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Status updated on Motorola OMAP devices

+Michael Scott will continue to work with us and the other community distributions he has supported, just not on these particular devices. 

If you are capable and interested in helping out, contact DevRel (at)
End-of-Development Support: Motorola OMAP devices (Droid 3, Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR and Droid 4)

I started working on the Droid 3 back in August of 2011.  Since then, I picked up several other Motorola OMAP devices and have done my best for the community to make them work on custom ROMs such as CM, AOKP and others.

My life today, is overflowing with Android.  Android during breaks at work, Android from about 8pm to 3am in the morning.  Android on the weekends while kids are at soccer, etc. I have Android dreams :P   Needless to say, I need to make some changes.

So, it is with a bit of sadness, that in November, I’m ending my custom ROM support on the Motorola OMAP devices listed below:
Droid 3
Droid Bionic
Droid RAZR
Droid 4

Why end support for these devices?

There are variety of reasons actually.  The main being: time.  Or lack of it (mentioned above).   And honestly, I haven’t been paying them the attention they need anyway, so better to just stop the bleeding and let someone either take over as maintainer on CM or end the support all together.

The other reason is lack of support.  There were very few OMAP devs a year ago.  Today, there are none.  To support an OMAP device means that every problem has to land right on your shoulders.  Very little help comes from Texas Intruments or other devs anymore.

Lastly, these devices are aging.  November would make all of the devices, 2 years old or more (with the exception of the Droid 4).  And I’m guessing more and more users have upgraded or are looking at upgrading in the next few months. 

Time for me to move on.

What does this mean for you?

Not too much, actually.  Find a nice stable version of the ROM you love and use it!   Over the long term: this probably means no Android 4.4 and beyond.  :(

When I say “ending my custom ROM support”, I mean no more device updates, bugfixes, etc.  This mainly has to do with custom ROMs like CM or others.  The ROMs that are out there aren’t going to magically disappear, and devs may or may not stop supporting those custom ROMs for the Moto OMAP devices.

I will probably continue to run Safestrap updates for a while yet.
** This will not affect the Motorola Droid RAZR-HD, or some of the other newer devices I’ve picked up recently for Safestrap support.
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So this means my Bionic will NEVER see CM 10.2?? :-(
My Bionic had a great run. Many thanks, guys!  Good that my Maxx just arrived. 
So the 10. 2 nightlys.... never will be stable? 
My word people, get a life. Mr. Scott has given you people more time than you deserve. Imagine, if you will, missing your child's soccer game, just to bring you whiners a better phone experience. Perspective!!!! It is time and show gratitude, not ask for more. Sheesh!
The galaxy nexus has an omap processor if I'm not mistaken.
A future Dev will certainly want to stay as close to GNex dev as possible. Tho, I'm not sure how well thats going to end up.
Asshats like Matt Schoessler make me glad Google+ allows me to mute posts once the discussion goes into "useless" mode.
never knew hashcode's real name until now, thanks Google+! at any rate my wife did have the droid 3 with +CyanogenMod under cricket wireless and now her sister is using it with stock under T-Mobile
I was only wondering. If 10.2 will never come out of nightlys then i can move on. Dont see how thats whinning at all +Matt Schoessler 
Looks like i will be installing ubuntu touch on this device then. Unless any of you know another badass rom that will work for droid razr. 
+Jeremy Kalman make sure your device is supported, last I checked only supported nexus devices with alpha/beta support for certain devices.
+Jeremy Z thanks man i will. I know there is a rom for droid razr too. On october 17 they are releasing the stable version. If not i may have to try and build a firefox os. I like 10.1 rc2 but i do have problems from time to time. Contract isnt up until march. 
I have a question, i own a motorola razr HD xt925 it will still have support?? Because here in Brazil some people says that motorola droid razr is The razr family (d1,d3,maxx and HD )
OMAP is a very stable code base in Linux. I see no reason why this development should have to stop. It would mostly be maintenance activities considering no new OMAP will ever be made again. 
Very sad news. CM was the only thing keeping my RAZR usable. +Michael Scott I appreciate the hard work you put in and am forever grateful for your contributions. I understand that life comes first. 
Thanks Michael, we obviously understand that maintaining the OMAP phones while working at Dunder Mifflin is impossible, so best of luck on your future projects!
Thanks +Michael Scott! I'm with the others in saying that this has kept my Razr Maxx bearable. My contract isn't up until March, but I will survive! 
I really miss The Office.
Thanks for giving us some great roms, my bionic served me well and kept me entertained. What cell are you moving on to?
I got rid of my Bionic months ago. It was by far the worst android device I'd ever owned. It's because of it I vowed to never buy a Motorola device again. Though they probably have their shit straightened a bit more after the Google buyout. The custom ROM makers are what made the device somewhat usable. Thanks for all the hard work. 
+Michael Scott Thanks for all your great work :D I'd like to try and work on things like dock fixes but I'm a little lost as to where to start in regards to the programming. Any advice?
Am I correct in thinking that this doesn't effect the CM upgrades. Users with these devices can still receive an the upgraded 10.2 stable once it is released correct?
On which date cm10.2 release for samsung galaxy s2 plus 9105 
Thanks +Michael Scott . Does this means the unofficial builds for Defy will also stop?
Dear Scott. Finally, advise what you think is the most ROM stable, versions 10.2 and 10.1.3
+Michael Scott  Sir its been an honour to use your Custom ROMS...Thank you so much for keeping our Devices Alive for this long..when motorola ditched us at 4.1.2

