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+Chris Soyars and +Koushik Dutta gave a face-lift recently. Go check it out!
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like +Ryad El-Dajani sayd, the ICS nightlys for the i9000 are a far more better news than the facelifting (which, btw, looks nice!)
Nice! Waiting on the official P990 CM9 as well.
HP Touchpad is down as Tenderloin yes?
User friendly UI... works like a charm. Good work!
Where Nightlys of ZTE Blade. I'm using 20120226 build but i don't see even this build.
RC hangs and reboots 2-3 times per day(i didn't make full wipe, so may be this causing hangs, don't have free time to customize clean phone again)
Anyway, great work. Thanks.
Love the rebase to 4.0.4 on the maguro! So much faster now! Thanks for your work
Still waiting for some "Bionic" love.
It must be extremely aggravating to the good folks behind CM that every time they post some news, no matter what it's about, 90% of the comments are "where's CM[X] for my [device]!!!1." Are you people ever satisfied? I wouldn't be surprised if they stop making announcements because they're sick to death of the idiotic, off topic, selfish comments.

Here's a thought. Next time you have the urge to blurt out "where's CM for my device!!!!1", head on over to and donate a US dollar. That would actually be useful.
I tried to flash the p4wifi on my I/O galaxy tab and it is once again failing because of an assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "p4wifi" || getprop("") == "p4wifi". Any solutions?
I found the 7.2RC1 for my cdma_shadow elsewhere, but it's not on this list...oversight? Any more builds for it, or is it EOL?
Nice. Can't wait to see the Acer A500 on that list! I'll be patient ...
what is the difference between Experimental Mod & Nightly Builds?? i have a captivate!! and i have installed CM7.1.0 can you guys recomend to me install this:
+Benjamin Gwynn Thanks for the help...I appreciate that we are a part of a community that are willing to help each other out in having a successful experience using these great products put out by the CM team.
good work indeed, clean and easy =]
Will Droid X ever see gingerbread kernel in the nightlies or will always be froyo?
Awesome new interface :)
The torrent download is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST! :D
I'm happy as is, but would it be possible to add Usenet downloads as well?
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