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Today is 4 years since my mom arrived in heaven. I made this for her, piece by piece. She would love it! Last night, a white moth followed me around the house. I couldn't believe it! Later, I sat and John and I watched a sitcom...when I got up after the get a fresh water bottle in fridge...trailing behind me was Daisy and Molly, our furkids, Archie, our cat....and lo and behold....the white moth, too!! By bedtime, the moth disappeared. I kind of miss that moth...I really miss my mom.
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Cynthia Caron

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Unsolved Missing: William Zani – Victor, NY – Oct. 25, 2005
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Cynthia Caron

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For families of missing, with known foul play
When you look in the mirror,
each and every time,
can you find it within you, to
think of mine?
My tears flow daily,
my mind is weary,
All I want is my child,
even if only, to bury.
No matter the age,
this child of mine,
Is still my "baby,"
there's not a thin line.
My mind plays tricks,
when I'm out and about,
I see someone similar
and want to cry out!
Afraid to sleep,
as I may miss the call,
barely holding on,
trying not to fall.
The photos I have,
are frozen in time.
Will I ever know,
if an accident, or crime?
The irony of all this, 
is that you DO know,
too afraid to come forth,
instead, you lie low.
All I have is memories,
with a broken heart too,
I'm so dependent on getting,
answers from you.
It's really unfair,
you've chosen not to.
Can't you just send, an
anonymous tip?
Forget your fears, 
have no more guilt trips.
Do what's right
for my child,
by helping me,
away go your burdens, 
your mind set free.
Say something today, 
now is the time
Gather your courage, and
think of mine.

written by Cynthia Caron, Nonprofit Founder, LostNMissing, Inc

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Cynthia Caron

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Missing: David Emerson Jr

Nickname/Alias: Dee

Date last seen: December 24, 2014
Missing from: Snyder, TX

Age last seen: 35 years old

Height : 5'10" 

Weight: approx 165 lbs.

Hair: Black
Style: Short or may be braided in corn rows
Scars: on right side of face from medical metal implant
Tattoo: "DEE" on shoulder (unknown which side)

Piercings: Ears and Tongue

Clothing: Black Pants with Solid White Shirt

Footwear: Usually wore Jordan shoes

Jewelry: Usually wore a Fleur-de-lis necklace, earrings, and a watch

Eyewear: Sunshades worn at times also has reading glasses

Accessories: Black Head Rag

DNA: Sample submitted - Test complete

If info, or seen, please call the Snyder Police Dept. at 325-573-0261 , Sgt Mike Counts is over his case. Anonymous tips at or 810-294-4858.
Case # 15-02-0073

Circumstance: Family desperately seeking their missing, and loved, son and family member. His mom went to his home after not hearing from him, which was unusual, his friends said he moved. It is out of his character and they ask for your help.

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Cynthia Caron

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Cynthia Caron

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Unsolved Missing: Edward J. Hannigan
Nickname: "Special Ed"
Date last seen: October 17, 2004
Last location: Lake Worth, Florida
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Cynthia Caron

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New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon told reporters this morning, 'we beat the odds'.
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Cynthia Caron

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911 Facebook Cover Photo I compiled. Feel free to use. 
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Cynthia Caron

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Missing: Lelia Faulkner, 29 - Troy, Alabama since July 4, 2016
Missing: Lelia Faulkner
Missing from: Troy, AL
Last seen: July 04, 2016
Age at time: 29 Years old
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 – 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: Blonde
Tattoo: On foot, (unknown which) Chinese letters for “success”
Police Agency: If info, or seen, please call the Pike County Sheriff’s office at (334) 566-4347.
Circumstance: Leila has not been seen or heard from since July 4 when she spent time with family members. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office is investigating her disappearance. Her family is very worried about her after not having any contact with her in weeks. She has not made any posts on her social media accounts. It is out of her character to not make contact with family, or friends. Has her purse, phone (goes to VM), and tablet with her.
*Note, first name may be spelled online incorrect as Leila, when it is Lelia, pronounced “Lay-Lah”
Facebook group:…/…
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Cynthia Caron

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Missing: Kyzr Willis
Date Missing: July 26, 2016
Last Location: Carson Beach - S. Boston, MA
Age at time: 8 years old
Male, Black
Clothing: No shirt, bright neon yellow swim trunks.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Other: Large dimples

Circumstance: Boston Police are searching for 8 year-old Kyzr.
The child was last seen out of the water and on the sand. He was supposed to make his way to the M Street bath house to change, but never showed up. Kyzr was participating in a summer program, run by the city, that includes about 100 children

He is described as an African-American wearing no shirt and bright neon yellow swim trunks and has large dimples and was last seen around 2:30 pm by camp counselors.
State Police said K-9 units, State Police air and sea units, Coast Guard air units, and the Boston Police marine unit were also involved in the search.

If seen, call 9-1-1
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Cynthia Caron

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Could you be this missing child?
Unsolved Missing child, now 16 yrs old
Missing: Jyrine Harris
Date Last Seen: June 23, 2002
Missing From: Irvington, New Jersey
Age in 2016: 16 years old
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Police Agency: Irvington Police Dept at
Case # 02-28954 NCMEC # 938318
NamUs # 7291

Circumstance: Jyrine was last seen sleeping in his bed at 1:00 am on June 23, 2002. He has not been seen since. He was last seen wearing a diaper with Muppet characters. Jyrine has a scar above his right eyebrow, a scar on the inner part of his right arm, a scar on the inner part of his upper left arm, and a birthmark on his back. When he was last seen, Jyrine had a cast on his right leg from knee to toe with writing on it.
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Cynthia Caron

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#Missing Morgan Bauer
Last contact on February 25, 2016 - Atlanta, GA
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501c3 Nonprofit Founder of LostNMissing Inc
LostNMissing, Inc. is a state and federally recognized 501c(3) Non-Profit charitable organization to assist law enforcement and the families of missing. We strive to help prevent loved ones from going missing and to bring awareness of those who are, by providing support to families. We work  with various law enforcement agencies across the country, on behalf of  families of missing, and help to bring awareness via community events for the families, media, internet and social networking for missing loved ones.  We never charge a fee for our services.
Basic Information
You guys are totally awesome! Thank you so much for the very professional set up and "tear down" at my son's party done for his leaving for the US Navy. I would recommend your group over, above and beyond any others. The personalization, courteousness and professionalism was exemplary! Will call you again for our next outdoor party!!
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