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Ain't that the truth? 
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Or sick, but not when she is asleep. coz a sleeping woman ain't quiet either! ;P
Hahaha! I have 3 sisters, and all of them are not quiet. Neither my mom, +Shirley Ann! They are quiet when they are not at home. 
I go through stages when I can't shut up and other times when I am silent. I can go for days being silent when I am mad because I know it's best to keep my big mouth shut to keep from hurting anyone.  I don't snore; at least I don't think so. No one has ever complained. ;) 
For me snoring is beautiful, coz sometimes too quiet in sleep is spooky to me. Is s/he dead? :D That little snore the first time I heard when my son was 6 months, is cute. When you hear your love one snoring and don't get disturb, you're still in love. But that doesn't mean you let him/her keeps you awake, either. A pat and, "Hey!" will do the trick. ;) My snores are famous as Jazz music. :D
Depends on who is snoring +Tze Ming Huang . If  I love him, I can deal with it. If I don't or I am  very mad  at him; he is getting smothered with a pillow! 
Hahaha! That's pretty legit! Been there before. :P
I'm more often thinking when I am quiet. If I am mad, I want to resolve the issue quickly. It's pointless to stay mad for long.
Well duh. The man is thinking about what he did wrong to piss her off in the first place!
And sometimes the woman is mad because the man is too quiet.
RUDE! lol jk i'm usually quiet cuz i'm SHY! :  P
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No I wish I am like that but quit man has issue in past not god can help him 
I shared this with my wife...she was quiet.
Y all imagine losing every $ you save in one day how do you feel !! 
Sad thing is she is not quiet for long...LOL
In the present world, I FEEL it is the OTHER WAY ROUND!!
Don't you folks think so???
he he... Howzatt???!!!! ;)
Truest words ever spoken...
I'd +1 but she's quietly staring at me right now...
hahahahahh! funny but true nature of human
Cynthia at least you got a HUGE smile on your face!!!  LOL!!!
i MEANT  if women keep on speak, i think it mAY BE PRODUCTIVE FOR THEM TO SHARE THEIR IDEAS..... HOPE YOU GOT IT.
If a man speaks in the woods, and there's no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?
why do i feel that its so true? o.O
Seconded woman usually talk 2much dats how some dey born
friend 1: my wife can argue on any topic.
friend 2: my wife can argue even without any topic!
No matter how you behave wth people around you, They will Love you only according to their NEED and MOOD...
A quiet man is usually not thinking anything at all, sometimes sex, but mostly nothing.
Watch a quiet mans hands. Its important cause he may be running his fingers through your hair. Smiling thinking about sex. ; )
The MAN comment rings both Truth&Not:) it all depends on the situation, generally it is True.  The WOMAN; most definitely True.
Very well though of by a man that made this up.
that is not ture i think alot and not allways mad but i am always
no differences between MAD and THINKING b,cos u think before u go MAD is'nt that the truth

Tin Bui
A quiet man is one who kept his mouth shut so that he does not have to fight with the "quiet woman".

We are not thinking at all. We just want some peace and quiet. There is no need to think because we know we are not going to get anything tonight from that quiet woman.
The Thinking Man Is Thinking Of A Way To Make The Quiet Woman Pleased
Based on my experience the initial statement posted stands true as well as the opposite.

Thoughts About Thinking...

Human beings are continuously thinking.  What one thinks, or the importance of thoughts, is ones personal opinion but we are continuously thinking.  If someone is highly practiced in meditation then they can control the amount of thought bet even then they have to concentrate on something even if it is seeing the inside of a black box.  When we dream we are not consciously thinking so our subconscious and higher self takes the wheel and we "dream".
So when someone says that they are not thinking of anything what they really mean is that they are not thinking of anything important or what they are thinking are thoughts they'd rather not share.

Throughout history women have proven to be the greatest thinkers and have been developing an intelligence far superior to men.  This is primarily due to the feminine attribute of nurturing along with seeing things beyond black and white.  Women also fine tune the ability to allow intuition or a feeling to guide them.  More men should develop this key ability.

Think about it.

Lee Tee
true... vary true.....
the thing is we have been made different (i mean the man and a woman) to compliment each other, if everyone keeps quiet or everyone speaks the world will be either too boring or too chaotic!!!!
Not true..... Not just the quiet woman, just woman ;)
Animals get mad. People get angry. So, what is that statement really means to say is......??? LOL!!
To the point and useful tip about the men and women's nature's
That's so funny and the women part true the mens umm not sure bout tat lol:-)
Yep, have to make them mad to get a moment of peace.
Hoo raw I love it so true
ahaha...a quiet man is also usually deadly
You're giving us (men) way too much credit.
munju s
how dare........
I think it should read: A quiet woman is plotting your murder, and a quiet smiling woman has figured out where to hide the body!
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