Proud RAZR user & RAZR Tutorial maker...
Thank you :)
I guess that means no 1080p video recording on my RAZR, then.
Hi can we get support for our mobile it is called innos d9 tnx
Thanks +Michael Scott my xt912 currently thanks you every day. Hope the Nexus 5 comes to vzw and I will gladly leave my RAZR maxx forever. 
Can you make cynogenMod for gingerbread? =( especially for galaxy y
Thank you, +Michael Scott. You helped me breathe some new life into my Droid 3 and make it useful again, even if its just running Waze/Maps in my car.
Thank you so much +Michael Scott for all the hard work.  I love my RAZR since having CM10.2 on it.  It's been rock solid with very little issues.  Guess I'd better start looking for a new phone to upgrade to.  Any suggestions?
+Corey Smith I love my Moto X on Verizon. Can't ROM it yet. But it is just a matter of time. So far it hasn't needed it. 
Thanks for all the work that you did on the Droid 3 and Droid 4.  I really appreciate it and I believe I would have gotten rid of both of the devices long ago if it wasn't for your work and the hard work of the cyanogenmod community
Thanks for all the effort.  I haven't replaced my Bionic yet, because Running CM has made it unnecessary.  I was hoping to see future versions, but I want to thank you for breathing new life in the device, and I hope somebody picks up the gauntlet.  Do you know if dhacker29 will continue work on it?

 Thanks again, and go enjoy your family!
thank you from russian motocommunity
Thank you for your great work and your talent. Hope you will find time and possibility to finish cm 10.2 for Moto OMAP phones up to stable release. Wish you all the best to you and your family, and have still little hope that there appear a person who will continue your great achievements. 
Good day to you and greetings from Ukraine!
Much thanks +Michael Scott .  CM made my #XT912 great.  It was garbage with out it.  Wish it had made it to 4.2 stable before pulling the plug but I understand you have to stop somewhere.  Thanks again for all the great help!!!!
Thank you very much for all your work! My RAZR Maxx runs smoothly thanks to you! I will follow you and probably pick a phone you are working, im just sad cause I love my Maxx... 
Thank you for all your work, I recently got a Droid 4 because it was the newest phone that I actually liked. (I have to have a physical keyboard because on screen keyboards drive me crazy).

I hope someone else picks up these products as physical keyboard phones are a dying breed, and those of us who can't see ourselves without that feature will be holding onto these phones for a long time to come. (also, HDMI support would be nice)
I'm still seeing nightly's.  You rock +Michael Scott  or is there another I should recognize for this?
Hos much money u want to fix this problem? 
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