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CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies

Not sure we'd classify the smell as an "oily clutch", but to each their own. Smells like CPU fans to us. 

Tonight, we are not building for every device we support - there are always some stragglers. The rest will come when they are given the green light and that will happen when they are ready.

Update your third party addons. Don't complain if you break your build by flashing incompatible (ie 4.2) zips on top of CM. 

These are nightlies - meaning no bug reports.

+Koushik Dutta has fired off a batch of recovery builds as well, so updated/new CWM recoveries will be available tonight as well ( 

As these builds are in progress (and some may fail) a full 10.2 build roster will be posted later. 
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Let the great refresh war of August begin!
I'll try this but am waiting for Carbon. PA has 4.3 but am not a huge fan.
So the nexus 4 will see the 10.2 love first ?
These will be trying and desperate times.... Brace yourself the "will xyz device get a nightly" questions are coming.
+Randy Hoopes Gotcha. My main reason for staying cm is for stability. Had some pretty bad experiences on aokp and PA. My poor Gnex needs as much stability as possible.
Anyone have a link to the official CM build bot status?
And before anyone asks:  focus for find5 is getting to 10.1 stable first, then transitioning to 10.2
+Allen Edmonds I like changing my DPI and PA dose per app so I have to do adjustments to make sure every app changes to the same size while Carbon dose it all at once is my main reason . 
I knew it was going to be this week.
You'll probably need to Format /system entirely, just a Recommendation.
Can't wait till they drop this for the HTC one 
Rob M.
file_contexts.....oh yeeeeeeah. 
As far as I am concerned, you guys are the reason I love Android so much!
Any IR support for the One in CM 10.2? Please!!!! Lol! 
So which devices will be developed for today? Is there a list? Can't find one. I have a Sprint GS3 (d2spr).
+Joshua Putzer Thanks! Didn't think it would be done. Was expecting a list of devices that the nightly would build for over night. Usually the nightly is released after midnight. 
Love cyanogen mod ever since my g1... I used crappy liquid smooth and carbon.. pa... But nothing compares to CyanogenMod!
+Daniel Faure we build in alphabetical because it just makes sense to parse it that way; also, we can't get called out for "playing favorites"
Who loves the ota updater? Comes in handy... 
I'll probably wait a month after the first nightly to make the switch. That will make time for a gapps zip to be made and some stability. Great job CM!
There goes my chance of going to sleep early tonight XD
Dang. Galaxy S with the update love. Impressed
Yeah, how would I go about flashing this? I always do a full wipe, but do I need a different recovery (I'm on TWRP) or a new gapps? I can't find one for 4.3 on
Can we just update from 10.1.2 to new 10.2 through cm ota or have to wipe the data and clean flash? 
Yes I'm a noob so go ahead and get it out of your systems... Lol. But I need help. OK I have only installed cm directly after I rooted it. So I'm not to sure how to flash from here. I'm on 10.1.2 on a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Thanks for any help. Edit: a how to link at least? 
p880 is not there yet.. hiks...
Do I need the new recovery or can I flash with the same one as 10.1? Thank you
+Abhisek Devkota I've bee running 10.2 unofficial, it's smooth. Is this as smooth as what I'm running? For vzw s3 
Ok I got gapps version 726 and twrp recovery, is that good? And when I flash I've been just clearing cache, is that fine? +Abhisek Devkota 
Wait... How do I get this update? Im on 4.3 right now, do I flash 10.1?
No I'm on stock 4.3 firmware, I have the HTC do I even get this ???? +Beto Corella 
Brace Yourselves 4.3 nightlies are coming... (i hope soon)... im on oppo find 5 10.1
Will Nexus7 2013 get CM10.2 today?
Can anyone who has it already tell me of the added Chromecast capabilities are live yet? 
I use cm10.2 unofficial , should i do a full wipe?
Can anyone tell me where these new nightlies are found?
Hi guys, firstly great work! Secondly, do i get into recovery and then install the latest gapps after I'm done with 10.2 ota update? Thanks in advance! 
darn I looked at the koush thing and it made me think the S4 would be there
no gs4? monster sadness! 
Alex, very exciting -- thought we were going to miss out!
Tom K
Gallery doesn't display Google+ images
No 10.2 for Nexus 4 yet. Right? 
As Always, on the bleeding edge. Thank you for all the hard work. Keep keeping android awesome, open and screaming fast. Just like it should be... It wouldn't be the same without y'all... God bless 
Just flashed on my S3 d2tmo! Thank you CyanogenMod! You guys are the best!
Color me shocked, my i777 has a 10.2 nightly up! I didn't think they'd put it up for my device until it became stable. I've been running 10.1 nightly's for the past few months and they're awfully stable. Anyone know if 10.2 on this particular device will be as stable as the 10.1 nightly currently is?
+Tom Kimberlin AOSP gallery hasn't had G+ pictures since Gingerbread, if you had G+ pics before, you were using google's proprietary gallery (ie gapps)
+Allan Daigle Can't believe. Where as so many devices get already. Waiting for nightlies eagerly as didn't flash any unofficial rom. 
The d2usc build refuses to play nice. Guess I will have to wait for the next one! :(
Does the jfltetmo still have low volume on recorded videos?
Just restored after installing on my d2spr. Play store couldn't connect, new gapps broke most things, old gapps broke everything else. Backup before you try! 
will nexus s get 10.2 
who knows?
Omg I so want to try this right now, I need a bigger micro sd card thought :-(
I just hope IR drivers will be merged into CM. Your work is amazing guys. 
Thanks for all the hard work every one. 
Can you guys fix the clock on Jenkins? Trying to figure out the time it takes for a build to reach gave me a headache. 
Great to see official nightlies. Hope that cm raises the bitpool of the bluetooth like they did on 10.1. The highs distort because Google decided to default the bitpool to medium. Shame that most people don't notice this (or simply don't care). The bluetooth .so files that are floating around only work with aosp, not cm10.2.
how about 2012 Nexus 7 "Grouper"?
Still patiently waiting for 10.2 on at&t galaxy note 2... :-)
Great job! It's just my I9100 won't connect to the internet now wifi neither mobile?
Mako is now out guys! Thanks for all the dedication put into this CM team. Its really appreciated by not only me but this awesome Android community :)
I keep getting a YouTube stopped working. Can't update apps via the store aswell. I did an installation for 10.2 and gapps via SD card. I was from 10.1. Sgs2g 
DK Youn
having the same problems as +Rodney Thomas. for att gs4. 
i did an ota to 10.2 then installed 4.3 gapps. 
google keep, play and youtube doesnt work
+Jordan Harris full wipe is recommended, unless you wish to experience oddities. +Abhisek Devkota with all the respect but telling people to not to do a full wipe when coming from 10.1.2 to 10.2 is absolute bollocks.
+Rodney Thomas did you do a full wipe?
+Morgan Jones How so? As part of the team I've done it and seen it accomplished across various devices. 

