G'day m8

Starting tonight, the 2014 HTC One has been added to our roster of devices receiving nightlies. This device will carry the codename 'm8' and be applicable for the following:

# GSM model
# Verizon model
# Sprint model

For those unaware of their specific model, this corresponds to the following model IDs:

# 0P6B10000 - International
# 0P6B12000 - AT&T/Dev Edition
# 0P6B13000 - T-Mobile
# 0P6B16000 - Telus/Rogers (Canada)
# 0P6B20000 - Verizon
# 0P6B70000 - Sprint

You can check your model ID with the command 'adb shell getprop ro.boot.mid'

For those of you running custom recoveries already on your 2014 HTC One, the recovery must report compatible with the following variants: m8,m8wl,m8wlv,m8vzw,m8whl, & m8spr

Got all that? The inaugural build (as of this post) is next in line for tonight's cycle, and should be available shortly.

Your maintainers are (in no particular order, and probably missing someone): deck, invisiblek, h8rift, toastcfh, flinny and xInterlopeRx 

Ok, sorry for the corny pun, not
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