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There was lion dance at the office today. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and took some photos. The extremely cute sheep was particularly popular with the ladies.

Happy Lunar New Year to all. May we all be healthy, wealthy and happy.

#PhotoGrid #Aviary 
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might be a curious lion
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Cynthia Arianto

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My new hobby these days is calligraphy. After a couple of weeks practising with cheap pens and paper, it's time to upgrade!

I am now using Pilot Parallel pens 3.8mm and 2.4mm, my Valentine's Day gift from +Wilfrid Wong​. The paper is special, Daler Rowney calligraphy parchment, as no other paper in my possession can hold the ink.

Today is my first day using this combo.

+Rosalina Sutarli+Eric Arianto​
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+Yiu Leung Wong thank you. I will practice more !
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This is a video that I watch at least once a year. A very helpful video on how to clean your / your kids' teddies.

I've tried other methods such as with baking soda, with wheat bran and dry cleaning, but this method is the best, simplest, and the most cost effective. No separation anxiety either.

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+Wilfrid Wong and I are finishing Season 3 of Hart of Dixie and wanting for more. It's about a New York doctor settling into a small town of Bluebell as she inherited half a practice from her biological father.

Here's why we love this series:
- It is a light-hearted, heartwarming series, with dramas in a small town.
- Clever scripts and funny lines peppered in generously throughout each episode. They are funnier than a lot of TV comedies
- Great casting, with funny and believable acting almost from everyone.
- Rachel Bilson (as Dr. Zoe Hart), Jaime King (as Lemon Breeland), and Wilson Bethel (as Wade Kinsella) brought the characters to live. The 2 leading ladies portrayed characters who are very flawed but yet SOOOO adorable.
- The supporting casts grow on me as well. We root for everyone in Bluebell, we love them all ! 

If this is a real indication of living in a small town, I want in !!

#hartofdixie   #rachelbilson   #jaimeking   #wilsonbethel  
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Watch Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 6 Full Episode Live I Alabama Boys I The CW on
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On this Boxing Day, I decided to unbox the sugar and fat in my body by going to Zumba class. It was a blast !! The music was great, the moves simple enough but yet entertaining and got me out of breath after 4 tracks.

Let's not wait until the New Year to start exercising ! Let's do our body a favour. A good workout makes us feel like we are a room without a roof (in a good weather day)

Here's one of the song used in the class - my favourite these days. 

Chirp chirp !

#zumba   #pharrellwilliams   #happy  
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Instead of sharing a Christmas song, I'd like to share Masterpiece from Jessie J. I love the lyrics:

I still fall on my face sometimes and I
Can't color inside the lines 'cause
I'm perfectly incomplete
I'm still working on my masterpiece and I
I wanna hang with the grades gotta
Way to go, but it's worth the wait, no
You haven't seen the best of me
I'm still working on my masterpiece

The song is about self acceptance, it reminds me to take it easy on myself and enjoy the journey.  To continue the work to break free from the prison of people's opinions and from self-made pressure.

Merry Christmas to all.

#jessiej   #selfacceptance   #enjoylife  
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On this lovely day, Teddy decided to grab his sunglasses and chilled out in his garden. He loves to see flowers and animals and he loves the fresh smell of grass. The sun burnt his nose a little but he didn't mind.

He wishes everyone a lovely Sunday.

#Teddy #Aviary #PaperArtist
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Lol. Again ... #likeaboss  
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My passions on one page: calligraphy of my favourite prayer in Spanish.

¡Me gustan las plumas y la tinta!
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¡Feliz año nuevo a todos! Voy a practicar escribir en español, vengamos practicar juntos.

Merlin – la Mejor Serie

Me gustan la gente inteligente, rara y preciosa, pues después disfrutó Sherlock con Benedict Cumberbatch, decidió ver Merlin, una producción de BBC entre 2008 y 2012. Los actores fueron Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Rey Arturo), Angel Coulby (Guinevere), Katie McGrath (Morgana), Richard Wilson (Gaius, el mentor de Merlin), Anthony Head (Rey Uther), y John Hurt (la voz del dragon Kilgarrah).

La serie fue muy muy entretenida, ¡me encanta mucho!. Hay 5 temporadas, 65 episodios en total. Estoy muy triste porque he terminado verlos.

Estas son las razones por qué me encanta la serie:

- Colin Morgan tiene una manera de ser encantador. Además, es muy precioso y simpático. Es un buen actor, no actúa como Merlin – ¡ Colin Morgan es Merlin !
- La amistad entre Merlin, Rey Arturo, y los caballeros es excelente y conmovedora. Es mejor qué Frodo y Sam en The Lord of the Rings.
- Los diálogos son preciosos, las historias entretenidas
- Buen efectos especiales y prostético por la tele. Especialmente el dragón Kilgarrah, la reina de troll, y Emrys (el viejo Merlin)

Creo que Colin Morgan tenga una buena futura como un actor. Estoy impaciente por ver su otra obras.

#merlin   #colinmorgan   #bradleyjames   #angelcoulby   #katiemcgrath   #richardwilson   #anthonyhead   #johnhurt  
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My session today ended with a photo taking with our instructor. She really made it like a party.

I do mine at Fitness First gym, but those of you in Singapore can find Zumba classes here:

"Burn, baby, burn !" - Pyro

#zumba  #zumbasingapore
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Teddy is satisfied with his portrait sketched by +Wilfrid Wong​.

#teddy #aviary
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So sweet +Wilfrid Wong​
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The Voice Season 7 was the best season (I've watched everything from Season 3). Season 7 was full of strong talents and memorable performances. Both +Wilfrid Wong and I supported Craig Wayne Boyd so we were happy that he won, although Matt McAndrew was crazy good too.

At the Finale, the finalists sang original songs. "Wasted Love" performed by Matt McAndrew (below) is one that I can put on repeat the whole day in my playlist.

Here are other memorable performances:
- Old Rugged Cross and In Pictures by Craig Wayne Boyd
- Take Me to Church by Matt McAndrew
- Creep by Danica Shirey
- When I was Your Man and Uptown by Chris Jamison
- Falling Slowly and Royals by Taylor John Williams
- Wrecking Ball by Ricky Manning
- All about that Bass by Anita Antoinette
- I also like Menlik's blind audition when he sang Santeria

Great season.

#thevoice #craigwayneboyd #mattmcandrew   
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Beyond the 9 to 6, my vocation is learning Spanish, gymming, gaming, and home management.
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