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From the DevRel Stash Round #2: Even more devices

We said we'd be back with more, so here are the new devices merged in today. 

Barnes and Noble:
Nook HD (hummingbird)
Nook HD+ (ovation)

Verizon Note LTE (i925)

All three devices have 10.1 and 10.2 branches created in our Github. 

+Jef Oliver is making his way through the backlog, so we'll likely have a few more next week as well. 
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Scott S
They will get right on that Can....
+Ani Ravi The mergers from Developer Relations (DevRel) are contributions to CM from the community. It is one of our principal ways of finding new maintainers and folks to work with. In truth, these devices have been released as unofficial forks for a while, this process just brings those folks under the CM fold. 
Does anyone know when there will be nightlies for the new 2013 Nexus 7?
Already running unofficial 10.2 for p3100 :) 
What do you call a Nook HD+ held upright on a flat surface? A 'standing ovation'.
I hope the other optimus g variants get official status soon. E970/971/973 are identical except for external storage and led colors so it should be trivial to release one build for all 3...
+Thomas Thompson Because the CM team repeatedly asks people not to make device/eta requests, yet nearly every CM-related post is flooded with "[device] PLS!!!1!!ONE!!ELEVEN" or "when will [device] get [release/feature]?!?!?". There's so much unnecessary noise that it interferes with actual communication. Seeing it so often just makes me feel a little bad for the CM team and a little sad for the community as a whole. That's all.
+Benjamin Morris Don't be. We all are numb to the requests. Just ignore it and carry on with the actual worthy discussions
+Abhisek Devkota  ^ Prime example. We all know everyone is eagerly waiting for their device's build. Just more noise. But yeah, I generally just gloss over them looking for more meaningful information/conversation.
+Abhisek Devkota, a little question, just for curiosity :)

my brother has a "tass", which officially has support only for CM7, and yet it runs 10.1 quite flawlessly.

do you have any clue if the dev has ever requested for 10.1 branch inclusion of the device?
+Daniele Pantaleo That won't happen, and its not due to the dev. 

We made a line in the sand, 512mb RAM minimum and no support for msm 7227 (first gen snapdragon). We are aware people can run ICS or higher on those devices, but we feel the experience is lacking and prone to issues we choose not to deal with. It's under this same premise that the Nexus 1 is not supported. 
Something for Allwiner A10? 1 Ghz and Mali 400? A lot of chinese/cheap tablets have them, and run 4.0.4 very good ...
So glad the Ovation is getting an official release. A steal of a tablet. Tasty tasty goodness.
I am so flashing this as soon as it's ready for my s4 us cell
No matter how many times a device is asked for, we won't support it until a developer in the community makes it work and submits it for review for inclusion into CM. So instead of asking for it here, go troll XDA and get someone to actually do something.
To be clear I wasn't asking, just being a goofball as usual. True that people need to stop asking for support for their device. Unfortunately for every person that you tell not to ask, there will be 10 others waiting to post the question. 
excellent! nook HD+ is the best thing going right now for the money, and now that cm goes official for it, its even hotter:) is there ETA?
If there been one for N900, then I may have tried it.
Wow, all this chatter, and no props to the dude on XDA who actually made this possible? Way to go Verygreen@XDA!!
Can you build cm10 for the Samsung Galaxy Rush
^ Lol see what I mean? On top of that, people literally don't read one let alone a few posts ahead of their own. 
+Soner Mulder  S3 is not supported yet and +CyanogenMod  won't provide a list of devices that will get 10.2 because there isn't one and won't be one. The list that I gave you is it. Plus, you do realize that the work on 10.2 has just barely started right?
+Jose Martinez I know, but there is a list of unsupported devices. And they are working on lots of devices right now so it isn't an strange thought that there was a list out there right? 
+Soner Mulder  Don't expect +CyanogenMod to provide that list. There is a reason they are called UNSUPPORTED
Sure some developers that do CM work might be working on unofficial builds but due to the keyword "unsupported" CM won't comment or list them in any way. (As far as I know)
Plus +CyanogenMod does not provide ETAs or any kind or future support device list. If there is a list CM isn't maintaining it.
Please add Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sprint
from CyanogenMod to users like: +Thomas Vaccarini +Ogheneruona Agori-Iwe +Tsoomo Tsolmon

Will you please support [insert device here] / When will [insert device here] get CM?

The answer here is a simple ‘No’ and 'Never'. The CM developers and maintainers are very busy supporting the current load of devices. They are not going to commit to adding more. So, the best way of getting a new device supported is by maintaining it yourself, or getting an outside developer to maintain it. Once there is a working unofficial build, the maintainer can submit it to CM for inclusion.
+Jose Martinez I was only asking because I was under the impression more devices were being added. I hadn't read up and actually I'm rather new to all this I didn't know what it entailed. to be fair the statement said more would be added. I think that's why ppl keep asking if their devices will be added or if they can be.
Btw that wasn't my answer. It's the official response from CM. The point is to spread the word until most if not all understand not to ask these questions to avoid clogging up threads and posts. 
Lol +Tsoomo Tsolmon the point is don't bother asking because your requests/ questions on whether your device will be supported won't be answered. 
Thank you for telling us the article was helpful.
Hooray! Didn't think that Nook HD/HD+ would ever be added to CM.

Thanks guys!
Will these devices be seeing a kitkat upgrade?
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