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I haven't ranted in a long time. Had to get it out of my system.
On the Internet trope that car drivers overwhelmingly obey the law. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
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Don't ride in Taiwan. Your blood pressure will skyrocket.
The badly behaved driving doesn't bug me, and in fact I think it's understandable. Nobody notices it because usually nothing happens.

It's the hypocritical "WE'RE PERFECT ANGELS" nonsense that gets my goat.

Here's me in Taipei Traffic:
What a great article! The person you quoted acts like being licensed to drive in the U.S. is such a big deal, as if everyone is thoroughly tested before obtaining their license. Yeah, right.

That's how it should be, but it's not.
Biennial drivers' tests, both written and practical, would be an enormous help for driving safety.
Ok I will stop giving you author credits but without a credited author the horse may be out of the barn. Just keep it off your resume.
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