Rather than write it off as 'bollocks' I'm more interested in the circumstances causing the failures. 
FULL WIPE REQUIRED. Do not update from 10.1 directly to 10.2 using a dirty flash.
Oh how I love my M7tmo!
Hmm, it appears the first nightly for AT&T GS4 isn't rooted...

Anyone know any tricks?
Download thenReboot recovery and flash Done! 
+Abhisek Devkota Which team? If cm10.2 is 4.3 and 10.1.2 is 4.2.2 as far as I am conceirned you should not flash one system on top of another, beside that gapps are diff, I would not care about it when flashing nightly within the same branch but here you are stepping forward from 4.2.2 to 4.3, right or not? 
+Morgan Jones This team. I run this channel and all other CM public facing pages, in addition to code contributions.

There are very few technical reason a flash from CM 9 -> 10 -> 10.1 -> 10.2 would require a wipe. The only reason that should occur is if we altered partition layouts (which conversely is why captivate can't go 7.2 -> 9+ without data loss). 

So, given that there is no technical reason, regardless of which version of Android, breakages in system apps are either a result of a device specific failure, or a failure in third party addons. I'd like to know which, and in the event its the first, fix it. 
Where's the Hercules wtf 
+Corey Vallejo Root is controlled via developer options, no need to flash a su zip. 

