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CM 11 initialization: Status Update

Those vigilant followers of our Github will notice that we have begun the initial push of CM 11 (Android 4.4 KitKat) branches and code to our repositories.

Stop, take a breath

The manifest for the completed push is not up yet and will be the last item we push to Github. This effectively means while you can sync individual projects, you cannot yet repo init (at least not without some manual intervention). 

We anticipate this process to take the bulk of today, and will provide a status update when the manifest is up and the chaos fun can begin en masse. 

A lot of our features survived the jump, while a handful didn't. Our next steps will be to work on bringing up the items that didn't merge cleanly (assuming we need them anymore). Notable items impacted here are Trebuchet, Phone app and Lockscreen. 
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Juan B
Noooo! My Nexus 4's screen just shattered!!! Typing this with an optimus vu I got from a bonanza... 
Chris Hsu
excited to get my hands on 4.4 on the S3.
i am waiting for a "almost" stable release of cm10.2 or 11 für Nexus 7 "tilapia". Unfortunely the last nighties are a pain. So i decided to use AOKP.  Maybe switching later to PA or PAC-ROM.
+CyanogenMod makes sense thanks. Any idea when tier 1 devices that aren't nexus will get going? I. E. Gs4, htc one 
I'm not asking for an ETA +CyanogenMod, but how high on your priorities list is the d2vzw?
Rob M.
Google y u no release mako binaries.
+CyanogenMod I thought you are not in rush :D Awesome work, thanks to all contributors. I'm looking forward to the first nightlies :)
Question: does cm use the stock phone dialer? And if not...will cm11 take advantage of the new features of the dialer in kit kat?
Nice! My Nexus 5 needs CM goodness. Really need those QS and status bar features!
Really people.... they're just getting code out, and you're already asking for an eta? C'mon
+Justin Lang
Not at all.. but there have been at least two people who asked (including you), and working for a custom rom team myself, there are tons of people who do ask that question seriously. 
Will there be any work with the Hangouts app, since it seems to be the future replacement of the stock Messaging app? 
I genuinely feel love towards the whole CM Team right now !!! Is that weird ?
So, CM11... hopefully Google will get off their butts and deliver the proper binaries before you guys start shipping nightlies of that. Which is something I doubt at the moment.
+Gabriel Ruppert Google is not supplying the source code for the new dialer. In fact, if you look at and go to platform/packages/apps/Phone, you'll see that there is no code for the 4.4 branch. This is because the Dialer now uses Google services, so the source code is no longer open. Check out for a little more info on this.
So why did CM jump from version 10.2 TO 11 when the jump from 10.1 to 10.2 was android 4.2 to 4.3? in other words why not 10.3?
For note 3, please include the s pen features with your stock rom
Hangouts is closed no. That's the same reason Google Talk was never changed. Messaging app will always remain in CM (AOSP) unless hangouts is open sourced (which will never happen).
Will the Nexus 10 be initially supported? Still waiting for any 4.4 ROM for it yet :(
+Cody Stamps CM bases their numbers off the names. 2.2-2.3 got a new number too! 4.1-3 was all jellybean, hence 10.0-.2, and since kitkat is a new name, it's CM11
Thanks for the update, keep up the work fellas
+Cody Stamps J=Jelly Bean=10th letter (in English alphabet); K=KitKat=11th letter (in English alphabet); CM10.0, CM10.1, and CM10.2 were all JellyBean, CM11.0 is KitKat.
I enjoyed most of the cyanogenmod 10 features. Am looking foward to 11. Thanks guys for your efforts. 
I can't believe Google didn't yet include many of the nice CM tweaks in Kitkat. Or does CM have patents on them ;-)
+CyanogenMod so i assume trebuchet will now be done by scratch using launcher3 as a starting point?
ohhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Be interesting to see if some older devices get resurrected / migrated with the updates to KK having essentially a "gimp" mode for older hardware... Guess it will all depend on demand?
+CyanogenMod I'm with a bug that every custom ROM i flash on my Razr HD xt925 the WiFi have a bug, slowly connections frequently and really slow but when i do a full retail and back to stock ROM it works fine what can it be? And with CM 11 it will be solved for me? Please, answer
Sam M
what's the codename for nexus 5?
I wish you guys can take advantage of ART in kit Kat and make it work somehow with all the apps, that would be great 
+CyanogenMod Hopefully you'll support us, Galaxy Nexus owners, since Google isn't anymore. :'(
Hopefully we will see this to the G2 too. 
I unlocked the bootloader on my HTC One recently (My first attempt on any device) and installed 10.2. I must say, I was leary doing it at first-- it turned into the best thing on my device. I'm looking foreword to installing 11 soon as it's available.
I don't even use those three features, awesome!
+Cody Stamps because 4.2 and 4.3 were still Jelly Bean. 4.4 is a brand new build in Kit Kat. CM always increments their build to the next whole value on a new build. 
Are you looking to build an official cm11 for the international s2 gt-i9100
Can't wait .....gonna be crazy .....
Woot! I will check when I get home, can't wait till you guys get it up and running so I can test it. 
Has anyone made any progress at all with the graphical errors with maguro? Damn TI chip
will it be available for GS4 Google Edition?
+Chris DiMisa just saw a post from droid life saying gpu binaries have been found/updated over at xda for the galaxy nexus.

