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You have talent +Cynthia K Seymour can put this to use in business..... do you make cakes for birthdays and other confectioneries......
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What is Heartbleed?
Are you vulnerable? And How can you protect yourself from online threats? 

Today on the +Virtual Newsmakers   show, we feature +Robert Cairns  who will share tips and ways to protect yourself online.

#heartbleed   #onlinesecurity   #passwordsecurity   #passwordsafety  
What is Heartbleed? 
Are you vulnerable? And How can you protect yourself from online threats? 
On +Virtual Newsmakers  show, we feature +Robert Cairns who will share tips and ways to protect yourself online.

cc. +Debbie Elicksen and +Cynthia K Seymour 

#heartbleed   #onlinesecurity   #passwordsecurity   #virtualnewsmakers  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Virtual Newsmakers. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Virtual Newsmakers features Rob Cairns on Heartbleed
Yesterday, April 18, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Here's an extension that will help the notifications be more effective for the Google Plus community! 
Thank you +martin shervington 

#googleplustips   #gplustips   #extensions   #notifications  
Programmable notifications system for Google+ communities, and beyond! (VIDEO about 4 mins)
Imagine a way to tailor messages on Google+ 'to the right people, at the right time...'

Well, this is exactly what we have created!

The quick video will show you a demo of a programmable desktop notification, and 'badging system' to follow soon  - meaning you can e.g. attribute different 'levels of competence' to people in a community, and deliver unique content to specifically them.

It is about you, and your community.
But here is the thing: you will be able to decide how you and your community want to use it (within reason, of course)!
You will decide on the images, the call to action, and where people will 'land' next, as well as 'when' they see it.
It may be a featured article, a 'member of the week', a link to a quiz/test on knowledge, directing people to a YouTube video of the day, a free course at the right level for that person, special 'bonus content', pretty much anything.

Sound good?! We hope so.

As you can see from the video, we have an AWESOME working prototype, but need your help over the coming months...

Would you like your 'Google+ community'  to be considered for Beta testing? (you'll need to be the owner/moderator)
If so, please let us know now by filling in the  in the Google form below:
You can also leave feedback on the concept and request additional features.

We are not going to rush a release, so please be patient. Most probably middle of summer 2014.
We want to get it working 100% right for my own communities first and will make sure it is super awesome for you all.

Background and thanks.
Myself and +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh have been working on this for about 9 months now. And I'd like to say a big thank you for all his hard work.
Thank to +Linda Dee and +George Sepich for being the midwives at many of the births of Plusto's characters Don't know Plusto? He is the little robot fella.
Thank you once more to +David Stickney for all his help on the videos.
And thanks to earlier testers; things have really moved on now!
Btw, we called it commoogle as we believe in the power of the Google+ community. Now we have a system that may well help us take things even further...

Thank for your interest and we look forward to hearing what you think!
Are you commoogling? (almost!)

#commoogle   #chromeextensions   #plusto  
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+Cynthia K Seymour thanks for the share!
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Need to Get Inspired?
This kid is amazing...
The real question is are we allowing our kids to have the consumer mindset or encouraging them to become the creators? 

h/t +ActivateGroup Howard Shore

#millennials   #innovation   #mindset   #appdevelopment   #inspirational  
Is your child looking to do something entrepreneurial. Check out what this six grader did.
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The Wisdom of a Tree
Imagine if we all lived this way... 

Thank you +Krithika Rangarajan 

#wisdom   #simplicity   #advice  
Hello Plussers #HuddleUpforSomeKittoHugsPlease ;)

Something strange happened yesterday afternoon. Since my eyelids refuse to stay open past 2 pm, I gave up on work and crashed on my couch, hoping for a 2-hour siesta to recharge my mind and body. 

I soon drifted off. But not into that sweet state of unconsciousness that I so craved. Instead, I flitted somewhere in a ‘twilight zone’ of semi-consciousness. I felt detached from my body, like my soul had removed itself and was hovering somewhere above myself.An outre levitation.

I saw a 2-bedroom home with a simple cot in ‘my’ bedroom. I saw an old, yet charming blanket - with flowers weaved in it - covering me partially as I slept in a fetal position.  I saw myself wake up, rub my still-asleep eyes and hop off the bed to roam around the house. I saw a cordless phone <does anyone even know what this is today?> ;) I saw myself moving towards the front door where two unrecognizable people were sorting out paper-backed books. I saw myself picking up a dusty magazine about film-stars and staring into the face of my favorite actress.

