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Cynthia Kimball
Quiet author of many different genres, favorites are YA, fantasy and romance.
Quiet author of many different genres, favorites are YA, fantasy and romance.


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The universe is an amazing place... I was visited by a wolf last night

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I was visited by a wolf last night
Ever since my experience with spiders 4 years ago, I've become increasingly aware of all the signs the universe sends us -it's unique form of communication. There are always several meanings that go along with any creature who crosses your path and the one ...

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Stop letting labels define who you are. There's a better idea
Let’s discuss labels. If you know me,
I’m a big fan of dumping labels wholeheartedly, but they are not altogether
bad. For instance, if you get to a place
in your life where you feel free or need to proclaim who/what you are, labels
are needed for that. “I’...

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We can overcome
Have you listened to the airwaves lately? Hatred. Anger. Spite. It's everywhere, especially since the 2016 Presidential Election. And each day since, those negative emotions have intensified. Let me explain that I understand it. I'm one of those groups that...

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Psychic Attack is real--and not fun--but you can protect against it
What is a Psychic Attack? If a person is empathic in any way or has psychic abilities, you will feel the emotions, both positive and negative, from people. That is NOT psychic attack. It is you pulling in the energy around you. You can protect yourself from...

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You #poetry #metaphysics #beauty #love #joy
I had an epiphany the other night, along with a huge increase in knowledge. This came from that moment.

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Reaching a Baseline #metaphysics #LifeImprovement
In my path to knowing myself, I have had a few occurrences of what I would call reaching a new level of complete understanding. It's reaching a new ledge where my baseline is much higher than it was. It's always an incredibly affirming moment. So, what is a...

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Slight change of course ~ Living in the #Now
This year, I decided to challenge myself and release 1 novel per month. I've done so. This summer I've seen a few things and with some of the knowledge my guides have brought me, my life is changing. For instance, I won't be releasing anything after the tri...

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That moment when... you realize you're on the wrong track
Life is good. And I've felt empowered for awhile now. I've got all the indicators that my goals are in the bag and I need to 'stay the course.' That's the hard part for me. And probably not for the reason you think. I have some bad experiences with man-made...
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