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We normally do not put personal posts on this page, as they can be complicated matters and usually do not pertain to CyanogenMod news. That said, something is affecting us in a way it really hasn’t affected us before, and it’s hitting very close to home.

Within CyanogenMod, we have dozens of maintainers and hundreds of contributors; none of whom are paid employees. Yes, we get donations, but despite the jokes of yachts, helicopters, and private planes, it is really just enough to cover operating costs for servers and hosting. Occasionally, there is enough leftover in the team account to buy a device for a developer. What we are getting at here is that CyanogenMod is not rich.

There are, however, times where we wish that we were a full fledged company. It’d be nice if CM could pay for some full-time positions or help out team members when they are in need. Currently, we are experiencing a painful reminder of this limitation.

A member has had a pretty serious problem fall into his lap. +Ryan Scott (aka ChiefzReloaded), a device maintainer, has a rare infection known as Necrotizing Fasciitis. This infection is caused by bacteria that eats skin, fat, and other tissue; it is literally a flesh-eating disease. Ryan is going through the treatments that he needs to keep him alive, but unfortunately, that treatment quickly becomes very expensive to deal with, and it is no exception for Ryan. This disease has placed an incredible strain on him and his family, including his young children. The CyanogenMod team would love to be able to hand out a fistful of cash and help out as much as possible.

Love from the Community
Some members of our community have started a few initiates to benefit Ryan and his family. As we are unable to help out financially, we would like to lend our support for these community initiatives, and help spread the word.

+Polo Heysquierdo has started an Indiegogo page for Ryan at This page has some more details on Ryan’s condition and a method for you to help the effort.

Additionally, a huge community favorite and someone who the CyanogenMod team loves, +Deth Becomes You has started an auction with proceeds aimed at helping out Ryan.

And last, but not least, you can send donations and words of support to Ryan directly via paypal.

We understand that not everyone can help, but even if you can’t, sending Ryan and his family some kind words and sharing this message will go equally as far.

Thank You,
The CyanogenMod Team
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Jack Holt
Once I get home I'll donate.

+Edit Done and Done. Although paypal was being a bitch and I had to mail it directly to his email address. Kick this disease's ass!
Dani C
that sucks guys, terrible news!! I send Ryan and his family tons of support and love, I will try to help as soon as possible!!
This is terrible news :( I'll try to support
Would be cheaper to send the guy to a country with health care....
Even if you can't donate because I understand that all of us cannot. PLEASE! PLEASE! reshare on any social media site you're able to to get more help for him.

More eyes = more help.
Yes, the healthcare situation in this country is broken. Therefore, if we are to call ourselves a "community", then we must support our fellow community members.
It's sad to hear the news.. I contributed whatever I could now, but I'll make sure I keep contributing whenever I can in coming weeks and months.. It's not that you all are great developers but most importantly we all are humans and is our humanity which makes us a strong community.. God bless you all.. 
This is America and this is what happens when you get sick and you don't have money :@
Many things to say but I won't. Hope he gets soon. Very sad only :(
I'll see what I can give after all the bills get taken out. This is why this community is so awesome!
I can't send much..but i think every piece counts..
Neither do I know Ryan nor do I use CM on any of my devices but I wanted to support him and his family. The company I work for just got a Clinical Phase I trial approved for a vaccine against Staph aureus enterotoxin B so I am somewhat familiar with one of the bugs that can cause NF. Hopefully soon there'll be a cure. 
I've just sent him an email. Hope it cheers him up.
Hope you get better soon, Ryan, me and my company are backing Cyanogenmod all the way!
I have had some interactions with +Ryan Scott through the gslate community, and he is a funny, helpful guy. So sorry to hear about his condition, will help in any way that I can. Hang in there bud.
Oh wow. Thank you so much guys. This post goes way beyond what I could have ever expected and I know I speak for the wife, our 6 year ol son, the 20 month old son, and our newborn baby girl, when I say "Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. We no longer will have to worry about sleeping in the suburban! Your gonna make my ass tear up lol" Anyway, thank you +CyanogenMod and the whole team for everything. You guys are the greatest, hands down. I <3 you guys.