Settings > Developer Options > Root Access

If you do not have that menu, go to Settings > About phone and tap the build number (second to bottom) 7 times to enable it. 
Great, you guys! My Galaxy S is getting a new life, for the third time now
Well I always wipe /system when changing either branch or obviously dev. Well to be honest I am never doing dirty flash. Always wiping all except /data/media. And I think it is just better then flashing one on top of another, especially when they are different versions. Thank for clearing you point of view. I am off to flash a zip. 
I updated the rom to 10.2, discovered that no google app works, got the lastest package then the play store was throwing the old "RPC:S-5:AEC-0" error so I had to remove all the google accounts and set them up again.
Get the right gapps package. It's different for 4.3 +Adrian Solom Also, you need to wipe everything. You saying you updated makes me think that you didn't wipe. I would definitely wipe
Awesome work! Thank you so much!
+Shon Alexander of course i didn't wipe :) all the non-google apps work just fine. I got the and most of them work. I had to reinstall google drive and hangouts.
Hoping the next nexus' codename starts with a letter from the first five letters of the alphabet instead of "T".
+Daniel Faure altering that stops/starts the su daemon. So yea, if root is non functioning for you that is likely the cause.

Id be interested to know what setting its on and what app(s) are complaining about root.

Also, if you go into terminal and type su and then hit enter, do you get su (ie a #)?
Hmm thanks! Glad to see at least a workaround is there.

I'll check why the apps only mode didn't work. 
+Abhisek Devkota my titaniumPRO also says no superuser after i did a clean wipe. I typed su and i got $
I also tried installing a SuperUser via sdcard...
I really hate owning the I605 Galaxy Note 2. It seems this piece of crap is the last to get anything.
Damn it, on call so can't risk having a dodgy phone at the moment. Look forward to trying it out good work cm team keep it up
Yes. Same. No root.I don't even have Google that normal?
How much are you willing to bet that the HD2 well get cm10.2. One way or another.
+Daniel Faure heh, with the menu re-org I'm not 100% where that ended up. Check display/lights or 'more' under settings > device section. 
Thanks for keeping HTC One X tegra crap a life!!!!
Sorry if it has already been explained but... Mako users need to update bootloader and radio? Or is it integrated already or whut?

Does anyone know if Bluetooth works well on GNex with these nightlies ? Up until 10.1 it's a nightmare to make it work reliably for a long time (loses connection, or even plain unexpected reboot).
Do you have to do a full wipe or can you just update through the updater and flash new gapps?
I got mine! Thanks! Its sweet! At least for my device. Its smooth
And working well where its left off
Finally, the are official. Great!

The rearrange of the settings are okey. But I still miss an option to hide the status bar clock without loose the clock on the notification drawer. But exactly this is my usually short cut for access the clock app. Plus, even without the statusbar clock we would have an always access for time checking.
Maybe someobe of the +CyanogenMod Team agree?
Has anyone got problems with Titanium Backup? It says "not enough free space..." and there's no odex file to delete. Didn't do any wipe.
JC Juan
weird, no cm10.2 official nightlies for nexus 7 (grouper)?
cm10.2 stuck at cm bootlogo :/
Both tilapia and grouper are a no-go? That means it's purposeful, but I'm disappointed that the Nexus 7s are always treated like this.
do we need to/should we wipe for the 10.2 update over latest nightly?
I lost connection to play after updating to nightly 10.2 on my S3 :\
Works fine on  jfltexx after reinstalling google apps, had some issues with the syncing and google play music daemon. one other thing, I prefered a lot the fully radial menu for the camera, the actual one is not fast enough to use.
Cm for pollen windy... Oh yeah!
Do a full wipe from 10.1.2 or earlier. Cmupdater over previous version is causing issue with gapps
Eric S
Can anyone provide a mirror for 4.3 GAPPS? Goo servers seem to be down at the moment.
Just did a dirty install over cm10.1 on my I9100, no problems.
Just the known issue with the cm camera app.

