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Just in time for the holidays

+Cruzerlite and the CM team present the Official CyanogenMod case for all you Nexus 5 owners out there! 

Available in your choice of four colors, this design comes from community member +Asher Simonds - who also made the Nexus Experience pattern wallpapers seen in CyanogenMod. 

Hit the links below to grab your case. Orders placed today should ship by the end of the week! 


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I'm so conflicted! Because I love CM, but I absolutely loathe Cruzerlite!

Congrats CM team! Glad to see you guys making moves!
Can you make them for the Moto X?
Bring em to it...DOOO IIIIIT!!! xD
How about nexus 7 and 4! Omg I want one
After the quality of the last CM case...
SHOULD ship by the end of the week. CruzerLite doesn't have a very good track record of hitting its shipping goals.
Is this real? ERMAGHERD!!
Hi did you ship to Mexico? Can I pay whit Paypal, thanks
На galaxy nexus было бы здорово!
Love this cases and designs from this guys. I currently have one one my nexus5 and it looks and fits great! 
Damn! That is a nice looking phone condom!
I'm sorry but i'll never buy a +Cruzerlite coloured case anymore. I used to love Cruzerlite, I have different covers produced by them so 3 months ago I bought their +xda-developers cover for Galaxy Nexus and it really sucks . After less then three months it's so ruined that I need to change it again, the colour is gone for great part of the corners. Really really low product.

I am planning to get the CM case for my Note 2. Been a loyal CM user since the FroYo days.
Very much a fail. Bad attempt at marketing I might add.

Couldn't you guys have come up with a better design than that? :/ Like seriously, that looks awful.
No Thank you . Anything that has the company stamped all over it ie Verizon I can go without .
I have +Cruzerlite case for my nexus 4, would love to add a cm edition to my collection of cases.
CruzerLite makes pretty crappy cases... I wouldn't buy from them. As much as I'd love to tell people to buy these to support CM... I can't do it :(
Couldn't be uglier, huh?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody ☺
Does wireless charging work with the case on?
Well, guess I know what I'm going to get for my Nexus 5
I got my N5 two days ago on trade for my iPod touch. Still messing with the stock Kit Kat. So far I hate the icons, but other than that I like it. I have CM on my Galaxy S3 though! 
The design is very meh..
Loved my Cruzerlite Gnex CM case a lot more, design wise..
I won't bother with this one.
Nice case and I love cm mod but the hole reason I buy nexus devices is for pure Google experience
I might as well. I want to try carbon rom too. 
Just bought 2 :) Teal and Black :)
I already bought the Google case 😢
That would b sooo awesome if u would make them for other phones in the future ppl will go nuts for them !!!!
Coooool man!!!! Any luck for nexus 4
hahaha, +Spencer Boyle I already have a the grey nexus case I bought from Google when I bought My Nexus5. 
But I'm a sucker to CM products, and they are cheap cases compared to the Nexus case!
+Amit Agarwal I wish I knew about the Spigen Case before I clicked Purchase! Looks Great! 
Too many Cid heads on the back, make a case with one Cids head and I will buy it.
Now I only need to buy Nexus 5. :-)
Wow. Much hollow. Many colors. Great rubber. 
So cool! I'd buy a nexus 5 to use this :P
Can I have an ETA for a N4 case?
hope I  could get one in China
Do all of the case featues work or is this case a nightly!
interesting... 1207 +1 for a commercial post... an ad... The new face of CM ? :°
Should have done the N4 first
I,need one for my phone how can't I buy one .
Ship them cheaper to India, c'mon!
I JUST bought a case! Time for another I guess, haha.
I bought the Smoke one and I love it! Though to be honest I've been running Cataclysm on my Nexus 5 instead of CM as I'm waiting for CM11 to mature a bit. I do still have CM on my 2012 Nexus 7, though.
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