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i9500 Bring-up Status update


Not Working:
Signal strength

Working but Poorly:

Source available for those who'd like to help out!

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Obligatory "When will this come to my i9100" ;)
"Obligatory "When will this come to my i9100" ;)" When its good and ready jesus
I didn't expect you guys could do it that fast. You are geniuses!!! 
Something wrong in the comments if I am reading the subject right. 
What does audio/media mean? 
CM is definitely not supporting the S4, lol^^
+Ali Bozaid The media HAL is probably broken for now, so this means no audio & video decoding (none of the* APIs will work)
You guys asking for eta's should check xda. I am running it flawless on my nexus 4 and my Verizon gs4 
CM team is amazing.

If the new nexus 10 gets a Exynos 5420 would that maybe help devs with other older Eynos 5 devices?
+Steven Haigh I considered that, still it was poor taste considering how much those sorts of questions get asked
Is i9505 getting the same treatment?
So what. Get the nexus devices released already. 
wu wang
Oh. Great!could you tell us the time we can use the first nightly rom for i9500?
RIL is working, audio is having terrible noise. If they are using Exynos4 RIL as Ethan pointed, then it will not take long to fix....Give or take one week for Experimental build
great, basic function are working now, look forward a perfect version.
Omg. Donating Nowwwwwwwwww. Thanks A Million. I Swear I Lost All Hope for my i9500. Who's currently building this +CyanogenMod
Exciting! I've been searching for the quick settings tile camera, has the development for this been abandoned?
nice 9500 yeaaa   whit Cmod
Bring it on! My i9500 been waiting too long for CM.
Would this be compatible with the Korean version Galaxy S4?
Not snap. Octa. We have two versions in Korea. One with octa on LTE and the other with snap800 on LTE-A. I'm talkin about the prior.
+Euihyun Kim Can you specify the exact phone model number?
Also - Is it the Exynos 5410 Octa? (pay attention to the 5410 number)
I lost all hope before i saw this. Can't wait to get it on my i9500
SHV-E300K. And yes ofcourse...;; I heard there is only one kind of Exy Octa out right now which is the 5410 (next gen would be 5420). The machine itself is the mostly the same. What I am asking is whether would it be compatible just by applying it to Korean versions which has Korean?! based broadbands and everything. Or should it need further modifications to be flashed.
I googled... it's mostly the same but different. As far as I know they have diff communication module and sound chipset and some other hardware differences (Kor ver. Has DMB) Hm... So it may be hard to be applied directly without modifications. Ain't I Right?
+Euihyun Kim Said, There is two versions of Galaxy S4 in Korea. One is built with Exynos 5410 named SHV-E300S, and the other is built with Snapdragon 800 named SHV-E330S. I built with this source code which are device source, and kernel source, and flashed on SHV-E300S. It doesn't work sounds, and miss baseband. I think SHV-E300S needs to modify ramdisk, and SHV-E330S needs to port.
정민씨. I use shv-e300k which is the KT version. Is it different to the SKT model that you are working on?
Good News!
I'm looking forward to the release of the official version.
+임정민 혹시나 했는데 역시나 토이군이셨군요 ㅎㅎ 맘같아선 donation(기부 in Korean :)도 해드리고 싶은...ㅋ 진전되는대로 디벨로이드에 소식 부탁드려요!ㅎ
+Nyck Ochoa Robles Funny question lol! Yes there is. But we commonly use the word donation just like as many countries use Bus, Taxi or Banana as a common word even though they are English based words.
well boys and when it leaves???
wow! cant belive you guys are actually doing it
cant wait :D
 cant belive you guys are actually doing it,for SHV-E330S.
is cyanogenmod releasing for samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 officially
tell me plzzzz
yeah, please give more information about working with the octa versions of s4!! we're not making u become hurry, just want any information
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