And here's to hoping the G2 will get cm love in the coming weeks! 
Very pleased to hear this!  Hoping that my GNex will still get some love...
I want candy!! :p

Need cm wallpaper.

Love cyanogenmod
+kyle frederick SRSLY?! So that's probably a yes then. Do you know of any stable ROMs with WiFi working that incorporate this yet?
Liam C
gonna get working on a galaxy s3 port :3
Seems like this would be a good post to disable comments on
Good but hope it wull support more phones and maybe galaxy ace,mini sth like this.
What is with the galaxy nexus? 
Please update the Trebuchet launcher.. it makes me miss CM7
The my S2 si supported ufficiality (Samsung) please supporter this phone
Can't wait to try it out on my I9100. Also can't wait to see how Omni ROM stacks up.
My iPhone si i9100 ..... I not spec in previous comment
Thanks to this post completely unrelated to device support, I can now feel safe and assured that my request for supporting <random phone model> has been heard.  Can't even read through the comments on cyanogen posts because 90% of them are requesting support for a friggin phone.
Nexus s crespo cm11 thanks
+CyanogenMod hi, o wanna know You will bring some release with the HDMI option in Motorola Razr xt910? Please, please, work in this. A lot of people and i use it... You will include it some day? Why? Or why not? Thanks from Argentina
In one of your presentations of +Cyanogen Inc. / +Steve Kondik we saw mentions of Launcher++ and Gallery++. I wondered how those are going now where Tebuchet is gone if i understood you correctly?
Kev K
Awesome. CM Devs are always on top of it!
I want to thank you cyanogenmod team for your hard work you make fantastic roms for aoo many devices it is a credit to you all
Now that's what I'm talking about. Good work guys, the moment we have been waiting for. Thank you
I'll take it when I get it. I thank the Cyanogen team for all the hard work they put in for those of us that don't know a thing about programming. 
Awesome cant wait for CM 11 for my Samsung Galaxy tab 2
+CyanogenMod Sprint Galaxy Nexus?? :) 

Also will Cm11 be using Google Launcher or Trebuchet?
luis v
+CyanogenMod Would love to see kit kat on +Epic CM still have This phone not as my daily but love this phone and won't let it go......
This will get me to install my first custom rom on my g2.