P.S. +Koushik Dutta i really am extremely interested in being a CWM employee as i know just about all things CWM, could really use the job, and would like to earn the help i get for my family. Please take a sec to consider me, maybe speak it over with +Jef Oliver i am available 24/7, am very experienced on both end user and otherwise sides of things and i really think this would be the perfect opportunity for me. All is negotiable. Email me at if you have the slightest bit of interest or time to chat. I doubt you will find anyone more enthusiastic to take on the all negative public for you, but im ready lol. Thanks guys. This all means so much, you have no idea. Ty

Also, +Ander Webbs , if u have anything i could do for your help desk/market comment follow ups/customer help etc please let me know as well. You and i go back a few years and you have been an amazing friend. Thanks bro
Good luck, i hope you will recover. Donation is out!
I posted the indiegogo link on my FB after +1 this post! I'll be getting out a donation asaic! My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family!
I wish I could've donated more hope u get better soon man
I don't know how to cheer Ryan up, so I just donated at the Indiegogo page. I hope it helps a bit. I wish Ryan and his family good luck.
Donated. A touching story and terrible affliction. Shows how great the CyanogenMod community is... Please share people! 
Donated. Keep fighting the good fight of life Ryan!
donation sent. little money but i hopes it helps in one way or another. praying for you +Ryan Scott 
It's not much but I just donated the rest of my money from this month. I hope he'll get better soon.
I dont know you +Ryan Scott , but being someone who was on the family side of someone collapsing due to healthcare debt, I know how terrible it is for everyone involved.

If my donation can help relieve even a little stress for your loved ones so that they can spend more time with you, I have no problem with that.
my love n prayers for u n your family. 
Money will be donated as soon as I get my next paycheck 
The CM team and community has been so good to me, it's only fair I give back. Fuck disease. Hang in there +Ryan Scott 
Goog luck, mate! Keep on fighting it!
NF is devastating for all sides. You can easily lose limbs... And quite easily your life. Our thoughts go out to him. Donations coming as well. 
Made a small donation. Reading things like this make me incredibly grateful of the NHS
I hope he recovers after work donation is coming 
I'll try to do my bit by donating a bit too Ryan 
Couldn't do much but hope it helps 
Donated 20$ before i spend it on some other shit
Its jot often someone gets nf. I'm sorry I hope he overcomes this
Hope he pulls through with grace and speed 
I'm so sorry to hear that, this breaks my heart. As soon as Friday comes I'll donate. My heart goes out to +Ryan Scott and his family.
I added a donation! Good luck Ryan! Who cares about making more CyanogenMod, just get well so you can enjoy your family.
I wish I weren't a broke high school student, but I'm holding +Ryan Scott in my thoughts and wish you a successful recovery.
Still stuck at office, will donate when i'm home, hang in there buddy
I shared this post and hope there will be some people who can help out.  Until then all the best to Ryan and his family. I keep my fingers crossed, that there will be some help ! 
Condolences +Ryan Scott you work on a great product, with a great set of guys obviously. Consider the world as a solution travel abroad could be a good idea
Would love to help out when I can. Good luck with the initiatives and all the best.
Donation made. Great idea CM team.
Best wishes to Ryan and his family. Hope the best for him and his family... 
Never heard of CyanogenMod, but wish Ryan and his family all the best. Not religious, but will send him as much positive energy as possible.
Can I donate directly on some bank account? I refuse to use PayPal.
Thank you all. You have no idea how much this means to us! I don't have the words to express how much this means to us and our children <3
I don't even use CyanogenMod, but I'm in!
My donation is not, I repeat, NOT a bribe for the 10.1 M2 update on my d2vzw. ;)

All the best.
Really sorry to hear this +Ryan Scott , hope you get well soon. Best wishes for you and your family. Sadly I cant contribute as I dont have a PAN card(needed for donation for Indians).
Get well soon , without you all , where would we be ??
FFS, those are the times in which in wish I had PayPal or something similar. :-(
Only thing I can do is hope that he'll be alright.
I have a friend who had this. He is still alive and well. He is VERY lucky to be alive. They have no idea how he got it where he got it were it came from if air born or what ever. He had no accident or cuts. Just got it like that. Prayers and thoughts to him and family! 
Donated! Hey leechers! Put your money where your mouth is! These guys do AWESOME work. Let's help one of them out! 
+Marah Scott You are most welcome. We get so much benefit from CM10. This is the LEAST we can do.
Translated the message to Czech and sent it to local Android community. It's the least I could do (and sadly, pretty much the only thing at the moment...). Best of luck to you.
hey, so press can write better about this, could you let everyone know what he was the device maintainer for? Like "so and so, who was the device maintainers for CM on the HTC Blumfeld and Samsung Sasquatch, has medical woes..."
If I had i credit card I wuld do it, trust me. But I'm only 14 and I dont have a bank account. All i can do is hope for you Ryan that you will be alright.
get well soon bro. good luck to you an your family. I wish I could donate but just dont have it prayers to all of your family.
Prayer don't do Jack.If you are for real, send real help.
Leo Uribe
Ryan I am about to be deployed, but as soon as I get paid I will send some money your way. Soldier's salary is not a lot... But I am healthy and my family is looked after. We have an obligation to help whenever the opportunity presents itself. Good luck Ryan and I'll get some money your way. 
Horrible, I hope he gets better, I try and do something, definitely reposted.
Yaniv C
Only the best for Ryan! The best of wishes

