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10.1.0 RC4: "do you even math, bro?"

One of the fixes in RC3 addressed a helper function used in several places for varying complexity calculations. The new code performs great, but unfortunately it only works in the chipset family it was tested on. For all others, it just returns wrong values (exponents, in particular, return much bigger values than they should). This is why a lot of you started seeing mobile data accounting in the multi-gigabyte range overnight, wrong speeds in animations, and generally random behavior.

RC4 was released to address that. The fix has been fixed, and CM does math again. The bad values calculated by RC3 were only cosmetic, so rest assured that you did not use 100GB worth of data in 24h. Sorry about that.
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Flipboard-animation-glitch on gnex ( gsm ) still present with rc4 and also with latest nightly :-(
Why does the change log include this line -
"merge in jb-mr1.1-release history after reset to jb-mr1.1-dev"
I thought my history was private? What does this mean?
I've been having a big problem, I stopped updating cyanagonmod 10.1 for a while, and when I finally update Google play doesn't work anymore. I'm really desperate for help
Zoh B
Thanks for the update! I was starting to worry about what my next bill would look like.
Can someone tell me how's the battery life? That's one thing that keeps me from trying it out
Oh so that was why I had 500GB data usage in less than a day...
+Cole Tindal I have to thank you heaps. I tried everything and I never though of reflashing gapps. It worked! Thanks man
had to roll back to nightly 28 on mako. 
Installed factory image in my Nexus S this Moment due to the unsolved bluetooth problem in 4.2.2
NFC not working in RC4 on vzw nexus. Can send but receiving brings empty play store window.. Any ideas?
I love it when you guys release updates because you're so thorough with your changelog. Every software developer on the planet can learn something from you!
+Sleem LDJ thanks for the tip ;-) i've tried but the glitch is still there :-( and now i've seen on xda that i am not the only one with that problem...
I called my carrier and they confirmed the use... My data allowance was used up overnight in the way people have been describing this... 
How can you reset the data usage?
Won't install on spr gs3...:-(
How can I reset the data usage now that I'm on rc4
Kemar A
Anyone else having wifi issues on RC4
I used RC3 for one day and it says that for that one day, I used nearly 1TB of data from the Google Play Store. Lol
Running rc4 +last night update on galaxy tab 2 p5113 with p5110 firmware, runs very smoothly! 
Sweet I was wondering what was going on, I know I didn't use 71gb overnight lol
There's no data connection on my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P5100) is that a known problem or I'm doing something wrong? I came from using nightlies. Thanks! :) 
Using it now. Pretty slick. Thanks guys.
Thanks for the warning - my autoupdater was scheduled for today, I'm glad, I picked RC4.
why I flash RC3 or RC4 cause that some apps FC,From China,the app is Netease News,it works well before with rc2
rc3 come to my house, kick my dog.  glad for fix
Last night I tried updating to RC4, but it was constantly freezing. Then I downgraded down to RC3, I was still having the same problem. Downgraded again to RC2 and now it's back to normal with no freezes. I'm on a GS3
Haha, so that was the cause of Spotify using 1,15GB (!) of mobile data in about 30 minutes of listening.. :')

Downloading RC4 now! 
+Trist Zhang. Please add a link to a pastebin of a logcat from the app with rc2 and rc4. To my knowledge there are no real psycics that can remotly debug your phone without any real information about the issue.
Just finished flashing the update and as far as I can see, all issues I had are gone now on my HTC One X. :) thanks, CM team!
Firat D
Nice! I'm downloading RC4 for my Optimus 4x HD now, but in RC3 there was a bug that the IMEI was gone, until you flash an older one. This means no data etc. So I hope it's fixed, otherwise, hey, I have a backup :)
Anyone else had an issue with the keyboard reverting to default after turning the screen off? Nexus 7
+Andre Schlüter Try using this really cool search tool.  It starts with a G I think?  Seriously, your question has been asked and answered 753297403973420720394734209 times since last September.  I mean, someone always asks about an Exynos4 device in EVERY FUCKING M, RC, and stable post!
They're not stable.  Just because you're not affected by the known bugs doesn't mean there aren't any.
Does the Droid Razr still pick up less than 1GB of RAM? 
I wondered why Play Music was using 25GB of background data.
The mentioned RC3 code must have been tested on Mako, because I didn't have any issue with RC3 on my Nexus 4.
" the fix has been fixed" good one! Lol
i have a droid razr maxx, and i wonder if this rc4 cover 3g mode?
+CyanogenMod i know this is not where i'm supposed to post bugs, but there's a weird issue with p5100 multitasking.. when i press the multitasking button in landscape mode it doesn't work, but if i rotated the tablet and pressed it in portrait mode and rotate it again while on the multitasking screen.. it works until it restarts..

