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Thought of the day .... Can MD's gain more by monitoring least important tasks than by monitoring most important tasks?

It's a modern day management trap, whatever is "hot topic", it monitored, carefully, often at the expense of other areas, we have importance lists and often concentrate on them in importance!

Here's a new concept, let managers do what's important, let directors reverse the list, monitor what is least-important!

If business processes are working properly, there will be a triangle of resource issues, from very few most important, to lots least important, this is inevitable - and looking at this bottom line is a good indication to resource loading and how many tasks are being neglected.

Also, the most important rules are likely to change, based on current business topics, may be quality one week, delivery performance the next, etc, etc, driven as lesser important tasks get neglected and become hot topics to eventually overtake current more important tasks.

When businesses concentrate on important only - means their workload is fighting for neglected tasks to get into "top spot" and gain all the efforts - your creating an ever-changing problematic environment!

Concentrated on what's not important - it's a minefield to begin - processes will need refining - resources will need re-assessing, but keep at it and your company will totally transform in structure and continuity, get it right and it's an effective way to ensure the entire company is running smoothly and no nasty surprises looming around the corner!

Now, the pyramid of problems will disappear and be replaced with a simple to monitor resource / business process model - which identifies issues and gives you time to deal with them (as they will be unimportant)!
Written by Mark Morrison, Cyberco Ltd
Part of our fundamental research into building better software.
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