Go ahead Ryan! You can do it, the community is with you
20 bucks sent! Thx for all your work
Kay K
Donated. Hope he doesn't lose the battle.
I will do what i can do to help. So i will check that site and see how i can donate. I really hope he will be good again. 
Donation is out. Get well, man!
How Dare You People Use This To Advance A Political Believe !!! But It's What I've Come To Expect ; From The Leftists !!!
Health Insurance shouldn't be such a huge hassle...
Shared with all my friend's. I'll spread the word for you guy's. I pray he gets the help he needs 
Wish him a recovery soon!
Just donated. Hope you'll get better soon!
Honestly I took the insurance comments as Obama destroying our health care. LOL
In any case this should not be a place for politics.
My mother has had lupus for years and the effects look similar. Horrible thing to have.
Lots of pain, stress and depression goes with this I am sure.
God bless and wishing you well my friend. 
People all over the world will help u...i'll help u!! god bless u, we'll pray for u! We love cyanogenmod and a small donation to help is a small part of the thx we must all toghether say to u for ur efforts ;) Keep fighting!
My heart goes to him and his family. Will try to donate. I pray that he recover. 
Ohno that's a horrible disease.

I send all my wishes to Ryan and his friends and family
you may be suffering but everyday I  will pray for you no one
should have to suffer this much anyway I can help let me no my heart bleeds for your recovering keep fighting it never give up 
Hey Ryan, my family and I are sending prayers up for a speedy recovery as well as prayers for your family during these very difficult times... Get well soon Bro...
Conklin Inc Est 1923
Be strong Ryan! Our prayers are with you.
I'll donate as soon as I get home and will include him in my daily thoughts and prayers. 
Done and done. Speedy, full recovery to him!
Thanks for all your contributions to the CyanogenMod project Ryan, it's very much appreciated. I wish you all the best. Every year I donate to a few organizations that aim to help people like you and others through tough times, so I hope somehow indirectly that gets around to you in some form. Take care.
Can't donate much, but I'll send what I can. Good luck to you, sir.
I've never owned a device that +Ryan Scott has maintained, but I've had CM on every Android device I've owned and my wife's Sensation so I couldn't not help a little.

My wife and I are emigrating from England to Australia in only 10 weeks so things are pretty tight right now but I've made a modest PayPal donation and I'll try to do it again when I get paid in two weeks.

+ryan I sincerely hope you beat this.
This should be no question at all. Support is on its was. Let us stick together for a good cause. 
I just contributed. I've seen so much crap related to medical care lately that I am more than happy to help out. Get well soon Ryan.
I have retweeted this if u can please donate!
I just wanna say since this post was made the fundraiser sat at $1,300 and now we're at $8k!

In matter of hours the fundraiser will meet its goal! I can not express to you how much help this has brought to Ryan and his family.