even with these weird bugs, it still kicks ass
Cyanogenmod FTW!
Question: Is it possible to flash in a rooted Xperia Z with blocked bootloader?
+Josep Mª Giribet as far as I know, you need an unlocked bootloader in order to use software like ClockworkMod. (which is used to flash a custom ROM)
+Josep Mª Giribet No .A locked bootloader won't boot a kernel that's not from Sony on a locked boot-loader device and you can't actually flash it in the first place on a device with a locked bootloader. FXP(CyanogenMod) use a kernel based of Sony's tree but with modifications(from CAF and CM).  
In each post:
1) Someone will ask about the i9100.
2) +Andrew Dodd will complain about the Exynos4.
3) People post bugs.

I'm OK with all of this. The exynos4 is very popular so I don't see this changing any time soon..

On the topic of bug reports - it seems the latest nightlys for the i9100 break call waiting and possibly conference...
Gt-i9100g.. Cm10.1.. Android 4.2.2.. 1st june nightly.. Still didn't have the smart stay function.. When does it gonna have.. The official firmware already have it.. Hmm.. :-(
Nook Color on SD card noticeably faster - still playing with - Thanks!
Regarding what +ahmad fauzee said...
I wouldn't expect device-specific features (such as Samsung's "Smart Stay") to reach CM. Maybe someone in the community has something rolled together, but as for official CM... From what I've seen, features added to CM work on all devices that support them, and are rarely so gimmicky as Smart Stay :P
Thanks a lot for this post, I ended up disabling mobile data network on my phone due to this problem. Assuming I call my data plan service provider and ask him the exact amount of data I have consumed on the current cycle, is there a way for me to force values showing up in mobile data settings? My mobile data is disabled now because of this bug, I can't see any ways to force the figures to the right ones!
This bug must have also affected the DSP Manager... the UI was messed up on the nightlies previous to 6/1/13.

Big problem on LG P880 4XHD with CM 10.1 RC3 : My phone seems to have full mobile network but ... 

Datas are locked enabled, but actually there are no datas. I don' receive any calls and I can't call. When I call my mobile, I can hear it's a normal call ... but nothing happens on my mobile : no ring, no call. 

Those problems don't exist with RC2, so back to RC2 for me. 