Now waiting for the nightly for the Grouper.
+Ivan Martinez I am having the same problem. If you find the cure please let me know.
(Note: I understand this is a nighty, no complaints from my side). 
Focal on the p5110 tablet is 90° off on the orientation on all the icons and text.
Dave S
So if I have encrypted my N4, how do I get this to install? Recovery can't find the zip files and I'm not able to copy the file from scars to root... 
Dave S
So if I have encrypted my N4, how do I get this to install? Recovery can't find the zip files and I'm not able to copy the file from scars to root... 
So far experiencing random restarts on VZW Galaxy Nexus....2 within 30 minutes of flashing 10.2.  Also, Focal keeps crashing.
Dave S
Is there a way to change my download location from the Downloads folder to my root directory so I can bypass encrypted sdcard? 
Just got my update. :) now I can brag to all my friends. 
Nice! I've been using unofficial builds of 10.2 for my S4. Time for the official builds!
10.2 for my Otter?!!! ... that I did not expect. Thanks all. Now to update my Nexus 4.
Working great on the I9100 here! No issues to speak of at all except for Focal.
+Dave S , I would instead download to my computer then use a usb cable to put it in my phone wherever I want
Dave S
+Gustavo Gonnet Thanks, I'll try that at home. I've tried everything else I could think of from work :) 
+Gareth Headland How is Cyanogenmod running on the note 2?  I have Jelly beans installed but used to love CM on other phones.
I've noticed my root does not work after flashing. 
+CyanogenMod is anyone working on tilapia?? I've been waiting for someone to make the cm-10.2 branch for it
Can o use the cm updater? Or do I have to flash this from cwm? 
No factory reset needed. Just wipe cache and dalvik cache after flashing cm and gapps. Done!
My Nexus 4 is running fine, except for rebooting regularly.
Does anyone here know if I need to flash 4.3 gapps even if I'm updating using CM Updater from CM10.1?
On my I9300 needs some works but thanks guys keep the work!
+Chris Voigt Runs pretty damn good man. Only real problem I have is with MMS not coming in or going out properly.
Keeps restarting on my i9300 :(
Hi , i have a prob with 10.2 version sometime my nexus4 restart for And reason dont know so if a dev can explore this way And more often when i use the caméra And another thing to why facelock Is not présent in this build And why a great option since i use cm10 was remove (turn phone for mute ringtone)?
+Chris Voigt CM 10.1 works great on the Note II. Looking forward to getting 10.2 on it.
+Samuel-Eli Dzegede Bluetooth works for me for simple transferts, it's when use it during long road trips with my car stereo that problem appears. How did you try BT ?
Moreovr, did you do a dirty flash or a clean install ?
Does anyone know what the official link for CM10.2 for Nexus 4 is on XDA
+Abhisek Devkota thanks for the root tip. Root wasn't working for me but I made the change to apps+adb and now it works.
Now running on my Galaxy S2 (I9100) without any problem! You guys rock!
+CyanogenMod  Folders are acting a bit strange on my N4. Other than that, it rocks! Thanks for all of your hard work!
+Alvin Chong Thank you. That's pretty much what I've done except I only wiped the dalvik cache prior to flashing. 
Nexus 4 now on 10.2, new .84 radio and new bootloader... everything running well. 
how does one fix the grey wifi and network bar issue?  I know I've seen this before but I can't remember.
My nexus 4 and gnex are loving the build great job everyone
+John Kroto You are just not connecting to Google's servers for some reason.  You able to refresh your Gmail?
I've got an odd one: I installed the new gapps, then had to do a factory reset for the Play error.

Now, every time I reinstall an app, all the icons I moved into folders, jump back to on the home screens, and the folders disappear.

Is that what you meant, +Scott Manley?
got it running beautifully on the nexus 4. The unofficial ports, expanded desktop didn't work properly, as in there would be a big ugly gap on the lock screen where the soft keys used to be. No such issue here. I just recently installed it, but so far I'm finding it to be less buggy than even the 10.1 stable version! The only problem, and it's so minor that's it's not even really worth complaining about, is that when I flashed the Gapps, there were two clock apps! Thankfully I can just disable it and forget about it forever. No big deal.
+Alex Wilkinson Sweet thanks. Set SU to disable, and then back to "app only". Did a restart and it's functional again. Thanks!
+Jonathan Hepburn my apps just seem to barf themselves out of their folders when I install an app from the play store?
Did a clean install and everything on my Razr Maxx works like a charm.  Focal would kill my camera so I disabled that app.  This update also fixed my bluetooth issue so now I don't have to wipe Dalvik Cache every time I need to reboot.  Great work CM team!  Thanks!!!
Working for me on S3 (d2cri) with 20130812 gapps. Goo Manager didnt update me to 0813. Maps updated after 0812 installed but nothing else to report except known Focal crashing (to those with similar problem).
Just download and try it 
+John Kroto Have you flashed 4.3 gapps? If your Google apps constantly crash afterwards, try removing your Google accounts and re-adding them. You still may need to reinstall those apps from the Play Store.
Deinstall google apps when they crash and reinstall them is good thing todo (mako nexus 4) !! Thx CM team ! No photoshpere for the moment.
N7000. CM10.2. After it popup message (while using focal) can't connect to the camera, I restart the phone, but it couldn't finish booting anymore. The big round cyanogenmod circle running non-stop!
Yeah if you could stop doing shit like nemesis project and Make great versions like The 10.1 one ..
That would be great...

