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Skyrocket, Hercules, and A700 - On deck

Patches have now been submitted (and are currently still in review) to enable CM10 nightlies for the Skyrocket, Hercules ( and our latest addition to our ever growing roster, the Acer A700 ( 

Nightlies will kick in the day after these are merged, so keep an eye out!
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Thank you so much for the updates on the Skyrocket :) Hope the stable comes soon :D You guys rock!   |m|
Kevin F
YAY !!!! Herculeez Herculeez Herculeez... Thanks +CyanogenMod guys...
Ray Dar
I sure hope this version solves the long-standing (and happens multiple times per day on my phone)
Cannot open /dev/msm_pcm_out errno: 22
Want to thank TeamChopsticks (mikeyman77, Topprospect, and all those who test and remain on their IRC channel) and the whole Cyanogen squad! Hat's off to all of you! - LegionsKnight.
Thanks so much for the Hercules love!
I hope the stable version of CM10 comes soon for the Galaxy Nexus. (crosses fingers)
THANK U for the hercules . Cm is straight up gangster.
What?? How that happened....Ian was that running on ICS?
What are the obstacles (if any) for A500 cm10 nightlies?

Btw.. thanks for all the hard work!
I love you all at the cyanogenmod team. My birthdays in three days and yous just gave me the best gift ever
Nightly installed for my Skyrocket and everything is look A-OK!!! Thanks DFerg!
Awww... :/ Still nothing for the Acer A500 and Alcatel/TCT Onetouch 995... :(
Thanks for all you do to keep my SkyRocket on the latest release!
Running the 10/5 nightly on my Hercules. Got it just after it was posted.
When Bruce has a usable kang on xda still don't see why we have no CM10 nighties for the Sensation.
Loi La
Yes. Been waiting for the nightly cm10 builds for the skyrocket. Can't wait to load it up. Thanks!
YES!!!! been waiting for this for soo long..
Huhhh, Skyrocket?  Coool.  Thanks guys.
Any update of CM 10 on galaxy s2 i9100?
Is there a jb gapps we need to flash as well? Or do we just flash the Rom?
Can't wait for tenderloin in 2 weeks!
does cm10 on skyrocket support NFC?
+Abhisek Devkota will the A500 build support the internal 3G modem (and slightly different GPS) in the A501?
Sweet... ^^ Was getting bored of the bugs from the official Acer release that keeps not turning on my screen making me force shutdown and the battery drain from ICS +Abhisek Devkota.
You wouldn't know by any chance about the Alcatel Onetouch 995 being included on the nightlys would you? :P
I'm eager to see it coming on the Galaxy Tab 10.1!!!
Awesome. Thanks from all of us Skyrocket owners.
Asus tf700t got an official jb update!
Asus tf700t got an official jb update!
Downloading now. Thank You so much to all the team who work so hard for us. You're the best.
Thanks Guys. Waiting for this a long time.
Thank you all so much for your hard work!  
+Alexander R. Agreed!  This version is very stable and they seem to have all of the Bluetooth bugs sorted out.
Galaxy Tab 10.1: pershoot's experimental build works fine. Just front camera not working. But I'm also eagerly awaiting an official CM10 build for that.
And the sprint gsii gets the shaft again lol
I'm running right now cm10 in my skyrocket and running amazing. Thank you guys.
Kevin F
Yep, running it on zee Hercules (SGH-T989) and running very well. Testing all functions and apps and so far so good. I did notice a crash/reboot after the first install power up but since then, runs pretty solid.
There are Still Some SODs & RRs for Hercules. Check it Cyanogenmod Guys
A700!  WOO HOO!  I've been hoping this day would come.  I love CM7.2 on my NookColor  Super excited to get it on my Acer!
Thanks, This is just what I've been waiting for!
These guys bust their tail to get this work done for free and there are so many complainers about "where's my this, where's my that", but if it weren't for +CyanogenMod then you'd still be relying on your provider to give you some skinned version of Google's OS...late as well. For all those complaining...bite it!!
New to Android here. I just switched from 4 years with an iPhone to the Galaxy S3 (AT&T). I rooted it and installed CM10 nightly. How often do people update to the next nightly build, or is it something that people update each time a new build comes out?
Kevin F
+Jake Graves It's really up to you... Some people like sticking with a build that they know works and that they have no problems with but people like me always want the latest and greatest... If anything goes wrong or the new build is buggy, you can always revert back.
+Kevin F I was the same way with iOS and betas. Is the reverting the same as the update, except you choose a previous day's release?
Kevin F
I always practice the rule, if you have a previous version of the same ROM like an earlier nightly build of CM10 then I just flash over my current rom without wiping data... But if I come from a different ROM like CM9 or stock image or whatever, I do full wipe...
Kevin F
This is also why it's a good idea to use a separate launcher like Nova or APEX. They both have the option to save your desktop or should say screen settings like placement of icons, folders and widgets. Then when you load your new ROM, just do a quick restore of the launcher settings. Also good idea to backup your apps with something like titanium backup to do a quick restore of all your apps with their saved data...
Even when I do wipe all the data to factory settings, I am back up right where I was before, pretty fast.
Thanks for the tips. I have been very happy with how friendly the Android community has been!
woohoo, thanks for the Hercules love!
Just wanted to comment that the new JRO03R build is faster and smoother than JRO03L build. Thanks CM the best ROM ever. Rock in NS4G Cm 10 10/4 nightly...
Wanted to ask when the monthly stable build is releasing. Excited for the M2 series..
Will the p6200 ever get an official cyanogen mod build?
Does this mean a cure for the random reboots?
must say that the cm9 for the hercules was horrible, th gui was smooth and nice but i couldnt get through a day at work without my phone dying, went back to a touchwiz rom and with even more usage it lasts 17+ hours a day
I know this is definitely the wrong place to ask this, but will there ever be an expansion of the accessibility options in CM10?  I happen to be deaf in one ear, and the lack of a "Mono" sound option for headset headsets anywhere in the OS is kind of disappointing.
Question: Is CyanogenMod for Nook still being developed or should I sell my Nook and buy a Nexus?
Acer A500 and HP Touchpad Please...
How about some A500 love too! :)  Lots more A500/A501 than A700/701 tablets I would suspect.  
Fantastic news!  Thanks for the quick response Abhisek!  Althought CM10 would even nicer :)  
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