Thanks for all. 
+Stéphane THOUVENOT have you tried RC4?  Or even the usual tests - wiping app data, or even a data or cache wipe from recovery?
Either way, try RC4 and see if that works as well as RC2 does.
+Stéphane THOUVENOT I can confirm, same problem on the p880 but with the rc4 release. Latest nightly seems to work better. No complains... There is always a risk playing with these kind of releases ;)
I have tried RC4 : same problem, exactly. Back to RC 2. Happy, i'm not alone :-)
any ideea about release for international version of 9505?
I don't have enough info to file an issue in Jira, but I have confirmed that both RC3 and RC4 seem to be installing which is for 4.1.2. This results in a repeated modal dialog telling me that has quit unexpectedly. This renders the device useless until I install the (which is for 4.2.2) from my SD card. If you have the same problem, Google for that 2nd filename. Good luck!
+Richard Bronosky What method are you using to install? CM itself does not install gapps but will merely backup and restore the already installed version (if present and not blacklisted).
gonna try this on my i747 now
thank god I hope it was just an error.. I was beginning to sweat a bit. 
RC4 has my on phone data total skyrocketing. It says I have used 20 gig in just a few hours. 
Gene T
Since i installed RC 3&4, my phone could not make phone call and received sms. It always said "no service". When i switched back to RC 2, the problems are solved. 
Gene T
My phone is galaxy s2 i9100g
GN & N7. So far that is all I have noticed. Will file that report though like u suggest. 
Running CM10.1-RC3 on my d2att - Can I flash RC4 dirty, or should I do a full wipe?
My HTC one X GPS not working in Rc4. Please help.
is there anyone getting these problesms. When you press the home button you will be lead to the app drawer not the home screen and the home button will never work on the app drawer and the home screen.. I am getting this problems with the rc3 and 4 on my gnexus. +CyanogenMod 
Oh thank god. I just switched phones to a nexus 4 so AT&T isn't reporting my bandwidth for the month. I thought I was about to get hit by a hell of an overage charge. 
pie control in rc4 is still awful, suddenly disabled in use
Latest nightly solved the problem with the flipboard-glitch on gnex (gsm) thanks cm-team
Must add - thanks for an awesome ROM - using it on my P880 :D
Glad the calculation is fixed, looks like it doesn't recalculate though right? That's going to throw me off for a couple weeks still. :)
It complains about Rogers's Galaxy S3 (d2att), so I had to strip out the assert on the ro.bootloader attribute in the updater-script, any chance this can be fixed? My modem version is I747MVLLH1
i have network problem, i went back to RC1 it works better. and stable..
I went from rc2 to rc4 on my gnex (gsm) and I'm getting the misaccounting data bug... 
I still have the random reboots on Xperia T.. I've tried ALL releases since 05/20/ and I've seen a lot of improvements, but not the fix I'm waiting most.
I wonder if anyone have Mobile Data Issue (no Services) after updating to RC4~ in I9100g S2~
Interesting how hercules (T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII SGH-T989) still doesn't have RC3 and RC4, considering this is the only SGSII variant using a Qualcomm SoC, not Exynos or OMAP. The closest we have to those RC builds are nightlies with the RC3 and RC4 manifests.
I use the 3g Watchdog app and there's about a 300gb discrepancy between it and CM 10.1's data reporting (650mb on 3gW vs. 0.95gb on CM 10.1). Seems to have resolved itself on RC4.
Nexus S - the bug is present in RC4 too. Should I was to do a hard reset before upgrading?
Can you please include an option to set where the pie controls are triggered? I loved having them pop brom just the middle bottom.
No se puede de ninguna forma hacer andar el mhl o el allshare cast con CM10.1 en el S3, no?
+Daniel Nordlund I'm having the same problem, phone is listing the Play Store as using 3GB of mobile data since yesterday.  Been using RC4 since Saturday on Galaxy Nexus Toro.
Can i use The mhl and llegaré cast whit this rom?
Doug H
OT question... apparently it's not possible for 3rd-party cameras to perform manual focus because focus is performed internally using the drivers from the manufacturer. I wonder if open-source cameras like the one used by Cyanogenmod would have the ability in their own rooted
Eheh it's kinda of fun when I've used 4gigs of data on G+ when my data limit is 600MB per month :D feels like my device is cheating them instead of they cheating me!
RC4 installed, fresh wipe and setup, TMO records I have used less than 250mb during install, but phone reports over 6gb data usage. N4 fresh install of CWM + CM10.1RC4 + Gapps
Not fixed on Toro.  Just got a warning that I have used 5 GB in the last 24 hours.  IRL, according to My Verizon, I've only used 1.23 GB all cycle.
Lots of bluetooth issues with RC4... back to RC2 and all is perfect. Verizon GS3.
Does anybody else experience camera crashes when using the lock screen camera widget in landscape? It's been bugging me... 
Htc One x (Endeavoru) doesnt have merge the photosphere option on camera why?
why did updating to RC4 remove my superuser and my rom manager application?
pavel r
Are you sure the bug is fixed? I installed RC4 on my Galaxy S (skipped RC3) and now I have 1.68GB of data usage in 2 days, while Gallery data usage is over 10 GB. Of course, mobile provider's numbers aren't even close to this.
haven't seen anyone commenting on d2usc 10.1 rc4. so here goes. i dirty flashed rom + fresh gapps package last night, and gapps kept fc after first boot. restored back to stable nightly, then reflashed rom and not gapps. everything is working fine, and data is recording correctly thus far.

smooth and responsive so far. thanks a ton +CyanogenMod!
check that. phone is reporting a lot of battery consumption from bluetooth, which i never have turned on. battery is not draining faster than normal though, so it's got to be a reporting issue. don't know if this counts as another math problem or something else.
Just got my notice for over 50GB used 2 days. 90% of which was on wifi. Toroplus on RC4.
Hi, I'm on cm10 rc4 - nexus 4 and still wrong values :-$ how could I fix it? 
Switched from rc2 to rc4 and got the same problem. Nexus 4 - mako
Razr XT910 rc4 and problem still there..
when will you guys RELEASE CM 10.1 for S4 GT9500 :( ???
+Elias PEÑA No, as far as I tested. I have no mobile data, only wifi (Yes, I've configured the APN settings properly, but I just can talk)
Do a reset on data usage: remove /data/system/usagestats and /data/system/netstats
How to flash this ROM if I'm coming from PAs ROM ?! 
I updated 10.1.0 RC4  on my Galaxy S I9000, but the google Play Store in not working.
Still got the probelm with nexus 4 mako.
I didn't install RC3 and went RC4 but it happened also. nexus 4 mako. please do the math again :(
+Kevin Law You need to wipe usage stats. I'm using GN and got more than 600MB data usage reported after changing to RC4, and wiping data stats helps.
May be because it follows the rule of primary school? (If you do it wrong, correct it for x times, so the data is still x times the value it should be XD).
+Hexchain Tong No, I didnt even install RC3. I went straight from RC2 to RC4.
Can someone point me to the commits on either Gerrit or Github where this issue was tended to?
Is there an App to SD option anywhere that I'm missing?
I did the update on my Samsung S3 but got logged out of my google account. Can't find a way to log back in again, so now Gmail, Play Store, the whole lot have stopped working. Suggestions?
+Aljon Lumictin data connection (3g)  seems not to function for me also (p5100). It doesn't ask for the pin code (of sim card) and doesn't want to connect to network. I'm back to the RC2 ;(
Tony G
In my Google Nexus RC4 math problem still exists and sometimes home-buttons stops working. 
Huge data issues on my nexus 4 RC4 too. Just a little scary.
My GNex on Verizon (toro) also just displayed incorrect data usage today.
I created a JIRA ticket with the logcat from my device to try and help you guys out.
So after having CM10.1 RC4 (Mako build) installed I have yet to reviece these same issues for a few days. Until this morning. It's like my phone forgot how to do math again overnight. 
Had a data warning on mine this evening, with over 2Gb quoted for Google Play alone. (maguro) 
At risk of feeding the trolls... +Chandra Sekhar you do know that these wonderful people are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, yes? I would pay for CyanogenMod, but don't have to because it is a labor of love for these folks. If you don't like what they are releasing go fuck yourself and use stock. Just saying...
No luck, RC4 is reporting google play downloaded over a gig in a few hours.
I got a new at&t S3 the day after RC4 was released and that was the first CM build this phone ever saw and I'm having the same problem. I did restore a lot of settings from an earlier S3 so maybe my problem is there but data usage that has occurred after RC4 is definitely being heavily exaggerated...