Seriously my phone reboot alone all The time...
Focal is not a finished product it freezing my phone too...
You made your shity search app in default...WHY?? I LOVED GOOGLE NOW!!!


After update (full wipe install, nexus 4) TitaniumBackup stopped working =( It can't backup anymore: "Backup failed: Insufficient free storage space". Storage space is ok. Reinstalling, wiping cache/dalvik didn't help.
Up and running on a Droid Razr Maxx, simple flash of 10.2, and gapps, and then clear caches.  Gotta love it when its that easy...
Hi guys, at this time I already have installed CM10.2 in my Galaxy Nexus and it's very butter, the only think I have is which the folders go back and lose the previous configuration. The Focal app looks good but sometimes go break, for example at the time of delete a picture, in addition have a green border around. But great job boys. 
Absolutely Must Flash gapps 4.3 after update!..... Or else you'll assume you screwed something up & then really screw it up like I did!
+CyanogenMod Playstore working but when try to download apps. downloads wouldnt start. Youtube crashes on starting up.
am using note II n7105. with your latest nightly and latest gapps.
+Bing Sheng Lim , this is what I did to fix that. I followed method 2 (where I deleted ALL my Google accounts in my phone then re-added them):
good luck!
CM 10.2 mako screen on time at stock kernel?Anyone know it?
Very very good nightlies for mako <3
dock icons will be reset for every reboot...any solution?
Having issues with Trebuchet, doesn't remember its settings. 15.08 nighly.
+Bogdan Serban Yes, we are all having that problem -- Trebuchet has a bug or two right now.  I'm just leaving my app screen alone until this is fixed.  My icons seem stable, if I leave them alone.
+Wong Yee Chen Yes, wait for the Trebuchet bugs to be fixed!  :o)  Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure.
Camera=0 all pictures black....whats this???Trebuchet when i move widgets all time forceclose...And i have clean install all wipe...Clock widget size all time back stock 3x2...when clicks to developer settings phone random freez after reboot...and bootloop im so sad whats this cyanogen :S
Installed the first nightly, it has screwed my phone up. I went back to 10.1 and now my phone freezes every couple of minutes and have to take the battery out. Anyone else having this sort of issue? 
Could anyone test Titanium Backup? Does it backups apps normally? On my nexus 4 nightly (20130815) TB show error when I try to do backup: insufficient free space. Reinstalled it many times...
Using Experimental 10.2 on my Transformer Pad TF300T. Works like a dream. Great work, CyanogenMod!!!
Gnex focal issue download focal apk and reinstall just try it 
how can I best change the dpi in cm? i tried one app and i had to flash it again cose i wouldnt boot up..
+Pratik Doshit Since you asked for an ETA, CM will now have to delay N7100 release for at least a week or two, as punishment.  :o)  Just kidding...
Just got the 10.2 Nightly on my VZW Note II. Even after flashing the GoogleApps, all Google apps were messed up and crashing, and I had to uninstall/reinstall them one at a time. But after that, it's flying!
Fantastic work you people do it amazes me how I've got my TouchPad running on cm10.1 as well as website, can't wait for the cm 10.2 release. keep up the good work

My menu button does not invoke menu. Just vibrates. Anyone else ? 
Very good nightlies, but on my nexus 4 don't Work menù button in navigation bar
Running Cm 10.2 nightlies on razr HD , with correct gapps and YouTube doesnt load Videos. I tryed a lot of times, someone help me =) please.
+Samuel-Eli Dzegede The 5GHz band isn't showing as an option on my Nexus 7. Must be an issue they're still working on.
+Roman Geraskin, if you haven't sorted the "Insufficient free storage space" issue, you need to go to Titanium, and change the backup folder. Create one in \sdcard (the soft link, not through \storage\...), you can then move your files.
It worked for me :)
+Samuel-Eli Dzegede Thanks for the heads up. Still seems odd. I thought it was there before I flashed CM, but I could be wrong. Can't imagine why it would not be supported but what do I know :-) (New N7 in case I didn't say before).

