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Cynthia Louise

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It was so warm on Sunday that I actually got a touch of sunburn on my nose. Then it poured on Tuesday, snowed yesterday and today, while sunny and pleasant, feels like an October day. 

My son told me he heard that this summer is going to be one of the hottest on record!  That makes me very happy!  
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Cynthia Louise

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I just LOVE these vintage trailers. Forget the road trip! I would want to park one of these in my dad's beautiful back yard and live in it!   Some folks actually do.  With the proper zoning, of course.

With the Tiny Home trend, folks downsizing and others unfortunately losing their homes, these could be options worth considering. For a family, not so much, but a temporary solution or even a permanent one if you're single.
See, you're just like me– you see a picture of a vintage trailer and you click on it! And that pretty much sums up how I ended up on my latest internet treasu
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We lived in a small caravan for 5 months between moves and most of the people on the site lived in them all year as they loved it.  There was a young lad in one caravan and I thought what a great cheap way to live when you can't afford to buy a house.  So many people think of them as just for holidays or travellers.
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Cynthia Louise

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Girl Power !  

NOPE! Not photo shopped.  This is real and quite possibly a photo of the world's ONLY girl who hunts with a golden eagle.

Here's the story and more magnificent photos:
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13 years old, (one of?) the first female falconers, and more confident with the bird than the boys. :)
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Cynthia Louise

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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me   

1.  I exist on a plant-based diet, but occasionally I cave to a slice of REAL New York pizza. With mushrooms. And I refuse to feel guilty about it! 

2.  Sweets and chocolate do NOTHING for me, but potato chips are my weakness.

3.  I believe FOOD is the foundation on which we build true health and wellness. 

4.  I enjoy a cocktail now and then: Grey Goose on the rocks, twist of lime. 

6. Dancing 'til dawn is my favorite kind of exercise. 

7. I am NOT a Food Nazi.  You want bacon? Go ahead, but I will try to convince you to use bacon as a condiment rather than the main focus of your meal. I make the most AMAZING homemade corn muffins with tiny bits of bacon and maple syrup baked right in. My son loves them. He gets to have bacon, without going overboard!

8. Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and Addiction are in my genes. Everyone in my family suffers and battles with one or more of these diseases. I am the only one who does not and I firmly believe it is because of my diet and my lifestyle. 

9. I am a Vegan Rock and Roll Biker Hippie Chick. It sounds a bit crazy and contradictory, but it works for me. And yes.... I have tattoos. 

10.  My passion is to inspire others to discover the most authentic version of themselves and then BE it and LIVE it! 

Want to learn more about what I do?
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Awww +Ed Lozano  you are too kind!! 
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Today I share the most delicious and healthy recipe for chocolate mousse and discuss the latest way to reverse the signs of aging! 
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Cynthia Louise

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A fierce competitor, indeed.

I am off! Have a great day, all.
Peace, love and all that stuff!
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Disappointed that I can only plus one - so...completely...true!
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Cynthia Louise

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I brought my man lunch yesterday because his current job was just a few miles from my house. I snapped this photo when he wasn't looking.  That's him with the big sweatshirt. 

My dad likes him, but he keeps asking me when I am going to settle down with a man in my own "league."  Probably NEVER!

I am a well-educated woman and I've dated doctors, bankers and lawyers. I've even dated a few preachers. Imagine that! They do nothing for me. I always end up falling in love with the blue collar type or the construction worker guy.  There's just something about a man who attended Hammer and Nails University or The School of Hard Knocks that gets me every time. 
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I know I started out that way, +Rebecca Harrison , but wound up falling flat on my face time and again as I got older.  It was mostly because I was tripping over my ego, insecurity, and unrealistic fear of things in life.

Having lived through some pretty difficult times has truly inspired me to be more open, honest, and understanding with myself.  Rather than beat myself up over my imperfections, I see them for what they are and try to minimize exposing them.  

