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G'day m8

Starting tonight, the 2014 HTC One has been added to our roster of devices receiving nightlies. This device will carry the codename 'm8' and be applicable for the following:

# GSM model
# Verizon model
# Sprint model

For those unaware of their specific model, this corresponds to the following model IDs:

# 0P6B10000 - International
# 0P6B12000 - AT&T/Dev Edition
# 0P6B13000 - T-Mobile
# 0P6B16000 - Telus/Rogers (Canada)
# 0P6B20000 - Verizon
# 0P6B70000 - Sprint

You can check your model ID with the command 'adb shell getprop ro.boot.mid'

For those of you running custom recoveries already on your 2014 HTC One, the recovery must report compatible with the following variants: m8,m8wl,m8wlv,m8vzw,m8whl, & m8spr

Got all that? The inaugural build (as of this post) is next in line for tonight's cycle, and should be available shortly.

Your maintainers are (in no particular order, and probably missing someone): deck, invisiblek, h8rift, toastcfh, flinny and xInterlopeRx 

Ok, sorry for the corny pun, not
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LiquidSmooth is already available for the m8's :)
Still waiting on that revamped theme engine 
What about klte ? Galaxy S5 ? This one came much more earlier 😣
What about the Samsung Note 3.   
Michael M
What about my LG refrigerator? 
Thanks... I've been waiting for this! 
Wow. Thank you to all of you. You brought tears to my eyes
I'm like that
Why no cyanogenmod installer for Moto g? 
how are you, where you from
Any ideas on when they'll be up? 
Is the GSM model international as in UK.
I lol'd at the "what about my gs5 & note3" anything but Samsung ftw
+Luke Johnstone blah blah blah. There is absolutely no harm in asking about it as long as you are not being a dick about it. And thank you for treating the people that ask about when it will be released on certain devices like children. 
+Jeffrey Rozewicz I suppose you are one of those people that do not get angry when people get you to google things for them. Good on you.

As a side not, 80% of those people that I commented to, ARE children...
Hi there cool greetings from radaaz
Hi there cool greetings from radaaz
Hi there cool greetings from radaaz
+Luke Johnstone yeah I am. I used to teach the older crowd how to use their smartphones so I'm very used to questions and such and repeatedly asked how to do things. I apologize if I was rude in anyway but I get annoyed if I get a feeling that I am being responded to as if I was a child.
+Luke Johnstone I'm certainly NOT a child and don't like you implying I am. I use a Note 2 with Cyanogen but I'm waiting for it (Cyanogen) to be available for the Note 3 so I can buy one of them. You appeared to be from the Cyanogen team so I thought you'd be the right person to ask. Thanks for being helpful.....
Will this have some GPE features like the motion gestures?
+Sean Clarke instead of asking for a port, donate that phone to cyanogenmod or to a person/developer who could port cm.
+Luke Johnstone yeah, thanks for being an arrogant douche about this issue. To start with, I asked the cyanogenmod team not any other person because I've searched XDA and every other source on google till date and I'm yet to find a CM ROM even an M2 release.

I specifically directed the question to the CM team because of people like you who can't seem to help, who think they know a lot more than others. I am not a noob and you don't have to condescend people, questions and their opinions by being so big headed.

I joined google+ so I can interact with people and add more to my knowledge.
Gary D
I've built an unofficial CM11 for my wife's vibrator. The device tree is on my github page 
whens the fiirst build going to be out?
Will there be all m8 features integrated? (Double tap, camera focus...)
Does anybody have any info on when cm11 will be available for my Casio watch? 
There is any Cyano stable version for I9500, i read something about de camera issues.
external storage stopped working on first boot, was working fine after reboot. but no "wake device with a touch" :/
everything else seems to be ok ...

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Hey guys, how would I go about checking the Model ID of my phone? I have an Asian variant with the AC variant of the S801 so not sure that is included in "international variant", but wanted to check. (new to HTC phones so no idea where to check for model ID.)
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so you just flash the zip file in twrp recovery?
Oh boy, I'm an idiot. The method to check model ID is mentioned right there. -.-
anyone know if it is possible to get the HTC Camera to run on a non-Sense UI ROM?
Awesome. Running it right now and works great :). 
+Christian Clauss seems like that's the case. I was just hoping CM find a way around that. Enjoying stock but I just wanna run CM for some time

I've installed it just one major issue when you call someone it keeps beeping every 3 seconds it's a major problem plz get it sorted cyanogenmod
Do you also have to flash Google apps?
+Gary Danko how would i help fix it? 
yes, there's this awful bug where you try to watch a video in chrome, (not youtube videos) and it just flips out. it displays the bottom half of your screen at the top and the top at the bottom, but all of the controls are where they would be elsewhere
lol is great and thank you very much for the good update support for ATT LG E970 :)
I love it on my M8, but what is with the knock on? 
+Gary Danko my first Android phone had a 7" screen. The note2 & 3 have relatively small screens by comparison. 
Any plans to integrate Harmon Kardon updates?
Good day i just want to know if my dtc gt10 phablet is compatible with your apps,tnx
Now that the S5 on AT&T and Verizon have root.... How long before unlock..? 
What is the original model id of gpe m8
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