I could've never met this goal without +CyanogenMod 
hi, i just read this terrible news. I sent some money through scott family fund. Hope this will help him and his family to beat it. though brough to them.
you may also want to look into the prescription assistance programs offered by the major drug companies.  some of them are pretty good and will help with costs of long term treatments. 
how donate in china?blessing u
I had a bone eating infection in my leg when I was 12ish. Almost lost my leg due to it. So I know how brutal it can be. Will donate after I get paid this week. 
As a past user of CM, I can say that your work has been the one thing that I found the most alluring about the entire Android experience. Even as a very poor student, I will be sending a bit to help him out. I understand how important the work you do is, and I would like to respect that.
CMW team is one of the best developers, and I thank them and I hope that support them despite the difficulty of the case in Palestine, we love you because of your actions that benefit mankind
Wish you were in Canada bro.
+Polo Heysquierdo I've seen one program that helps with chemotherapy and some other long term treatments... Hopefully there's something that can help. 
Positive vibes all around. Shared this to my Facebook wall. Best of luck 
I thought Obama fixed that situation? 
email sent, donation made... we need guys like him to stick around.
I am just someone who really in to the phone's OS's. But If I had away to take this public, I'd really like to. With all of the people online putting their business out there as far as health is concern I'm sure that we could raise the correct amount of funds for him
David S. Man save the rhetoric this man's life is on the line this is not a political statement...
almost lost a friend to this a few year back, i dont have much to donate but its yours, get well soon mate and wear the chicken skin scars with pride of surviving rather the hide it away ;)
Donated.  I hope the doctors can help him.
i posted the message on my website as well.....Hopefully it makes a Difference
Terrible. Thought with Ryan and his family. Will try and help as much as I can. 
Donations have exceeded the goal! This community is FANTASTIC! 
will send what I can I hope its helps a little keep fighting!!!!!
LISTEN, If everyone who had the nerve to +1 this post had enough nerve to re-share this post, then, assuming a normal distribution through the theory of word-of-mouth, the +Ryan Scott outreach funds from the + community would be double what they are now. Pay it forward people
I survived necrotizing fasciitis. Almost had my leg amputated. Donations sent as well as prayers. 
I hope you get well soon. I sent a donation via PayPal its not much, but I wanted to help.
Currently running CyanogenMod on my galaxy nexus. I figured it's the least I can do. You have my support.
Has he tried using Manuka honey as a treatment? I have read about it being very effective against flesh eating bacteria like MRSA. Seriously, please consider this option!
Do you have a bitcoin address that people can donate to?
Just donated, along with both of my parents as well. I hope you get well soon.
Donations do not have to be large. If everybody donates atleast $5 it would create a major impact! Let's keep it coming. Best of luck. Donation on the way.
The fundraiser still has 85 days left if we can get him to 50k he can cover the majority of his costs and even give him a really good chance at beating this.
Might not be much, but I threw a 10 spot his way. My thoughts are with him and his family. 
Ryan scott+ i pray for your fast recovery.. u hv a lots of friends caring you...god bless u n ur family..
I feel for him, but honestly, given the chance, get on the first plane to a country with free health care and get it done with. He'll need tons of antibiotics and most likely surgery to remove necrotic tissue. Come to Portugal!
Every bit you ghouls add the brighter this community gets and the brighter the future for Ryan becomes. What an outstanding feeling it is to be a part of it. You should all stand tall and walk heads high. This. This is what it is about.
Donated! Best of luck to Ryan.
I hope the $20 I sent can help even just to pay for gasoline, I'm on a very limited income. God bless you. .
I don't know what it's like to be sick but my 1 month old daughter got quite sick during the holidays and it was really hard on the family. So my heart and thoughts go out to +Ryan and his family. I'll donate to your recovery as well. 
My cousin almost died from it, I will be helping wherever I can.
I don't normally post to G+ but for CM I'm happy to help out, just donated :)
I won't pray for you, I just made a small donation and hope someone else does the same!
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Its times like these I wish I had a credit card...I hope he gets better...
Donated. Get better and keep developing great things! 
I ddon't intentionally personal post personal pic, but overtime I take a pic with my phone it just automatic. I'm learning this new phone of my forgive me
Thanks to the CyanogenMod Team for everything....including this!  I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  Glad to DONATE to this "cause."  Least I can do after literally YEARS of using multiple Cyanogenmods, which have given me added enjoyment, tremendously improved device stability plus extended capabilities, as well as the immense SAVINGS (from upgrades to NEfW HARDWARE) by extending the usable life of my original G1, G2 and my current S3,   I know I am not alone in that sentiment.  Hell, the money I saved just keeping my original G1 running for so long using custom a2sd scripts w/32gb cL10 microsd card, ext4, Cupcake to Froyo cyanogenmod ROMs, etc., was pretty damn significant.  Glad to give back guys!!!

