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Visiting Bourg d'Oisans (at the foot of the Alpe d'Huez) any time soon? ( both sell and hire bikes there, and even have their own bike range... 

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Fancy promoting something cycling-related? We will today start highlighting Cycology Pages created by interesting cycling-related organisations, clubs, blogs, businesses, events and more.

If you'd like yours to be featured, just make sure you have created a Cycology Page (you'll need your own personal account first of course). Make sure you have added a profile image for the Cycology Page, complete the profile with as much information as you can and start posting...

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If you're not familiar with Pete McKee, he's well worth a look...

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Turns out these are official and sprouting up in other places too - nice one Royal Mail...
Every UK medallist should have one of these in an appropriate colour...

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Slick shoes...
Some nice Merckx World Champ shoes I found in Belgium, wonder if Cav has a pair yet?

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One more new feature before the weekend... Calling all cycling bloggers and cycling websites with an RSS feed!

You can now update a Cycology Page using your feed, taking the leg work out of publishing the latest news or blog post from your club, event, blog, business etc.

To create a Cycology Page, create an account in your own name first, then once you have logged in, choose your Page type from the list under 'Create a page for your...' in the main menu.

Once you have created your Page, click the 'Edit Settings' button at the top of the Page profile, then 'One-Click Accounts'. It sounds more complicated than it actually is... You should see an option that looks like the image below...

We've created a few example Cycology Pages for a number of cycling news providers, so take a look at a couple of these to see how this works in practice:


If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask!

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Probably the most frequently requested feature has been a mobile version of Cycology. Well, we went one step further, and made the entire site 'responsive'. This means the site will display in a way appropriate to your screen size, from a smartphone all the way up to the huge TV in your lounge.

Various elements like logos, images and columns scale in proportion to your screen width, whilst other less vital parts of the site even appear/disappear when space is at a premium. Noone misses out - everything you can do on your PC you can do on your phone (with the exception of uploading photos on iPhones/iPads - sorry, blame Apple!). Try resizing your desktop browser window, or rotating your phone or tablet to see what we mean...

We could bang on about media queries, HTML5 and various other technologies we have used, but most of you probably won't care - just try it out!

Here's a sample - viewing your Stream and posting updates, in this case from an iPhone:
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We've been on the quiet side recently, adding features to, and improving, Cycology - but now its time to let you know about some of the changes...

One of them will help you let us know what you think about the others, so let's start there! We'll let you know about a couple of others before the weekend too.

We've made changes to how you make suggestions, tell us about bugs, and ask for help. You still access this in the same place - look for the bright blue 'Help & Beta Feedback' button, top-right on the site - however, there's now a complete support site that is really easy to use.

So, don't hold back, let us know what you think, suggest some great ideas and ask away!

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Some changes to the site about to be announced, watch this space if you're a cyclist, and run a cycling-related website or blog or, err, have a mobile device...

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