Thank you all. Especially whoever handles the g2 builds. 
Can't wait to install this on my G1!
There first rule of CyanogenMod ---- don't ask for an ETA!
When will the 11.0 stable, be available for the Verizon samsung galaxy s3? Lol 
+Kyle Laker just because you write it doesn't make it true. Are you really trying to tell people aosp doesn't include a dialer? 
I'm curious to see CM11 without Hangouts, or Google Now or any other Google branded offerings. 
+Mace Bewley I'd imagine they'll get the same sort of support other non-nexus phones have. Hacked together stuff built without all the nice binaries.
Great!!!!!no dout it's cm11~
Break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar! 
Cyano for alcatel spop... Pppllllssss :(
+Nikhil Reddy, actually, no – Trebuchet is one which should be kept for various reasons including rotation, customisable grid size… if it happens to get optional GNow integration (which I'm sure that somebody will reverse-engineer if they want it), fine ☺
+Wouter Duerinck, I suspect that Google haven't included CM tweaks because it would affect them being able to go closed-source – if somebody has copyright over the full source of some program, they can change the licence (for new releases) at will, but the moment that somebody else has copyright over part of it, both need to agree if the licensing is incompatibly changed (at the very least).

But what do I know. This is just idle speculation…
Sevan B
The "worst thing" about our two Nexus 5 phones: no CyanogenMod!

We are eagerly awaiting CM11, or even CM10.2 for Nexus 5. It is just not as usable, otherwise.
+Jason Kirchman you're right.. I have been holding on to it for a while now. I have really been waiting for the Jelly Bean 4.3 update but it's taking forever. But it's time for a change. Once +CyanogenMod has a stable 4.4 version of #KitKat I'm making that move. Let me ask you a question, what process did you use to root your phone? 
Dear CM devs, please stop working on the code and instead spend your time responding to my personal request for the device I most prefer. I need to know when you will provide me with an operating system for my favorite phone, the Motorola StarTAC. Also can it please be free and super awesome? Thanks in advance.
I have a noob question for anyone to answer. If you have CM on your phone, will it let you know through a notification that there is an update? Sort of like a Nexus experience?
+Jay Hanaoka if you've enabled that option, it will. Check Settings -> About Phone (or tablet) -> CyanogenMod Updates
Sevan B
+Jay Hanaoka yes, you can enable period checking for stable or even nightly updates.
Come on CM11 for HTC One XL :D
+Kyle Laker Is the dialer something that could be included in a gapps package instead, or will it simply not be available on CM11?
+Kyle Laker check again. It's been spilt into other packages. The only thing that may not work would be the new caller id.
Excited that they're working on this... But I'm pretty sure the Verizon Sgs3 will be like the last device to get it lol. Thunderbolt probably will before it. 
+Aaron Kellar I am not saying there is no phone or no dialer. I am saying that the actual git repository platform/packages/apps/Phone is EMPTY in kitkat-dev, kitkat-release, and master. Yes, there is a dialer, there is a phone, the git repository platform/packages/apps/Phone does not exist. Before I typed quickly with my comment and did not make it clear, however, I now hope what I meant is entirely clear.
Any ETA for getting it running on my Toaster? And my Kettle still won't boot after going into settings and wiping everything.
Verizon gs3 user here, and anxiously waiting to take a kit kat break :)
I sure hope to see some nice things coming for the Nexus 7 2013!
Nice to see that there's so little that needs reimplementation after the jump to KeyLimePie/KitKat®. Which means that the first alphas of CM11 shouldn't take months to be released!
Estoy esperando que esta versión ya tenga install
+CyanogenMod Please do not move away from google this time so that we can use custom kernels of our choice. Thanks in advance.
Is kitkat for tablets out? I'm on note 10.1 Samsung and I'm wondering if this wohoo affects me too
I need an ETA on the ETA of having the ETA ready for installing.. An ETA... Joking! Great job +CyanogenMod! Hanging tight to my S4. I swear I'd help Dev if only you offered a career to learning it within the company infrastructure. I know. There's plenty of guides everywhere and some things you just have to learn with personal experience versus textbook. A small blog explaining what classes to take in order to be a helpful Dev would be nice, thanks again. :-)
lao .L
I want to use CM on 6589,please QAQ
I need this on my nexus5. I'm already over stock android lol. Once you taste CyanogenMod you don't go back 
Top 10 CM devices based at CM stats (the number of installations):
galaxysmtd 454,122 (It's mine )))
i9100 418,993
i9300 367,326
cooper 211,179
bravo 182,206
pyramid 181,572
mb526 176,125
blade 167,568
mako 166,248
maguro 153,033
I think these devices will receive Android 4.4 in any case )
I bet it should be i9100g and not i9100 coz CM always released roms first to the G well that may say that but I guess CM loves G
Will i can use cm11 on galaxy s2?
Okay guys now u know it's gonna be CM 11 guess what we've forgot boot animation!!!