Best wishes to you Ryan and for your family as well.  Appreciate all your work and look forward to a LOT more from ya buddy!
I love CM and what the devs do for the community. I will donate this Friday, to show my appreciation for the whole CM team. Keep up the good work guys. 
My wife had the same thing on her arm a few years back and it was touch and go for a couple of days. Wishing all the best to Ryan and his family.
donated and get well soon my friend
Donated - I hope there's money left over so you can celebrate with a crate full of cold ones once the danger's passed.
I'm gonna donate once I get home. I'll push it to all my networks. wishing you the best. 
Omg I am so sorry. I didn't see the whole thing. I will try to help you guys
We have our own problems but we will try and help! Any donation is better than none! Best wishes!
I will do my part. I greatly benefited from cyanogenmod and like to help out. 
Get well soon. All the best to you and your family.
I just updated to CM10 last week. Donated. Wish you all the best.
My prayers are with him. And since you mentioned it CM SHOULD be a company and sell their product for a reasonable price. I'm sure most here would pay $10 for a subscription for a device's nightlies 
I will do my part to.Get well soon.
How do I stop it .I don't know it started.
People who are "sending" prayers.... How bout you actually help out and send a few bucks. Last time I checked, prayer doesn't cure flesh eating bacteria.
Beer money contributed, get well. Love your work. 
Big fan of CM here. Happily donated. Get well soon +Ryan Scott! Best wishes to you and your family. 
Ok i donated... considering the CM guys do the work not for profit and Ryan Scott has been rather unlucky recently, for me it was the right thing to do donate a few bucks... 
OojhxcllkklkiiixcchxuchhhuchhxhuvufD ouihhji&$^*9; 
20 to the indiegogo. Within five minutes of getting my N1 years ago I had voided the warranty and flashed CM. Thanks for the years of Android awesomeness.
hang on there Rayan and be strong buddy.. wishing u speedy recovery.. God bless u and ur family.. donation on the way.
this is a great community.. great people all around..
Thats horrible, my prayer go out to him and his fam.
Don,t cry over spiled milk,why didn,t buy health insurance for your employee,instead off guzzeling micro brew good luck
This is why CM and community driven projects are so freakin' awesome. In the end they are about the people within the community. Thanks for posting this. My best wishes to Ryan and his family.
Donated. I don't use CyanogenMod but I hate hearing about this guy being sick. I hope he is able to beat this! 
Ryan Scott is sick,therefore George W. Bush and the Republicans must pay for it...and take away their guns.Ban Jesus and the Bible....legalize marijuana....The gay community supports Ryan Scott therefore the Republicans are evil....

What did I miss from the liberal agenda?
Nope. The cm team can't even be bothered to look at my phone. Much less send me money to cover my bills. Don't beg and apply for emergency medicaid like everyone else.
God bless and wishing you the best in health and I will be praying for the best in love and health god bless.
Donación hecha desde Colombia. Good luck! CyanogenMod make me happy with my old smartphone. Thx a lot guys.
Donating when I get my check tomorrow. Thanks for all the hard work!
donated and shared, good luck to you!
Indiegogo already at 15609. Keep giving :-) 
Donated as I am enjoying hp touchpad. Hope that he can be healthy again. 
Ok, to the stupid morons fighting over politics, you do that after you put out the house fire, not while it's burning.
I don't care what side you're on, if you say anything other than "get well" or "I donated" you're shit. no there is no exception or explanation, you're just shit plain and simple. using someone's possible death for a political bickering instead of helping or remaining silent makes you shit. you do not fight at someone's sick bed or funeral. and yes fasciitis is that grave or worse, I just hope he overcomes this well, and I have special situation but I'll give what little I can to help.

p.s. if you feel offended, fuck off. help, remain silent or go away. 
Dear ryan
I know how it is when ur going through tough times don worry this will pass trust god he will help we r with u 
My thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family...
Just donated AND sent out healing prayers...that's the best combo ;)
Just now finished donating! Get well soon bro!
Donated! May it help him and his family get back on their feet.
Wow, how lucky can a guy get? Ryan, I hope everything ends up in your favor! Hang tough! Good luck!
we are a destructive nation .we do it with all the sh....t we eat.
God be with him and his family. Now is $16000 and more
Get well soon.
Thanks CM team.
Setup a monthly donation "box" one which people can see how much you have reached in between so donations can be guage and you can meet some kind of quota via donation
Best wishes to Ryan and his family... Very sad news /:
I will help when I can but Ryan will most definitely be remembered in my prayers and his family as well. May God bless! 
I don't know what is going on down there.
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Both my parent's phones are running cm 10.1 and it helped a lot to get them updated and with the update also got rid of the glitches they were having trouble with. I really appreciate cm and everything they do! I don't know if Ryan was one of the people who worked on a port for their phones but I'm definitely going to donate what I can spare as soon as I get up tomorrow and log on my computer! Broke college kid wish I could give more..
Donated. Thanks for all your efforts - Android wouldn't be the same without you.
I love seeing everyone get together for a great cause. +Ryan Scott, this illness doesn't stand the chance!

