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I don't really know why, but this page was among the most visited page on my blog in 2012.
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that's cool to see
I'm curious if his body guard rides with him?  I saw him at Interbike last year and chatted with him briefly.  Was saying something about the concept that he should be getting royalties from Shimano for something or other that was his idea.  Can't remember what it was though.
Yeah, saw him hanging around the Gita booth at Interbike 2 years ago. Was a head scratcher at the time.
He did El Tour De Tucson in 2011, so this year I targeted his time as the time I wanted to beat. I did the 111 miles in 5:50, just missing his time by 3 minutes. After the ride, I was able to rationalize the defeat as getting beat by a sweet Pinarello, not Bonds.
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