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I attended the Jack Kirby Birthday Party this past Thursday at Shmaltz Brewing Company in Clifton Park. The event also raised money for Hero Initiative. It was great hanging out with my friends and also meeting some new people.
Jack Kirby Birthday Party
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Enter the contest and win stuff!

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Good article.

"I know it's a lurid metaphor, but I taught my daughter the preschool block precursor of don't "get raped" and this child, Boy #1, did not learn the preschool equivalent of "don't rape."

Not once did his parents talk to him about invading another person's space and claiming for his own purposes something that was not his to claim. Respect for my daughter and her work and words was not something he was learning. It was, to them, some kind of XY entitlement. How much of the boy's behavior in coming years would be excused in these ways, be calibrated to meet these expectations and enforce the "rules" his parents kept repeating?"

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There's a reason I don't install Windows Updates right away... and also Google them looking for complaints before I apply them.

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Filmmaker Debbie Lum talks about her documentary, Seeking Asian Female, about a white man seeking Asian brides. The guy grosses me out. He "jokes" that he was looking for a "slave." HAHAH YEAH FUNNY. White men with Asian fetishes. I know the woman chose to marry the guy to come to America, but ugh.

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142 Days until DragonCon! Here's one of the Really Really Long DragonCon videos for 2012.

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Hawkeye shirts from welovefine!

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Ok, I've got one extra Amazon Kindle FIRE left, and its too late to return it. So I'm giving it away!

How to win the brand new, unopened Amazon Kindle FIRE in only two steps:
Step 1) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. Check that one off the list...
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That's it! You're entered to win, and I'll ship it to you ANYWHERE.

Wait, you want more chances to win? Ok, I'll tell you what:
- One extra entry if you leave a comment telling me WHY you want it.
- One extra entry if you Subscribe to our Livid Lobster newsletter!

You'll find the newsletter subscription form here:

I'll announce the winner on Geek Beat LIVE on Friday Jan 6 (basically in a week), and then here on Google+. Good luck to all!

PS - Damn, I love to give stuff away. Wait till you see what I'm planning in the new year... ;-)

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I just had an Etsy seller go off on me because I left neutral feedback for an item I didn't find was up to the advertised quality. Read the exchange here. Was I wrong? Was she not being rude? Was I being beastly? Let me know. Feel free to share. Actually, please do share. (Oh, did I mention the part where she threatens me at the end with a lawyer?)

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My show at the Flavour Cafe in Troy, NY has been extended to December 1st! If you haven't been yet, you still have time to check it out!
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