. Sorry to break it to you guys. Instead of living for a heaven, live now and enjoy this life you have. You're only getting one shot at it.
I doubt not that my answer would have no sense. Ain't the computers no real?
Fake. You all got trolled hard.
Let the kid believe what he wants to believe!
thats way kid love it kid need parental guidance
A thought to consider:
G-d created a complete universe with grown trees and plants - if Adam were to chop down a tree he would have seen rings in the trunk showing the tree's age - this "physical memory" was created together with the tree, similarly the earth, the planets and the stars were all created with their own "age" and "history".
It take around 8 minutes for the light of the sun to reach earth; for the closest stars it still takes years for their light to reach the earth, if G-d did not create them with a "history" then there would have been no star visible from earth at the time they were created.
the physical history of geology is also created; diamonds, coal and oil all were created with the earth as were fossils and preserved bones and teeth.
G-d created a fully formed and complete earth, he created its past and its future, he created its workings both spiritually and physically.
Science studies the natural workings of the universe and also its history.
True there are gaps and different theories within science but science is always developing and one can believe that G-d within the universe and within us will be revealed to all people.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.....

Everybody loves dinosaurs , it has been proven that they did exist millions of years ago,museums have complete skeletons. Somebody is telling lies and it's not the dinosaurs.
It's a test of faith... if the child still embraces God after playing with the dinosaurs, keep it. If the child will start asking for a proper education, throw it down the well, coz THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA...
Peter Turnill, your comment is just a little too serious for me, chill out ,we're talking about dinosaurs , lets not all turn into part time preachers.
Yitzchok Raskin , what the hell are you talking about and stop missing the 'o' out in the word gOd.
A wise man once said "you have to be cruel to be kind". Put her out of her misery!
What a world we live in, remove her children Now, she need help.
Ahhh Creationists, revisionists, and devolutionaries, it never ends. these are the same groups that also say that cavemen were around when dinosaurs were and that they shot them with rifles and caused their extinction.  Total fantasy with out merit in the realms of reality that we live in .  Yes to some extent science is its self a religion, but at least the religion of science is not completely stuck in its own dogma, although in some fields of science I would say that the dogmatism is getting to them as well. But, creationism will never be a valid science nor will creative design or whatever other veil they try to disguise their dogma in. this is why I believe strongly is the separation of religion from the state and educational systems as well as the judicial system.
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