CM 9 got a new CM10 got a new I'll be so much excited to see a new boot animation for CM 11 KEEP AND EYE ON "XEVIN" YOUTUBE USER WHO MAKES THEIR BOOT ANIMATION Pls +1 so others demand it too 
Suhas R
Will this be available to Samsung Galaxy nexus?
I have ordered my nexus 7 (2012) I can't wat to flash cm11 after its released!
Crossing my fingers for the Skyrocket to run it!
qcril didn't survive the jump, so data handoff for CDMA will probably suck :(
Thank you very much for your hard work and I am looking forward to receiving a usable build on my galaxy nexus in the coming months. 
Can the Samsung i497 get some CM love. Stock really sux on this tablet but I know it could be a good unit with CM
I can't wait to get Android 4.4 on my Galaxy Nexus... Big thanks for CyanogenMod, not for Google to stop supporting device after 18 months !! 
And I was going to keep my phone on stock pah! 
Great news, thanks. Can't wait to try it on N7 (flo) :-)
Nice!!!! Will we have it running on Galaxy I8150; aka Galaxy Wonder? Thanks and keep on going with your great job. Regards 
THX cm Team!! Will it be available for the Galaxy S?
+Cyanogenmod - Are there plans to support devices like Nexus One with the new release? Please say yes :)
Yesss old device support!!!
TS Yew
+John Kuntharayil +Czar Dixon KitKat is not going to support old devices without DRIVERS. The hardware acceleration of Android 4.x is very different from how it was implemented in 2.3 and below.

KitKat's ability to scale better on low end specs only affects future low end phones that ship with KitKat. It will not magically start working on old devices. As we all know, Android runs quite poorly on devices with 512 MB RAM, compared to WP and iOS. KitKat will fix that.

If your device did not even support ICS, I'm 99% sure KitKat won't come to it, not even through CM. You could possibly install some hackfest build without hardware acceleration, but that doesn't really count.
please create your custom ROM for Lenovo K900, based on Intel Atom processor!
Nice work CM team! And I hope I'll use CM11 on my 9100G... Please don't forget the S2G!
Can't wait for installer in app store
I think Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 is gonna get it! :)
Running CM 10.2 nightlies on my SGS2! runs a lot smooth and multi tasking is breeze compared to the Samsung's TouchWiz and stock!!
So, hoping to run CM 11 on my #SGS2 I9100 very soon!
I can't wait for the new version :D
can't wait to get my S3 running 4.4 ~ It's so clean and beautiful :D
Will CM 11 support ART ? I have heard that AOSP is not compliant with ART and google is being cautions rolling it out to AOSP. 
Hello there, need a help!
I flashed my galaxy s2 i9100 with cm 11 and now I can't go back to cm 10.1.3 stable build. Clockworkmod doesn't recognise the zip file I've downloaded on my external SD card. Please somebody help me!
+CyanogenMod will you guys ever fix the signal issues with the d2spr? Seriously the signal is so bad it drains my battery faster than running stock touchwiz! It also makes my calls crappy. Even though I don't make a lot of calls it would be nice on the rare occasion to not have to resort to using my laptop.
+CyanogenMod Could you awesome team help to port and create CM 11 for S Advance too?
What about cm 11 for galaxy 10.1 n8000.
Any expected date?


Hola Ayer instale cianogenmod 12 en mi g3 pero el icono de 4g o 3g no refleja en mi telefono
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