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My purpose: setting the stage for the AHA moment!
My purpose: setting the stage for the AHA moment!

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This is a good way to handle this. "Unpack" a comment rather than belittling the student.
Inequity | Tackling casual offensive talk

A teacher shows a simple and effective way to tackle the casually offensive talk that children learn elsewhere and carry into class and then into life.

The article is short, but packs a terrific lesson. I recommend you read it.

Of course, it only works when the teacher can recognise the offensive talk, knows why it's wrong, can demonstrate that, and cares.

Like, there was this news a few months ago, of a teacher who put his Dalit students in the back of the class, the high-caste ones in the front, and then taught only the front of the class. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he just didn't care. He was shamed on TV. I wonder if that made him change.

How many of us use such terms that our kids are likely to internalise? Would you like to share a term you used to use and what made you stop?

#inequity #casualoffence #everydaysexism #education

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So much greatness in one article! Truth: "nothing activates a child's brain like making and play" #MakerMovement   #Relevant   #STEM  

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What a great service! Thanks for sharing +Carrie Canup!
I chose to share this publicly because I felt that everyone should have access tip this information.

By texting "start" to 741741, someone in crisis who finds out difficult to call and speak to a person on a suicide hotline due to anxiety and social phobias can text their situation to a trained counselor. This is an amazing tool out there for those, like myself, who find themselves unable to dispel fear of initiating vocal conversation.

Share this information, help people reach out when they need it the most.

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Love THIS! #makers #makerspace 
Young patients identify real problems that they have in the hospital and come up with creative engineering solutions for them.

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+John Zingale Check this out!
Like magic. +Coca-Cola folds their packaging into Cardboard viewers.
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For those with #ADD and for those without:

Happy Birthday +Chris Fink! You inspire me!

Finally feel I am back on track after the great equilibrium challenge of 2015. Was able to jog a continuous mile Monday in the middle of a 3.5 mile walk, and 2 miles of continuous jogging today. Woot! This is a good feeling!
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