…that’s as far as I saw. 

Back to the present. 

My eyes flew open instantly. And I woke up with a heavy heart. I could feel tears brimming.  I missed the good old times. I missed my childhood oh dear, do I sound OLLLDDD or what #hehe

We didn’t have shiny gadgets that get smaller and more complicated every day. We didn’t have flat screens – heck, for a while, we didn’t even have color TV. We didn’t have IPADs and Kindles. We didn’t have Smartphones – our ‘rotary’ phones were dumb and were only used to call people! We didn’t sit in front of Wii Players all day and work hard towards becoming victims of carpal tunnel syndrome. We didn’t spend big bucks at the movies. We didn’t have laptops or YouTube. We didn’t have social media Yikes! Imagine a world without Twits and Faces and Plusses and Pins ;) We didn’t communicate with our grandparents through Hangouts-On-Air!

What we did have was a simple, yet colorful life, replete with rich experiences, relationships and memories

I recall gazing in awe at the beautiful roses my mum so lovingly nurtured in our garden. I recall sitting down every Sunday morning for a TV-marathon <mythology, movie songs and quiz shows > ;). I recall gathering up with my fellow-Colony residents to enjoy an evening of music, dancing and magic. I recall rotating the dials of that rotary phone over and over again just to hear that addictive ‘whirring’ sound. I recall sitting on my home’s large balcony and reading my current-favorite mystery while a balmy breeze kissed my cheek. I recall reuniting with my cousins every year and laughing out loud together about something completely insane and inane. I recall bundling into the trunk of my van – yeah, I was called a ‘Dikky’ sister; ‘dikky’ meant ‘trunk’ in our world - while my courageous mom drove 20 of us <YES, IN ONE TINY VAN> to different dance functions. I recall tapping my grand-dad’s bald head while he played a day-long game of Solitaire!

Yeah, simple pleasures. That’s all we had. But that was enough – MORE than enough.  

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE our current luxuries. I have definitely evolved and embraced this new world. 

But, sometimes, my heart aches for those simpler times. When I see a 3 year old working an IPad like a Pro and refusing to eat without YouTube, I feel like shaking my head and saying,“You don’t know what you are missing, young one. The sound of your grandparents telling you a story is far more relaxing and rejuvenating than a cartoon character screeching from that very tiny screen” 

My 2-pm semi-conscious state reunited me with a past that was slowly fading away from my memory. And I am ever-so-grateful for this reminder. It keeps me humble and grounded.

Oh boy – I can sense a lump forming in my throat and tears streaming down my cheek. I just got carried away.

Pardon me, sweeties, let me just move on to outline the #PlusEventsoftheDay

#MamaMia and #MommaBear Say Hello From California: I am green with envy. I am burning with jealousy. While I am stuck here in #ChillyChicago with my boring husband, 
#TiaraQueen +Mia Voss who now has a REAL tiara, thanks to +Rhonda and her BFF and #StarPlusser +Christine DeGraff have been ”sleeping on the same bed” (hahahaha) and hobnobbing with social media experts in #SunnySanDiego at the Social Media Marketing World Conference! Life is so unfair sigh #ROFL . BUT the good news is we get to catch a glimpse of their #WhimsicalWorld through Mia’s #SocialMediaPowerChat show at 11 am CST. +Christine & Mia will be regaling us with #FunFables about their awesome experience at the #SMMW2014 . Giving them company is #DelightfulDarling +David Oldenburg, who will be joining them remotely. Yeah, is your heart burning with #FriendlyFury too?! ;) No?! Well, you are all much nicer persons anyway – hehe! Hop along this exciting ride and listen to their #SuccessStories in their first-time stint as #HOAStreetTeamHosts

b.  Foods from Four Corners of the World Blend Here : Aaah…I am psyched about MY #PapaofPlus +Chef Dennis Littley's Good Day Google Plus HOA today. He and his #EliteEpicureans are going to be talking about #SavoryDelights from various parts of the world, with a specific focus on the four cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Filipino and Indian. Just check out his #PotentPanelists of bloggers, recipe developers, authors and all-round aficionados of good food and company: #SayingHellofromItaly +Domenica Marchetti , #EverSmilingBeachLover +Maggie Unzueta, #AwardWinningFilipinoFavorite +elizabeth ann quirino and #IndianIdolandSpecialEventsChef +Dan Toombs. Who is salivating about this #DroolWorthyDelicacies ?! Don’t be shy – we are all in the same boat! #hehehe . Normally, I consider Chef’s uber-awesome shows as the #BestOnlineTeaParties . BUT, today, we are going to have the #BestOnlineFoodParty ! Are you ready to keep this #DiningDate at 12 pm CST?!