Sorry, to hear the news. I can't do anything expect praying. May God help him and his family through this. 
Many, many best wishes and prayers from me and my family to you and yours. Hoping for a speedy ass kicking of this disease and an even faster recovery. Just know you have lots of people behind you and caring for you.
stick in there.....and all the best in the world...x
May God be with you in God, he is your only hope! 
Unfortunately i can't donate, but i will share... I wish you strong mind from Czech Republic.
Donated. Best wishes to Ryan, his family and to all CM team. 
Donated.  Punch this disease in the face.
This is why countries must have a strong national insurance service.
Youtube for "Code Grey" at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, for a friend and comedian who went through that illness a couple of years ago, and made a festival show out of his success.  I hope your friend is as successful.

I'm donating now...
My first custom rom was CyanogenMod. I think that you do great job. I will donate as soon as possible.
My PayPal account sucks and doesn't work. Is there another way for the guy to receive donation? I m based outside the U.S...
Sent. Sorry to hear about that. Hope this goes well. Whilst it is wonderful that you guys do it for the love of it you should look at ways of getting money in (sponsors?, indiegogo?). 
I just got hired last week, I'll be sure to donate once I get my first paycheck!
I don't have the money, but my thoughts are there. :(
Just be positive,stop smell the flowers laugh your ass off if you want to win .be positive allways ,iam a winner ,& allways will be .that's all folks !!!
I'm am very sorry to hear of this I use cyanogen on any device I get my hands on that will boot it. I pray this man will be OK. May his family be strong for him and with him. This post has been repostededed.
Necrotizing Fasciitis, damn... That's a horrible disease, I knew a guy how got infected, says it hurt like nothing else
I would donate, but since I'm currently unemployed I'm a little shorthanded... But when I get some money around I'll make sure to donate
Hope he gets better
Donated even if I don't use Cyanogenmod directly
Not using CM at the moment, but have in the past and hope to in the future. Those who work on it make a personal gift to the likes of me. +Ryan Scott, thanks. We owed you anyway. Now's obviously the time to replay that debt. Good luck.
Wow good luck! Fight hard. KEEP TOGETHER you will get thru! Sending help when I can
Mike G
Even though he sold me a phone but never shipped it I'm donating. He's the best! (He did refund my phone purchase)
+Ryan Scott as much as I would like to say I have donated, I have not. At the moment every penny I can earn is accounted for, and me and my family are suffering with bills etc. Kinda sounds pathetic when a human beings life is in danger. Instead I have shared this throughout all my social media sites in the hope that someone who is more fortunate in the money department than myself will donate and/or share. Good luck mate hope you have a speedy recovery
Small donation sent (just sorry it couldn't be more), hope you beat this. 
Godspeed on getting better, Ryan. Thanks for all you've done for us.
+Catalin Siegling What an understanding person you are. There was no need for that comment at all. If you don't want to help,  then don't. Nasty comments help nobody. Who cares about your bloody phone? The man has a potentially fatal illness. I'd seriously have a word with yourself. 
Donation sent and campaign shared on Twitter and Google +. I hope you make a speedy recovery.
I'll donate when I get paid tomorrow. Keep fighting Ryan
I know medical funding is a huge topic in the USA, as it is here in the UK, but we come from totally different angles - reading a story drives home the difference because this kind of situation is so much rarer in Britain.
Hope you get better soon, and hope the extended CM userbase can help out.  I've used CM for several years, thanks for your help!
Best of luck to you and your family.
Best of luck, I hope you make it through. I pay for apps all the time yet Cyanogenmod, the most useful tool I have, is free. Had I had any money, I'd donate. It feels terrible that all I can offer is my kind words.
Whoops. Should have sent directly. Didn't realise ideiegogo would skim 4-9% from me.
+Bryan Revelle Why not? If someone needs help and you can I believe you should. Where someone lives seems to me to be irrelevant. The US does things their way, your country does things their way. Don't judge other people by your standards, cultures vary
donated, although not much as I'm still a student myself, hope it helps a little bit. 
+Bryan Revelle and +Eric Frock  karma is a bitch. he is a regular person who needs help, he has his own kids who needs help. if you can't help for which ever reason, you can keep silent. Remember, what goes around comes around. 
Hey guys, how many CM users are we? Around 3 million? So if each one of us donates 1 dollar, this guy in need would get 3 million dollars?
What if only 1 in 3 of us donated one dollar... that would be 1 million dollars for his treatment!
It could look like much (oh yeah, he’s a millionaire now...), but knowing how expensive it gets in hospitals in the US, it is not much, for sure...
All to say, lets donate what we can, even one single buck can help this guy. Yes, you may not know him personally, neither do I. But he works in CyanogenMod, and that makes him a bro of all of us in some way
+Ryan Scott,  I wish you:
- get healthy soon
- get millionaire (in the process or later)
- Port CM to many new devices for years to come (my new car in 5 or 10 years will need this stuff for sure)
All the best wishes man!
If you don't want to donate then don't. If you don't want to share you don't have to either. I understand that healthcare isn't the greatest in the U.S. and it would be nice to just hop a plane to another country to get great healthcare.

