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Advanced Reboot

We’ve just merged a patch into the 10.1 code branch that alters the way advanced reboot options are presented to you as an end user. As of the next nightly, by default you will no longer see the sub-actions for ‘Recovery’ and ‘Bootloader’ when selecting ‘Reboot’ from the power menu. 

To re-enable those sub-actions in your power menu, you will now find an ‘Advanced Reboot’ setting in ‘Developer Settings’. As a note, even when enabled, you will not see the sub-actions in the reboot menu until the device is unlocked; the sub-actions will never be available via the lockscreen. 

This change should mitigate accidents when children or others use the device, and put up an obstacle for pranksters or more unscrupulous persons from wiping your data to access the device; they must know the hardware key combination to get to recovery. At the same time, the option to re-enable this sub-menu should appease power-users and the like for flashing and backups. With the widespread use of CMUpdater and other GUIs for flashing, we recommend that most leave this option off for that added layer of protection. 
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+Jose Romero I thought so too at first sight, but then I re-read this post. It actually makes a lot of sense. Why would you have to reboot into recovery while your device is locked?
Can Altas
A good feature would be pin code lock for apps and functions like reboot..
As stated before, there is only so much we can do until we establish a good and reliable method for securing Recovery. Until such time, we will make decisions in pursuit of application and data security to the best of our ability. 
Nice addition, one of many recently leading to acceptance that users of different technical sawyness are more and more embracing this great ROM.

Keep up the good work and direction :)
Incredible idea, glad to be moving forward to help eliminate security concerns. There is little too no reason it should be accessible in front of the pin lock anyways
Nice! For me, there is just one use case for booting into recovery... It's flashing a new rom! And there adb reboot recovery is all I need... Otherwise use rom manager... :-) 
Rob M.
Great idea, and even greater idea to notify the masses. Would have been many more "bug reports" tomorrow otherwise.
when will the #epicmtd  (Samsung Epic 4g) reach 10.1? Its still pushing out 10.0 Nightlies on a weekly basis. 
So no more calls from mom asking what's this weird screen I'm in?
On the phone trying to walk an old lady through hboot menu:  good times!

Yes, I'm that guy who put Cyanogenmod on his mom's phones and nook color because it's that much better than stock without all the carrier crapware and spyware.
I wondered about this but then I thought, why would I be concerned with this when I am on slide to unlock anyway
It makes sense to me. We should all view this as a sign of cm getting more mainstream, which is good, but it's even more important that they provide the advanced mode to change it back.

Users who have sons or friends install cm "because it's better" will be fine with the defaults. For us, it's a matter of 30 seconds to change it back again. I think it's an overall win as long as cm never takes out the advanced options. 
They will drag you out in the street and hang you for asking about ETAs.  You might as well have typed "laksdlkasjdlasjkdlkasdjakld" you will get the same response lol.
What is the scope in changing the key combination to the recovery at startup or is this hard coded into a chip?... Just throwing it out there never seen it done ha :) 
I think this update is also tagged with "tap build 7times for Dev options" which is good
Thanks team you guys are the best 
Advanced Robot? Sorry misread Advanced Reboot.
This doesn't prevent anyone from powering the device and doing a "volume down + power" to get to recovery. Or am I missing something?
+Rafal Blaszkiewicz exactly my thinking. Security by obscurity... But I suppose every little helps. People should beware of false sense of security :)
Hey Boris - send 'em $200 or donate some servers for compiling on there, or do anything for our awesome CM dev guys to make them think you're worth making up an ETA for, and maybe they'll tell you.

Seriously, why haven't people figured out that asking for an ETA on free software just makes you look like a fool?
Paul W.
Totally off topic, but I still want the ability to answer to loud speaker. 
I haven't been able to update to the last two nightlys on my HTC One S...don't know why, just saying. Still using your ROM and its awesome
This is great. I was worried about things that could happen.
Geezes why do people use these posts as an opportunity to ask for ETAs? Like it's going to be different than the forums. **face palm**
Ye...great idea guys. lol. Thank you kindly. :)
Great idea and perfect balance between power users and casual users. Like many other have said, if we could somehow make an actual PIN be required for entering recovery, that would further secure it. Thanks for the great ROM, +CyanogenMod 
Surely just enabling encryption and using a recovery that can decrypt is the best method of protection. 
Awesome. I was wondering why this wasn't already a feature. 
Thinking of me. See +CyanogenMod cares, that is why they are the best!! Well my opinion at least!!
The built in CM updater doesn't work. Anybody know how to manually upgrade to a newer 10.1 nightly using Recovery? I already have the zip.
Is there any way to disable the power menu completely while the phone is locked? If not, is there any argument against implementing such an option (I would implement it if there is a chance that it gets accepted) 
So i am running a CM 10.1-20130218 nighlty on my SGS3 at the moment. I dont have no developer options in the system menu. Are they hidden somewhere?
+Christian Morlok This doesn't make any sense. Imagine the lock screen is somehow broken and you need to reboot but have no removable battery. And then?
It's amazing that people without removable batteries don't realize there is a hardware-level reboot when you hold down the power button for 15 seconds or so.  It's also on practically every Android tablet.
good idea! So when will i9300(international) cm10.1 stable come out?
This is so weird. Just the other day I was thinking about the possibility of adding a security feature for rooted phones, a password for the recovery of every phone in particular. This is awesome!
I dont find developer settings in my nexus s, I use latest nightly.
This is a really good addition, now I'm only hoping for a way to remove the extra lock screens besides just the clock on my d2
+Jose Romero just flash the .zip file in recovery and when you're done you wipe cache and dalvik cache.
Hi. Just wondering if the ota updates are cumulative of all the patches before it.
+CyanogenMod Can someone please explain to me why the power button is triggered from the lock screen ? Isn't the lock screen supposed to prevent accidentals ?
+Joseph Hartley Do you know if this will wipe my data? And do you do the wipe after or before you flash? Thanks 
Seriousl +Alex Logan? You need to boot into recovery from the lock screen daily?  I suspect you're overacting a bit. This is an excellent update and will prevent curious fingers from getting into recovery.
Nice add ! Hey what do you guys think about the Ubuntu OS that's coming out ? I'm hesitating whether to flash it or not come thursday. I feel like I will be betraying Android and CM.
I wouldn't advise using cmupdater for regular flashing. It does not check the MD5 of the downloaded file, so you can flash it and end up hosed, having to restore from backup.

