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Had a great time participating in Mashable's ‪#‎BizChats‬ Twitter chat yesterday! See the recap below- all about personal finance!
@MashBusiness participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how people can make better decisions about their money.
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FEMINIST...!!! for change the is your courage time...


YES.....!!!.....I AM FEMINIST.....and what....??

F.E.M.i.N.i.S.T......!!! 2016 YEAR....the courage year....the new age....your courage time....!!

......feminist,...!!! for change the is your courage can change the world..

only tell the magical words for change the world.......YES...!! I AM ....FEMINIST....!! mind , sexy spirit and sexy attitude...!!

write,paint,speak,share,edit,publish,involved your community,spread the word and make poesy with you....

2016......F....E....M....i....N....i....S....T.....YEAR....!! is the can do it....THE LIFE.....and ....YOU...!! this is the theme

....i am......f.e.m.i.n.i.s.t.....!! for " Change The World "
write,speak,share,spread the Word,make your own proposal,involved your work community,spread the Word and make poesy,with this Project.....of The United Nations ( U.N ) & UN WOMEN.
The Project start on november with the speech below,by President of EE.UU, Barack Obama in New York,UN assembly, like John Kennedy on Berlin....i am...feminist...!! for change the world, women are the key for change,and the POPE Francisco, make the same speech on VATICANE, ROME.., surprising the people over world. can change the world too, expeditive,be creative,be corageous,be altruist, be you....!!
Thanks for your interested , and many thanks for your contribution to a bertter world, thanks for your creativity, for your intellegence and for your courage....thanks in my name , in the name of all iinvolved at this absurd, uthopic and fascinant project, thanks in the name of United Nations ( U.N. ) , and many thanks in the name of millions womens,girls and childs arround the world, you are an inspiration and example for us , and for them....
Wellcome to he biggest net of activist for change the world, and the most global fith columne, the all countries,international institutions, religions institutions, governments administrations, think-tanks, finance world,univeristies, NGOS, foundations, human rights associattions, womens nationals federations, multinationals the all sectors, knowledges centres of each area, and particulars the all sexual, social and policy condition, sex, age, religion confession, ethic, philosophy, ethnic...
You have a power, and this is well , but is a responsability too, the responsability of export your knowledges, creativity, intelligence, sensibility,empathy and resources at all you can trough an altruist way.
The United Nations ( U.N. ) & UN WOMEN ; " Change The World Programme "
IT IS WOMAN...S.T.U.P.Y.D.S,..!! Not is economy,policy,religions,finance world,culture,education,arts,science,love,sex or fall in love.
WOMEN WORLDWIDE SPRING REVOLUTION 2016 ; The last humanity re-evolution for change world and STOP stupyds MEN wars,MEN econony, MEN policies, MEN religions, MEN education, MEN culture, MEN science, MEN communication, MEN journalism, MEN sports, MEN sense life, MEN relationships, MEN bussines, MEN press, MEN love, MEN sex and MEN fall in love.
I AM...........F.E.M.i.N.i.S.T......!!! UN WOMEN world campaign....
Kiss of love , or french kiss for the true way of relation ourself, others, world, espiritual,earth, space, love, sex or fall in love.
.........remenber your bravery.....and make poesy........!!
We will sent you at soon possible, the complete programme , and all involucrated arround the world, down we let a blog , where you can view the first part....., check and if you all right , add your means, ideas, senses and write,make music, film, theather, videogames, press,journalism, innovation, emotional, all sciences-POESY, share in your community work, area, family this message, the blog and the compkete project.
you can do it , only make it with passion, emotion,with expeditive, genuine, original, , dont make it the belive or think, try to translate how you sense, , let your mind free, and make it with tears, with fun, with sense, with horror, with you.....and the theme is " Change World " or THE LIFE.....AND ......YOU .
Change world is an attitude, not is laws, not is norms, not is policy, change world is an fall in love sense, not light or cursi sense.and the first is STOP wars, human traffick, ablacttion, rapes, killied womans, girls and childs,prostituion, and all of the MENS make at womens in all cultures, not is policy,culture,race,democrazy,education,...and all mens arround the world are guilty for make it , for silence, and for cowardice, and all we are guiltys, and in the name of all mens , i am sorry at all women i know, and all womens dont know, and now is possible start change world.
Millions womens , girls and childs arround the world are look you, and are waiting for your courage, be them voice....
remenber your old bravery....spread the world ...and maie poesy...
Now is the time, the new age is coming, the age of womens sense, the new woman, the it the time for change this crazy and fight for the new future.......cowardice not is an option way of life....of sense , of love of work....
Fernando Real
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Cynthia Johnson

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So happy to be interviewed in OutlierOnAir Podcast!
“Make decisions that you think are right, not decisions that you think you have to make.” – Cynthia Johnson Cynthia Johnson is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, author and keynote speaker. She was previously Partner & Director of Marketing at RankLab, a digital marketing agency listed in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2015. In...[READ MORE]
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Cynthia Johnson

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Authority Building: How to Establish Your Personal Brand with Social Media
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Cynthia Johnson

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My latest in Entrepreneur! 
You live and die by engagement. As scary as it may seem, analyzing that data is key to your success.
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Cynthia Johnson

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My list of "10 Books You Should Read in 2016"

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Cynthia Johnson

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YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about how they show appreciation towards employees and customers. Here are their responses.
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Cynthia Johnson

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I am excited to be a part of +Mashable 's #BizChat  Twitter chat Wednesday April 6, 2016 at 11am PST/2pm EST with +Murray Newlands , +John Rampton , and other amazing professionals! Hope to see you there!
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Cynthia Johnson

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My first post in +SocialMediaWeek
The faster you can find the content you seek or want to learn and consume, the more you will learn and the quicker you can make decisions or move onto other tasks that can benefit from that new knowledge.
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Cynthia Johnson

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Get Your Snapchat Game on Point! +PRnews' #SocialSummit16 - All about Snapchat for brands!
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Cynthia Johnson

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With so many time-tracking apps out there, picking the right one for you shouldn't be hard.
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Cynthia Johnson

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I am very excited to say that I was published in Forbes today! 
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Cynthia Johnson

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So proud of my boss and friend, +Abhilash Patel!