I installed RC5 last night and the existing stats are still high but I'll watch to see what new usage does. 
I installed RC4 on my Galaxy Nexus several weeks ago and it's reporting high data usage as well for me. I never ran RC3, so what is causing this on my phone?
Getting "assert" install fails when trying to flash RC3, RC4 & RC5 (downloaded directly from the cmupdater on the system/about menu) on an SGH-I747 (SGS3 AT&T). Any fixes yet or is my device not supported on these releases yet? 
Since the upgrade to RC5 my phone just keeps randomly rebooting gs3 (at&t). I've tried reinstalling both rc5 and gapps but the problem remains. any ideas PLEASE and thank you
about the fix for the counting of data, does it require any type of reset or the newer builds do it ? cc +Abhisek Devkota 
Never mind, read the wiki and found the new JB bootloader requirement. That's why I got all the assert failures on flash. Now sporting RC5 on mine & my wife's phone (SGS3 AT&T). Going without a hitch so far except for one spontaneous reboot. Minor hiccup :-)
Bug also present in CM 10.1 RC 2 running on galaxy nexus maguro
Same here, my phone was running perfectly until two weeks ago, sucked out 400Mb on data plan and i received sms from phone company, strange but i checked and all data shown by the phone also same as the phone company data.
so it is not just in the data log, however i installed three different versions of CM 10.1 and 10.2 no luck, (maybe this is a new bog or related to what you guys are discussing)

later i start looking and found out it is a google services loading data, bug is been discussed in many other place on XDA, android police but no luck to find help from CM team. no posts or comments.

lot of XDA forum mention that it is not related with ROM but more to the google OTA which is keep trying to download itself again and again, once it finish it has some issue installing it, so it will go and download again.

I then installed Miui and face the same problem, in past three hours 87 MB data is done on wifi (on miui it shows under gmail)

hope some one can help us, 
Oh almost forgot i have also try FOTAKill app, some user are reporting it is working for them, but it is not working for maguro, i tried it both ways, placing the app in system app folder and then wiping the cache from CWM and also by flashing the zip file. both didn't help.

anyone know how to stop OTA update on the CM10.2 Maguro.

please help, i spend most of my time on the road and without data connection i am really stuck, 
temporary fix is stop background data, but then email's don't come through and location is messed up and viber and whats app also don't show new messages unless you open the app and wait.

Nexus 4 with Cyanogenmod and I had EXCESSIVE data usage even if I had it off !! I now have to pay 400 euros. I want to make a complaint about that. It's not my fault ! And I am not the only one who had this problem. 
+Fernando Miguel I have to pay 400 euros bill for the 3g data. Because the cyanogenmod had a bug. It used data even if I had it closed. I want my money back.
+Apolo Sisk if you read the comments closely, you will see that this was just a cosmetic BUG. No data was affected by it.
I have no idea under which situation your billing happened, but it's not related to this issue.
I wish you good luck with your carrier, and advise you enable data limits on your devices 
+Fernando Miguel I had the data closed. And the data were charged by GOOGLE SERVICES. It was a bug and the bill was too damn expensive. This was caused by CYANOGENMOD. I restored it and it stopped. 
It's the first post I found about cyanongenmod. I don't usually use google+
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