c. Grow Like a Pro:  Relationship-building  is the new name of the marketing game. Everyone is scrambling hard every day to forge mutually beneficial, long term connections with their peers, influencers and their audience. Unfortunately, unless you are extremely intelligent, extremely persistent OR extremely fortunate - all three of which I am not :P – you need some outside help to guide you towards these lasting relationships. And that’s where #MasterAudienceBuilder +Ken McArthur and his team of fellow experts come in. At 12 PM CST today, in the Growing Your Social Media Audience HOA, #KonnectorKen is going to be chatting with #BreakthroughProfitEngineer and #HOAHostExtraordinaire , +Frank Girard about effective strategies to fashion worthwhile collaborations and stand out from the crowd! I would encourage everyone to read Mr McArthur’s About Page to get a glimpse of this #MarketingMaven whose list of accomplishments is quite endless. From penning bestsellers – such as "Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World," -  to founding pioneering affiliate program search engine and directory systems to hosting live events that brings the marketing world together to create “multi-million dollar joint venture relationships”, this man is renowned for making a “incredible impact in surprisingly short timeframes”. And after working with big brands and corporations, Ken decided to focus on facilitating the growth of individuals and small business owners through his proven techniques, systems and guidelines of success! We are all incredibly fortunate to have a man of his caliber address us today. Are you ready to reach within yourselves, embrace your strengths, spread your unique ideas, products and services and influence millions?!

d. Do NOT Sell Yourself Short: In his extraordinary State of the Business Address HOA, +Jason T. Wiser talked about how he was once advised to ‘add a zero’ to his services. What does that mean?! Simply this: If you feel you DESERVE to be paid more, don’t be afraid to hike your prices. In other words, ”getting paid for your worth” is YOUR right and you SHOULD NOT sell yourself short. Because guess what?! The more you discount your prices, the more people will take advantage of you. If you keep doing favors for others, your ‘lowered price’ will become the norm. No one is asking you to be self-absorbed, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of either, do you?!  And the #DesigningDiva +Laurie Laizure is going to tackle this exact topic in her Have You Been a Victim of Creative Design Drive-By HOA. And this topic is not limited to only Interior Designers. Anyone who creates something or sells something will benefit from this powerful discussion. If you find yourself always saying Yes to ‘just this one thing, please and can you lower your prices just a little’, you might be doing yourself injustice. The conundrum?! How do you talk prices without burning relationships?! I know I HATE discussing salaries and other price points with anyone. It makes me feel selfish and very uncomfortable. So I settle. Of course, I am no PRO, so I might not deserve to get paid more, BUT your expertise and experience deserve to be rewarded. Gosh! I am excited to hear what #LaurieandCo have to say about this vital issue I bet you are too. So join this conversation at 3 pm CST and learn how to feel comfortable valuing yourself:

e. Do what you love and love what you do: We spend more than half our lives slogging away at work. And yet we seem to be very quick to compromise with our careers. Instead of following through with our heart’s desire, we bow down to familial and/or societal pressures, and spend most of our lives with fake smiles and miserable hearts. Imagine a world wherein you can LIVE your dream and experience heartfelt joy?! Utopian?! #Tribalpreneur +Jason Spencer and #CreativeInstigator +Tom Morkes think not. Check out what Jason says in his About Page: ”There's nothing more exciting than incubating and growing a heart-centric business” Are you in love with him already?! Cuz I am ;) Jason has devoted his career to helping others embrace their dreams and make money doing what they love. #HUGS And his #PartnerInCrime +Tom Morkes is no different. I have said this before and I will say it again. It took but one visit to Tom’s clean, colorful and creative website to turn into a loyal fan. In fact, I just purchased two of his E-books - 2 Days with Seth Godin and The Art of Instigating  - and can’t wait to dive into them! Tom’s purpose in life is for all of us to recognize our gifts and contribute in a way that is meaningful to us AND the society. To quote him, “I help people start, finish and ship creative projects” So it makes sense to assume that these two #CreativeArtists will introduce innovation into the HOA-sphere too! At 4 pm CST, Jason and Tom will be hosting a webinar titled, "Building Your $100K Dream Business”, in which they will be performing a live coaching session with 2 people from the audience. Exciting, eh?! Just hop over to the Event Description and answer a set of questions. They make their selections – lucky YOU ;) – and bring you over for a Case Study in front of an audience. These are guys are KNOW their stuff and aren’t afraid to let others in on their #SecretsofSuccess ;) Please partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and learn how to build a “sustainable model of success doing what you LOVE”