"How Web Publishing Is Saving Lives: An Interview With Abhilash Patel"
The path to recovery from drug abuse, alcoholism, or process disorders is often long and arduous. Abhilash Patel recognized that streamlining the process of finding help would not only make lives easier, it could actually save them. Patel & his partner Jeff Smith’s web publishing company Recovery Brands is on [...]
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Entrepreneur, Columnist, Speaker, and Advisor
Cynthia Johnson is a marketing professional with 6 years of diverse work experience in entertainment, marketing and digital advertising. Cynthia has work experience in corporate company as well as small tech startup. 

Cynthia demonstrates competency in planning, implementing and tracking results of ad and promotional campaigns by working with cross-functional teams to achieve marketing and advertising objectives. 

Cynthia Johnson is known for her ability to drive results, effectively communicate brand objectives and strategy, remaining calm under pressure and maintaining a positive attitude.

Cynthia is currently Director of Social Media Marketing at RankLab.  She is the Editorial Director  and member of the Global Board of Directors for Social Media Club.

You can find her every week on Twitter too! She hosts a Social Media Marketing chat on Twitter, #TheSMGirl.  The chat is every Monday at 1PM (PST) and discusses Social Media Marketing, getting a job in Social Media and answers basic how-to Social Media questions.

She also runs Social Media Marketing communities and groups on LinkedIn and Google Plus.  The LinkedIn group is TheSMGirl and the Google Plus community is TheSMGirl as well.

You can also read Cynthia's Social Media blogs at and
Bragging rights
Cynthia is certified in stunt choreography for hand to hand combat, rapier and dagger, broadsword and knife fights. Cynthia also speaks intermediate Mandarin Chinese and has traveled to over 20 different countries.
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Venice, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Director of Brand Development and Editorial Director
  • Social Media Club
    Editorial Director, 2014 - 2016
    Management of an editorial team and improving the existing editorial plan for publishing thought leadership. Coordinating with SMC partners to write, edit, and publish intellectual capital. Forging and maintaining relationships with selected third party publishing channels to publish SMC authored articles and blog posts. Leading other special publishing projects as needed, including refining SMC’s thought leadership development process, submitting content for other SMC thought leadership (e.g. social media education), and contributing to the content distribution plan. Attending bi-monthly meetings as an active member on the Global Board of Directors.
  • RankLab
    Partner & Director of Marketing, 2013 - 2015
    Fanatical management of all RankLab corporate social media accounts/profilesPassionate management/promotion of client social media accounts/profiles (brand evangelism)Development of innovative social media campaigns & strategiesInstallation/Use of tools and toolsets to manage our social media effortsReporting of activity, results and analytics of social media campaigns for client delivery
    Advertising Coordinator, 2011 - 2013
    Implement display and video ads through ad servers. Communicate with ad networks to enhance traffic, delivery, CPM and CPC. Track revenue and performance with detailed analytics for the team. Create and promote new marketing campaigns. Drive traffic through social media outlets and buying ad space. Create and execute social media campaigns. Write social media posts, blog posts, press releases and newsletters. Promote and help with live shows, events and chats.
  • American Addiction Centers
    Director of Brand Development, 2015 - present
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I am so happy with customer service here. I had an issue of being overcharged and the corporate Verizon customer service was not helpful, they were not nice and they never fixed my issue. I posted on Twitter about my frustration and received a response from a Verizon store manager in NY, I am in CA. Chris Johnson called me, helped me through the issue and was a delight to speak with. More businesses need employees like Chris. In fact, Chris if you ever decide to move to California, call me. I will have a job for you.
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I ate at Tar and Roses last night with a girlfriend and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is almost magical and very relaxing, the food was beyond delicious, the wine list was balanced and the service was amazing. I had the steak and my friend had the pork loin. We aren't big eaters, but we both ate our entire meals. We also had a side of carrots (which I am not a huge fan of carrots) and they were delicious. Go here on a date or with family from out of town. This is a west side spot that you cannot miss!
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I really like this place. The food is great and they have an awesome drinks menu. If you are like me, then you have to have the buffalo cup! It's such a great bourbon drink, but be careful. After one of those I am done for the night. The only reason I took off star is for the service. The bar service is amazing, but the table service is really bad. If you go with just two people I highly recommend sitting at the bar and not a table if you can.
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5 reviews
This place is so good! I had the mussels and the lamb shank. Both were killer. I was there with five other people as well and everyone loved it. I should mention that we are not an easy crowd to please either.
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This place has the most amazing Chocolate Truffle flavored coffee and if you want it iced they have chocolate truffle coffee ice cubes ready to go so your coffee isn't watered down! AMAZING.
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