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Nexus 7 LTE and Nexus Q

First, we'd like to introduce our newest maintainer, Scott Wade (aka romracer) will be joining the team to maintain the Nexus 2013 LTE aka deb. Source is now available on our Github and nightlies will follow soon. 

We've also moved the Nexus Q (aka steelhead) to 10.2 nightly status, and it has its first 10.2 nightly available now. 
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Nice to see the Q getting some love. Might go pick one up now and make it a game console/media device.
+Teslim Olunlade my guess is stabilize 10.2. There will most likely be a 4.4 branch as well, since it takes time to get it setup for devices people will use and push 10.2 to stable then the gates open for 4.4.
can't wait to see my deb getting some CM love :-)
How many people have a Nexus Q? I thought it was discontinued before it went on sale.
+Armando Claudio +Rob Kitzinger  The only people that paid for a Nexus Q are those that bought it secondhand. All Nexus Q units were ultimately given away for free, including those that pre-ordered.
I can't wait to flash cm on my deb, I like stocks and all but I miss the added features of CM
Thank you Scott. Finally the CM for deb . I can't wait... 
My nexus Q is still on stock and the app is not signing in
What should change if i put CM on it? What are the advantages?
Good news and welcome Scott!
+teddy haddad Google recently broke all Nexus Q functionality in favor of the Chromecast. Flashing CM won't fix this, but it will allow your Q to access your content directly if you flash the gapps as well.
+teddy haddad I've had luck with Bluetooth mice/keyboards, but you might be able to emulate that with an app on your phone. I don't believe there has been any set-top-box specific controls added in CM for the Q, but anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.
I have the Q with CM and use it daily as a media device for Netflix playback and Google Music as I also installed gapps, lately I've run Mame4droid and it does pretty good. Kudos for supporting the Q!
Please make Cyanogenmod for Sony Xperia L :). After using CM on my old Galaxy S I can't use anything else on my Xperia L.
Congrats Scott! Amazing dev!
Reading this news on Nexus 7 LTE makes me "yeah baby!" 
Woohoo for deb!!! Been looking at the progress daily on the code review. But I agree with others what's the news on android 4.4/cm11
I can't wait to see some nightlies for the LG G2. Keep up the awesome work, guys!
Does anyone have any tips to control the nexus Q after flashing CM on it? I'm stuck on the homescreen heh
+Vlad Filippov I used an OTG cable with a wireless mouse and keyboard dongle for the initial setup, once you have gaps on there you can install tablet remote on the q to control it from another android device (I use my old nexus one :) Nice to see the Q still being worked on! 
Any support for the WiFi versions as well?
is there a recovery (not twrp) for the deb?
+mark dobson I haven't seen any yet only twrp. C'mon clockworkmod!!

Edit: I correct myself, there now is clockworkmod for deb
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