Phew – I have tired you enough with the Introduction. I am not going to pen another rambling Conclusion, my dears ;) But I WILL list five things I learnt this week: 

a. There is no ‘Star World’ – there IS ‘Star Wars’. I am so #NotaNerd ;) Gimme Leo Di Caprio’s sexy backside any day over #GalacticWars *drooling over #DiCaprio
b. If you try to brew coffee without placing the filter in the filter cup, instead placing the filter directly in the ‘filter cup slot’, your counter turn into a 
c. Never use a flammable Bleach solution to clean your microwave. It can explode. What? I didn’t do this #KitisInnocent :P 
d. A shopper spends an average of $3000 per shopping trip at the Oscar De Le Renta store in New York – a colossal waste of money, me thinks. I’d rather spend this on something far more necessary to our sustenance1000 $3 Starbucks coffees :P 
e. 21 Jump Street’s sequel 22 Jump Street is arriving soon to your nearest cinema halls #TatumandHillFanatic

Did you really think #KrazyKitty will learn anything SMART and worthwhile? :P 

What are five things you learnt this week?! And, unlike me, you can include some worthwhile lessons! #hehehe <Hey, we can do this every Friday > What say?! ;)

Have THE BEST Friday and a smashing weekend! 

Lots of love, best wishes and #Muaaahs

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You too, +ben sasou  #Muaaah  
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Miami Easter Eggs!
We had fun decorating the eggs today and then had to jump in the pool to wash off the dye :)

#easter #eastereggs #tropical #miami #familyfun
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Le Sigh...
What is it about the sun, sand and waves that revives the weary soul?

#beach #nature #relaxation
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Place name?
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Drum Roll...
Looking forward to seeing what +martin shervington has been working on lately :)

#googleplustips   #gplustips   #socialmedia   #innovation  
Arriving in 90 minutes: Get ready to welcome Plusto as I demo a new Chrome Extension! (click play - 10 seconds)
If you use Google+ communities, you will love it!
#commoogle   #getready  
Huge thanks to +David Stickney for his video genius.
martin shervington's profile photoCynthia K Seymour's profile photo
Always fun to see what's up your Sleeve +martin shervington 
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Faces in the Crowd
Nature's beauty watches over us...
From every direction
Silently bobbing their heads.

#coconutgrove #floralfriday #orchid #tropical #spring #beauty
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hello nature is beautiful be happy +Cynthia K Seymour 
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Interested in Pinterest?
+Cynthia Sanchez gives the best advice and tips for using Pinterest. 
Looking forward to her Hangout tomorrow!

#pinterest   #socialmediamarketing   #hangoutsonair  
You've probably heard that Pinterest is a pretty big deal but why? It's just a bunch of pictures, right? Well, there's more than meets the eye. Come hangout and let's see why Pinterest is so great for businesses.
Why Pinterest is great for business
Thu, March 20, 1:00 PM EDT

Cynthia Sanchez's profile photo
Hi Cynthia! Thanks so much for sharing this, see you there :)
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Grow your Business using Social Media: Marketing Consultant & WordPress Blog Coach - Miami, Broward & Palm Beach.
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Absolutely the Rudest Service over the Phone. If the cab service is anything like their phone operator, then I would NOT recommend this cab service.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Without a doubt, one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten in my life. The menu may be a bit pricey, but every bite makes it worth every cent. The location may be off the beaten path, but worth going the extra mile for. This is not your typical greasy Chinese place. The weekends feature Dim Sum Carts. For Chinese New Year, there is always an air of culinary celebration. Tip: During the Winter months, ask for the sauteed Pea Shoots. They are often not on the menu, but are an authentic vegetable that is clean an savory.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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2 reviews