Ideally you should make a CWM Recovery backup before flashing, every time (for the reason above, amongst others), and cmupdater doesn't let you do that, either.

Manually flashing seems safer... after using cmupdater to download, and manually checking the MD5.
thanks that's most odd; I got caught out a week or two ago - N7000 CM10.1 - with a nightly downloaded via cmupdater, that froze on flashing.

Subsequent checking showed that it was the correct size, but the wrong MD5.

the download page only shows the MD5 sum, so harder to check the SHA1...
how about an option to disable the terrible 4.2 crt effect without having to turn off every other animation. In cm9 (ics) there was a toggle for screen off animation.
The blog presents this change as a security feature. In that same spirit, shouldn't recoveries be password-lockable?
Finding out the key combo to boot into recovery isn't exactly difficult these days.
I'm receiving notices about 10.1 nightlies on my HTC One S, should these be fully compatible and install? I ask because I flashed one and the phone wouldn't load up. Should I have flashed a new boot image?
In the latest nightly, and without activating the advanced reboot option, when I select Reboot from the power menu, it displays "your phone is going to shutdown (Cancel/OK) !!!
I can't find how to turn the option back to restart in recovery mode on my I9300.. anyone can help?? thx
+CyanogenMod I don't have this option on my i9300 cm10.1 android 4.2.2 build 2013-02-19 nightly ‘Advanced Reboot’ setting in ‘Developer Settings’.. Can you help me?
+CyanogenMod I got it this way: I opened Terminal Emulator with Super User permition and went to \system\bin\ and used the command line "reboot -n recovery" and the device rebooted in recovery mode.. 
Why you do not make a password for recovery mode?
+Fabiano Pereira if you have ROM manager installed you could just leave the reboot options unavailable and use it to reboot to recovery. It's (ostensibly) the safer option anyway.
ROM Manager doesn't do much for you if you're on stock (i.e. CM) CWM Recovery does it? Or is that just on my device? So why would you have it installed?
+Joey Ezechiëls I don't know why I don't have Developer option on my config settings... so I found this way to reboot into recovery
I have just installed the for the Galaxy S, and I can't find the ‘Developer Settings’. so I can't also see the Advanced Reboot’ option to enabler the boot to recovery.
How do I do that?
+Fabiano Pereira and +Sharon Gavrielov developer settings are disabled by default in JB. You can enable them by navigating to settings -> "about phone" and then tapping "build number" 7 times. That said, if you don't fully know what you're doing you're probably better off leaving it disabled. 
as said above:
developer settings are disabled by default in JB. You can enable them by navigating to settings -> "about phone" and then tapping "build number" 7 times. 
cannot find the ‘Developer Settings’ on my nexus s using 10.1-20130224-Nightly-crespo
I used Clockworkmod to flash to 10.1 on an SGS. There is no Developer settings, much less an Advanced reboot. So I ticked Settings/System/Power menu/Reboot menu. How do I get to Recovery?
+TRENT PALMER too funny. I'm that guy, too lol. And know exactly the dilemma you've described. "...It somehow got into a screen with big buttons that said wipe and install and something else...". Got my mom a gnex and put CNA on it right away. 
From my personal point of view guys, the option should remain by default... I was thinking how can I flash the gapps without recovery... I was worried of this lack of functionality. Nevertheless, thanks for the explanation.
 I install myself the ROM, and i am the end user... having recovery option for flashing a newer ROM or the gapps, is not an "only developper" option from my point of view....
+Christopher Roman-Tuttle
in settings,  device information,  push seven times on the build number (the last information a the bottom of this menu), a message should appear that tell that dvelopper options are unblocked.
I have checked the "Advanced Reboot" option in Developer Options, but the power button still reboots my phone. Am I missing something?
in settings,  device information,  push seven times on the build number (the last information a the bottom of this menu), a message should appear that tell that dvelopper options are unblocked.
Yep, I already did that, then I checked the Advanced Reboot option, but it still just reboots my phone instead.
I never knew about this for 2 months D: i thought it was CMs attempt to appear as close to stock as possible. Only today, more than 2 months later have i found out about the reason and how to get it back...
its not there on android 5.0 yet that i see  for s5
Sir i formated full sd card and phone also now what to do kindly help. thanks in advance.
Excellent work mate!!!!!!!
Thanks for all your efforts to rid the world of conforming!!!!! LOL
Happy to contribute and would  like on the others...especially VZbuilds when I have time...I've got and probably releasing a kick ass ROM and I would love the support of the XDA community and ideally pass along any desireable features and source to other builds. to work on my Eddystone meets...well..., it's good but it's beacon-ware not hobby mobile ROMS builds and only have room for my job and half of one lol PM me if any devs are interested in taking a look. I'm a SE, mostly emp'd on frontend and ux.
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