Accepting myself for who I am and trying to be a better person every single day has made all the difference in my outlook on life in general.
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Cynthia Louise

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Wait! What??!!!

Women need to be paid less so they can find husbands  ?  

This woman is obviously still in the Dark Ages! 

 We don't NEED men or WANT men for their money any more. We can earn our own. We can buy our own homes, cars and even our own diamond rings, if we wish. Which means, men need to step it up, stop defining themselves by their careers and how much money they earn and instead learn to develop and nurture those parts of themselves and the qualities that are important to today's independent women. Rich or poor,  if men are not doing that,  we are not going to marry them!  Simple as that!
"While women prefer to HAVE a higher-earning partner, men generally prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship," she writes.
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She is old +Damian Trasler  and needs to retire!
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Cynthia Louise

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Last night he wanted to watch a few episodes of Ink Masters. 
He asked if I was okay with that.
I was perfectly FINE with that!!

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Nutritional Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, Nursing Assistant, Reflexologist (Yes. I do feet)
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I like dancing on the edge. Maybe you'll catch me if I fall. Just don't tell me to stop dancing!
Welcome to my little corner of the Google+ World. Get to know me and you'll soon discover I am very passionate about life, love, and laughter.  I sing. I dance.  I write. I teach others how to eat. For health. For wellness. For sickness, disease prevention and weight loss.

Why am I here? 

To connect and interact with different kinds of people from all walks of life.  To laugh, cry, spread a bit of joy, hope, inspiration and to convince you to try Quinoa at least once.......   :) 

Where exactly do I fit here on Google+? 

I am ALL over the place when it comes to interests, hobbies, and passions.  I am sort of a modern-day Hippie.  I do Yoga. I am a Vegan.  My life and my work is health and wellness so that's always my main focus, but I am inspired, amused and side-tracked by so many things.  I usually post and share what motivates me or makes me stop and think.  Other times I will share something I find amusing or outrageously funny. Occasionally things that make me angry. And then there's the music.......

Thanks for stopping by. I certainly hope you decide to stay.  
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Not much to brag about here.The privilege of raising my beautiful son is and always will be my greatest accomplishment in life.
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i love the outdoor bar in the summer. Great music. Great food. Great people.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
An annual summer tradition. I love Flo's and I look forward to seeing those red checkered table cloths because that's my sign that summer has officially started! A great place to stop for a quick bite after a long day of boating out on the bay or sitting on the beach. And they have veggie burgers!
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
I went to White House Market in the Beverly Center Mall, Los Angeles while visiting my brother last weekend. I was looking for a dress for a special occasion. I was thrilled with the selection and the service. They worked tirelessly bringing dress after dress to the fitting room for me and some great silk blouses and pants that were dressy enough to wear to my event. They even brought accessories and shoes for me to try so I didn't have to think about anything and no detail was left out. I am so happy there is one near me here at home in New York . White House Black Market is my go-to store before any other place from now on..
• • •
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I love this place on Friday nights. It's always packed but the food is awesome and the music is great!!
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
9 reviews
Absolutely gorgeous surroundings. If you are looking to make a lasting impression, take her (or him) here! The food is delicious, but the portions are far from generous. Dining here is really about the breathtaking atmosphere and not really about being stuffed to the gills. I really think everyone should dine here at least once, especially during the winter holiday season.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
In desperate need of renovation perhaps, but Forlini's is the best Italian restaurant in the city, in my opinion. The food is just amazing. It doesn't matter if you're a regular or just walked through the doors for the very first time. Derek, his family and everyone on staff is genuinely happy to see you. If you're not the type of person who appreciates the owner stopping by your table to chat and get to know you a bit, this might not be the place for you. If you like being treated like family, Forlini's is perfect. I've met people dining at other tables in this restaurant and formed lasting friendships as a result. This place is a real gem, bringing people all over the world together. Even if you're just sitting at the bar, there is something in the atmosphere that promotes conversation among strangers. This is New York at its best. :)
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Terrific local place for food, beer and live music.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago