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Manta Nightly

The first Nexus 10 (manta) nightly hit the mirrors today.

More devices will be coming relatively soon, as +Steve Kondik mentioned in the d2tmo thread "just a few more days of work left and I expect we'll have nightlies going for all the D2s. 4.2 is super smooth." The rest, as their platforms and chipsets come up to speed, will join the fun. 

but that won't stop you from asking anyways...
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OK, don't ask ... don't ask...  :o)  Thanks for all you do.
6 comments now & no one has asked about their device? I'm impressed!
I don't ask cause I'm sure you'll remember Nexus S ,,, ops ! :-)
cant wait for D2SPR! Hope bluetooth audio is working fine again
Tom Br
what are D2s?
Quick question: Do you guys take any of the code from HTCs kernels to support some of their features? (E.g. imagesense)
Yay, looking forward to give my Nexus 7 some CM love
Ok, probably a silly question: CM10 for Nexus 10 means android 4.1.2? 4.2 is supposed to be CM10.1, right? 
Why are the builds not named cm-10.1-2012... for 4.2?
Hence my question eaerlier, is CM10 for Nexus 10 android 4.1.2 or 4,2?
was the d2 thread on xda?
D2s are galaxy s3s right ? If they are I love mine
Pleeease let me know when you release comething cool for the Sony Xperia S (LT26)
Ok, cool, that was the only thing holding me back from installing, didnt want to go back to 4.1.
Does anyone else has some sound issues with the nexus 10 and CM10.1?
@Gwaihir WindLord, you're being unfair: they have two brand new devices (Nexus 4 and Nexus 10) plus a relatively new one (Nexus 7) on which they can work. Moreover they may have nailed the right ROM for the SII, which is one of the most sold smartphones ever and they haven't forgotten the Nesus S. Since Android 4.2 is no Copernican revolution nor a major overhaul you could just flash a CM10 ROM and the 4.2 Google Apps, cutting the CM guys some slack in the process.
+Carlos Lara  I've read otherwise on an Italian website dedicated to Android. Should they have been wrong, then we could resort to waiting. It's not about the results, it's about the process leading to them.
Having similar sound issues. I'm sure it'll be sorted out soon, but everything else is bomb-diggity!
Yay for D2's!!!! Lol can't wait for 4.2 for d2att!
Atin M
Next build fixes audio issue with missing blob.
Audio is fixed in the current (ea8f9df18a23d76242ca60458eda52c9) and future nightlies :)   First build lacked a blob.
Just asking, but have I missed an update to 4.2 for GNex of Verizon. Not asking for timeframe, just making sure it isn't out there because I can't find ANY news.
You think there will be a release for the galaxy s2? After Samsungs exynos code bullshit? 
Atin M
Funny how every device announcement leads to "what about <insert favorite phone>?"

Maybe people don't understand that CyanogenMod is a big team with tens of developers working independently on different devices so the fact that one device is getting worked on means nothing about another device as it will most probably not be the same developer doing work on both.

There isn't a hierarchical setup where a manager is prioritizing devices and the developers are then working on the devices assigned to them as might happen in a for profit organization (we don't get paid enough for that!). In CyanogenMod, each developer picks for him/her self which device they want to work on (which frequently just means the devices they actually own), and though we try to stay relatively in sync as far as release numbers/versions go, some devices are just that much harder than others (e.g. Galaxy S2) where they get out of sync, fall by the wayside, etc.

Asking about devices that weren't mentioned in a post/tweet etc is mostly useless as the device maintainer for the device you care about doesn't see it as s/he is most probably busy working on the device (or not, in which case it is even more useless!).
Still waiting on CM for my toaster :/
+Atin M "Maybe people don't understand that CyanogenMod is a big team with tens of developers working independently..."

Of course people don't know this - how would they? I certainly didn't. There is one face on this group of developers, and it's "Cyanogenmod". Frankly, the only comments I find more annoying than the "When will my device be supported?" comments are they "I wish people wouldn't keep asking about their devices" comments. People have questions, and this is the natural place to ask. If you have no answers, simply ignore the Google does. :-)
+Dennis Rice not to stir the pot, but our structure is not a secret. The topic has even been covered on the Q&A we did here on G+, our video conferences with Marakana, conferences and speeches our members do around the world (DroidCon, BigAndroidBBQ, etc). 

Additionally, the source contains our contributors list and our wiki has (which is also linked via this G+ page's 'about' section). 

All that said, you are correct: both the requests for device additions and the rebuttals from people who do get it amount to the same thing, noise. 
+Abhisek Devkota For sure, the information is there - I'm slowly starting to understand how this all works. (Using my second rom, and planning to donate once I get around to setting up an account.)

My point was only that it shouldn't be assumed that most people understand how this all works, and crapping on those who ask innocent questions certainly doesn't build the type of community spirit you're striving for.

Keep up the good work!
+Dennis Rice and that's why I'm a proponent of "developers should not talk to the end users" philosophy xD 

Thanks for the compliment
Atin M
+Dennis Rice I actually wrote that to educate the people who are reading this post as I am the one working on manta with +Jason Parker and so figured it would be "my" users I might be talking to. Hopefully, the set up of the team is clearer to the ones who did read. And +Abhisek Devkota is right - developers should stay out of harms way at all times ;-)
Fingers crossed that saving photos (or anything) to microSD is fixed for D2ATT in 10.1
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