FYI-- I just double-checked and the 5GHz band is supported on the new Nexus 7. It was not supported on the old Nexus 7. It is not showing up as an option on CM 10.2 nightlies so far.
Some apps such as Flipboard and Feedly won't work after upgrading to 10.2 on Galaxy N7000. Anyone encounter this too?
Does anyone knows why after updating to 10.2. Root access seemed to dissappear?
Can anyone tell me what version I should be flashing I just picked up and HTC One GPe and I cannot find anywhere on Google where it clearly states which one is compatible with 10.2.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
Dave S
Is there a way to change my download location from the Downloads folder to my root directory so I can bypass encrypted sdcard? 
+Grace Carlyle thanks, already fixed it with +Allan Daigle help. Step-by-step:  If you already have backups go to Titanium, menu, settings, path to backups, button "Define" or "Find", select second option "/storage/emulated/legacy/TitaniumBackups". My UI is not in English, so you should find some similar names of menu items.

Does anyone know is it planned to return T9 support in phone app? It was cool feature to find contacts by name, now it finds only by phone number =( It's easy to remember contact name, but it's hard to remember contact phone!
Can someone please tell me if CM10.2 nightlies are based on JWR66V or JSS15J?
With a quick search i performed didn't find any results answering that. Thanks.
Guys, would you mind explaining the rationale behind using CFQ instead of none? CFQ is an elevator optimised for mechanical hard drives and makes little sense on a storage medium not subject to seek delays.
Dave S
Is there a way to change my download location from the Downloads folder to my root directory so I can bypass encrypted sdcard? 
+Dave S ES File Mgr (and probably others) will allow this.  You can change Directory Settings | Download path in ES File Mgr.  If you try this and do not get the option of ES File downloader when downloading, you probably made a default setting for download tool.  A Google search should help you undo that.
Dave S
So if I have encrypted my N4, how do I get this to install? Recovery can't find the zip files and I'm not able to copy the file from scars to root... 
do I have to wipe all data when updating from nightly to another 
Any fix to the black screen in gs3 ?
Hi Im new to CM , flashed 10.2 ightly over my 10.1 stable and my phone is troubling me in terms of freezes & random reboots can i simply flash 10.1 again without the factory reset so as to not loose all the apps ??
+Aalok Sapra I believe you are supposed to clean install the jump to 10.2...don't dirty flash that one.
Hi, you can remove the default file manager cyano? Thnk
please please add N7100 to 10.2 list ..
So far on my N7000 my only issue is Focal, and everyone seems to be having those problems. I was having issues with the old camera application on 10.1, but they seem to have cleared up with the latest nightlies. Focal sure looks like it'll be great once everything has stabilised. Great work, guys. :)
Is there anyone facing black screen flashings in GS3 on 10.2 other than me ?
Hi, after all I would like to say you that you are amazing team guys. 
But just for information I tested on my S2 GT I9100 a lot of ROMs from your site and other sites. The situation for my case was: each time it was neccesary put manually the apn configuration (I lost one day until I could get the solution). The natural touchwiz of android is very pretty but your roms have a lot of thing that one user could change. And really belive me that we can stay all week trying to know for what this function
So my favourite game (the simpsons, drag racing, nfs, etc) doesn´t work under any cyano version. After start the game it will freeze and I need to restart the phone (unplug & plug the battery) Also the same sitaution (ramdonly) happen with the camera. 
So right now I have the apolo rom, compilation I9100XWLSW with android 4.1.2. Is very trusted and stable. And only keep the samsung towchwiz with some visual updated as notification bar, color fonts & notifications. Is more similar to S3 rom and a little S4 features.
Any one here know when ads block will be re-incorperated into this build? Nasty insignificant ads are appearing on my apps!
la aplicacion focal sale la imagen de costado por que? en las versiones distintas como corrijo este error gracias.
esta actualizacion es en la tablet p5110 samsung tab 10.1 activo focal y la imagen sale de costado pero con su aplicación de cámara sale bien
CM10.2 ate my WiFi........
OK, not really. But JB 4.3 kernel has introduced bad instability in wifi for me on a vanilla nexus7 and a sgs2 i9100. Is anyone else seeing it?
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