You don't have to do any of what we're asking you to do, but please don't come to a thread full of positive people trying to help a family and a good guy survive something that could eventually kill him.

I understand that everyone has a family of their own, I have one too. No one I'd making anyone throw wad full of money here.

This is all voluntarily. All the Devs from CM don't make a dime for their hard work.

The fact is even as we speak Ryan still is trying to find a way to contribute to CM even with his condition.

Just leave the thread be and let people help if they want to. Don't clutter up this post with negativity for the family who have posted here themselves to express thanks to everyone.

Our hearts go out to +Ryan Scott and his family, this is such terrible news :-( 
I am broken right now... but I donated anyway a little bit :)
i'm not too strong with kind words and stuff, so donated.
+Ryan Scott , just get better, man. please.
I am a long time Android community member and I will share the message and hope to donate.
+Ryan Scott wish u the best of luck and your family to stay strong. And remember everything will be okay.
I wish you the best and I'll keep you in my prayers. 
eventhough i haven't tried any cm mod i still wish him all the best and hope he recovers.
The cyanogenMod team does great work! I'd be glad to help out. Best wishes. 
Keep Fighting! We will support you and your family, Ryan!
Donated, will donate more next week.. Prayers sent for a speedy recovery! Thank you for posting! CM is an essential part of my life, I use it daily! I'm happy to donate to help anybody involved with it..
I am a non programmer and always feeling like I just take from this community. Thank you for bringing this issue up so that I could contribute in a real way and really be a part of it. Thanks to Ryan and his work and best wishes of health and happiness.
Eric is fishing for comments.. Never read the post or knows what CM is.. Please don't feed the troll..
College student here. I'll glady skip the next 5 hamburgers I would've eaten to help out. $5 sent.
+Eric Frock first of all +CyanogenMod isn't a company. They do not have employees. If you knew that then and actually paid attention to past posts made then you should know that they cannot financially help him.

This is a post to find help for a developer. Also he didn't beg I made the fundraiser for him because he didn't want to ask for help. So if you want to direct your ridiculous comments, direct them to me and not the family.

I am the one who set this up so he could receive the help he needs.

If you don't use CM then your comments aren't needed here.
Humanity is not a question of distance - I donated! best wishes from Germany :-)
If you actually looked at the indiegogo fundraiser and clicked on the hyperlinks to these pics and posts you're asking for you would've known about it.
+Eric Frock no one said it was a nonprofit fundraiser. You assume too much. I'm not begging you to do anything. You'd decided to make an ass of yourself on a thread to get comments in which you succeeded.

I love you +Eric Frock 
Is there a subscription service we could utilize for regular recurring donations? I'm thinking I could do without $20 a month for a while.
Sent via paypal so indiegogo doesn't take 4%.
Hey folks!  There is something strange going on with the post that it won't keep the expand open.  Can someone reprint the links on the comments.  I would like to donate.
I cant donate much, be, definitely, Get Well!!!
I really hope he gets better, it'll be hard but never should we lose hope! I already contributed to his family fund! Very little but at least i fell i'm part of a great community!
+Ryan Scott I'll donate as soon as I can, sharing this post to try to get more help. I'm not sure what to say, except that any developer is a kindhearted developer to do it for the good of the whole community without any kind of monetary compensation. I also agree with one of the above comments; not only amazing devs, amazing people. I'd like to add that maybe when a door is closed a window is opened, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family, I send nothing but positive thoughts, and although I may not know you I sincerely hope everything takes a turn for the better. 
Wow, +Eric Frock. Are you trying to be dense? This entire event has been fully documented and readily available for anyone to read. Whether you believe that donating to a dev is right or not is not something that needs to be debated at the moment. Claiming CM's motives improper is especially insensitive. You have your beliefs, fine. Let others help unhindered.


