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Lots of rumors circling the net

We're not quite ready to lift the veils but we can confirm that we have a new hardware partner! 

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks for info on this next adventure! 
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better not be oppo with that 10inch phone lol
dont know who it is, but its awesome that hardware vendors wants to partner with u guys =]
I agree with +Brian Spearman here. If I had to put money somewhere it would likely be Sony, due to their willingness to work with the ROM community in the past.
CyanogenMod Potato Clock! 
Why is anyone suggesting Oppo? They're already partners :P
Ideally? Moto. Native cyan on a MotoTank like the OGDroid? I'd buy that in a minute. 
coming weeks? how about now?
why is everyone asking if its apple??? that would be like saying the ps4 will play xbox games >=[
+Brian Haslip Their earlier partnership was about software for N1 and both Oppo and Cyanogenmod Inc has no reason not to make a Cyanophone together :) 
That doesn't change the fact that they've already partnered with Oppo as the hardware manufacturer. So it wasn't designed specifically for CM, that doesn't change that it is already a preexisting partnership.

Therefor, Oppo should be ruled out as the new partner. 
If it's not a huge phone this time I'll gladly consider it. But the price of the Nexus 5 would make it a hard sell... I look forward to this regardless.

On that note, just for interest, will you be releasing sales figures for the Oppo N1? It'd be interesting to see how well it did/is currently doing.
The partner is not Oppo or Sony. The partner is a totally new one on the market. My bets are on the Newkia or a joint venture between ex Oppo, ex HTC and ex Nokia employees. 
Gear Mo
Blackberry lol? 
Nobody read the Engadget article? 
I'd say ZTE or Huawei.
Hopefully the latter of the two so we see it in the UK.
Better yet would be a big time oem, HTC/Sammy.
For those saying "Sony"... Isn't that one of the companies that goes all the way about closed soft- and hardware? ;p I wouldn't feel right when it would be Sony... :p
SO, they published an "ETA" which is in coming weeks. Nice
Nekko E
It's apple clearly...
+Cyanogen Inc.  great, this I told you many months ago to cope the problems with drivers :)
the important is also to have a partnership with Google so you get time for fast updates like other partners of Google have
You got to love the trolls asking to be fed every time they say...Its apple....please dont feed the trolls.
Could it possibly be Blu?
Here's hoping they don't make a lame phone like Oppo did!
Why has no-one suggested LG? I mean, they do make Nexus devices...
Oh the irony if that hardware partner was Apple, open source meets closed source. Google and Apple. Gapple, yes, that's what I'll call it. Dibs.
It's great to see a great time getting bigger =)
My bet is that it is Motorola, who have just done a huge U-Turn on thier warranties/bootloaders for devs. They have even re-validated warranties on devices which were invalidated due to unlocked bootloaders..
Seems they want to be like Sony and have developer input on roms.. My guess anyhow.
Huawei please, have the ascend p6, great phone
After Acers issues with the OHA it would make sense that it be them?
You can try with #BluProducts ? There are cheep good phones, USA made. I don't really care about the USA made thing, but they have made a pretty good phones and you can totally brust them with some CM flavor :). Would be awsome. 
Hi cyanogen inc.Ho are you.I am fine.I am BANGLADESHI.
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