Ryan, the best of luck to you in your battle. I'll see what I can do to send something your way.
Done. $5 is not much at all, but I hope it helps a little
Jan W.
A troll +Eric Frock is in need of comments. Do not feed the troll! 
Sounds like a scam.....where does Ryan live? In Nigeria? 
No need to keep mentioning people and feeding into it. Just keep the thread going and help if you guys can.
more than happy to help, hope everything goes okay man
Wow the level of troll in some ppl is just ridiculous. Anyways as one family man to another I made a donation. Not much but any little helps right. Will definitely contribute further down the road when I can.
Best Wish to Ryan. Hoping that he can get well.
I suggest flagging negative posts as inappropriate.
Get well soon! All the best from Germany. Donation is on the way. 
Added a little into the pot... great to see the community pull together to help one of their own!  Makes you happy to know that there is still some good in this world... nice work people :)
1) Donated
2) Shared on social Media
3) Wrote an blog post on my android related website
4) Will donate again when I can
Donated and shared....Hope it will help
How have I not seen this in what's hot? +3477 and 1700 reshares? I suppose I can still have a little bit of faith in Humanity's goodwill.
I have donated and re-shared the post. I am so sorry to hear this. It was not much, as I am not wealthy, but I figured "WOW, him and his family need this more than I do". I plan to donate a little more come payday. Good luck and I really hope you do get well and soon.
Already share this. I wish i could help in a better way.
just donated, hope you and your family will be alright... I have a little daughter myself and can't even imagine what you are going through. keep the faith.
support and donated. good luck.
+Ryan Scott I know that you're pissed at him and sometimes, I do the same thing as you to people like him, but know that you're better than him. He will someday get his payment trust me and besides insteed of thinking about him think about all the other people who love a developer building one of the best ROM's in the world for them and even give it for FREE! So some of us want to give the favour back, by giving you the help you need :D. And sorry if I can't donate I'm only 17 and don't have that much money :/
Oh. I made such a terrible mistake. I commented without reading the post.
Im very sorry.
You. Will be ok, i believe. Fight with this shit. We will stand with you.
If want the fool like me to stand with you.
We all wishes you best!!! Ryan haters gonna hate. Stand still bro!!! You'll be out of this in a blink!
Good luck, man. I live with horrible health problems and pain on a daily basis. I hope things get better with you and your family.
Keep up the good mentality, it's good for your health. We're pulling for you.
God, so much need of help, everywhere. Best wishes man.
Donated! I wish him the best. Heartbreaking. :/
+Ryan Scott Hey man, I currently cant donate to you. But I am studying biology here in Regensburg, Germany. Is your treatment working, as it should? If not, I could ask some microbiologists for alternative methods of treatment, if you want to. Dont hesitate to PM me. Hope you get well soon and I ll donate ASAP! Best wishes!
+Ryan Scott +Eric Frock I had to go back and read the thread after I read Ryans rant. I must say Eric, you are an absolute cunt and an excuse for a human being. There is plenty of information and pictures attesting to the legitimacy of his condition. I don't know this kid and I really can't explain the sadness at feel and I simply can't seem to fathom the garbage that you spew. 
+Ryan Scott please do not let this jackass get to you. Right now you need to focus on one person, just you. I think the outpouring of the general community definitely outweighs the negativity of this one individual. I am hoping this ailment does get stopped soon and you are able to recover. Your family needs you. I donate before, but I will do so again.
Get well soon, I'm paying for you and your family. I will help when I get some money together.
Thank you all.... From the bottom of my heart and soul. You not only saved my life, but you helped save that of my family which means everything. I will forever be in your debt. Ty
Mike G
Are you in remission
Mike G
Are you better
Most likely you need to find the APN for that carrier and manually get the info in. Then choose that APN and reboot the phone. Should be good after that. You may have to do more than one mms and one for internet. If you need more help, send me a me message at and i will personally help walk you through things if that is the issue. Hope it helps bro. 
So how is +Ryan Scott doing? I know it's been a while was just wondering how he is doing lately? Hope he is better, really do! My prayers are with him and his family. God bless!
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