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Color > Colour
In addition to fixing the Invert low/high temperature bug, I have added a few more features to Chronus:
  1) Ability to configure the Minutes and Date/Alarm font thickness
  2) Alternate (Colour) weather icons

The Colour weather icons (Tick weather icons) was sourced from and with credit to Vostradamus & m.Long (maxromanyuk)(xiao4)

More features to come, including the ability to set the font colours
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You guys dont sleep? It seems not... BUT YOU ROCK!!
I actually pronounce (in my head, that is) colour differently than color.  Is that just me?
Is there a version of CyanogenMod to Galaxy S2 (I9100)? Or even Galaxy Note 2?
david w
go to cyanogemod website and you'll see +Paulo Pechula ...
or xda forums . . ., my guess is 100% Yes !
Does anyone know where to get that background? Awesome work though! Can't wait for it.
Jakob Zsa
Colour is correct, color is american laziness 
What's our problem with time and weather? Seriously?
+Jakob Zsambok Says the man who forgets to capitalize proper nouns and leaves off punctuation.  I guess it takes one to know one ;-)
+CyanogenMod just to clarify, Colour > Color.  We are after all speaking the Queens English here in Canada :)
You guys rock.. Great work
cm10.1 rocks 
+Ryan Duggan and +John Bonsall - I say 'color' with an "American Hick" accent to sound less intelligent...  ;)

Kidding of course, but 'colour' > 'color' in my book!
I hear it differently in my head also, but I don't sweat it.  I say send the Grammar Nazis to gaol.
I was writing code using wxWidgets for a few years. It took me a long time to stop writing "colour", since their entire API used that spelling.

In any case, both are proper spellings, but are region-dependent.  Anyone who suggests that "color" is incorrect should go read some Chaucer in order to have a sense of "proper English".  If you start saying "doth", then I'll start spelling "colour".
Where did you get that wallpaper
I was going to +1 for the widget, but colour > color. 
Another vote here for "Colour" instead of "color". Also Harbour, Neighbour, Honour & Borough (NOT Boro, which isn't even a word)
Can't find Chronus on HTC One X. Any tips? 
Can't wait till I can try this out when my I717 gets 10.1.
To those of you who are literally quibbling over semantics, I would say that rather than dispute the issue further, it would be easier to add localization for British English and American English, as to American eyes, "Colour" can seem a bit ponce-y, if you'll pardon the expression.
screw the colour vs color debate, I just like the fact that I can change the thickness of the fonts.  The current default JellyBean (non-CM) thick-hour, thin-minute, ridiculousness drives me absolutely crazy that I can't configure it.
Thank you David your efforts are appreciated. Are there any plans to allow size/location adjustments, just curious, definitely like having it available.
I tried LockClock.apk on a diff. rom.  I'm imagining that the settings for it are hard baked into CM10.1... is that a true statement?  Meaning, it works, but from another rom you cannot change it from the default settings.
LOL @ comment. Whenever I code CSS or things like that, I always type "colour" first then have to change it to "color" instead. Every time. You'd think I'd be used to it by now...
Colour is a French bastardization of the Latin, screw that. Color comes from Latin, and is therefore correct. Also, I'm in favor of simplified spellings without superfluous letters. (Keeping in mind, that spelling is made up. There is no scientific reasoning behind spellings, therefore spelling is whatever we decide it is.)
+Michael Dooley no, I am getting close to the end of the features I want to add. It is meant to be a simple widget, not an uber-widget. 
+David van Tonder First of all this is great! I am looking forward to this a lot! But I have a few questions: Will this be available as a lockscreen widget, also? and not that I'm asking for ETAs but should we expect this in a relatively soon build?
Can we shrink it again to 'colr' if the extra vowels are causing the yanks a bit of a problem?
Awesome work guys !!! I follow you guys like clockwork keep it up :) a awesome new year already 
It looks nice. good work.
Un lavoro pulito preciso quello della community cyanogenmod brand imparate!!!!
Thank you for the option to change the icons. 
Does the chronus lock screen widget work with pin enabled screen with exchange calendar events. It did not work for me on Jan 2 nightly on I9300. When I remove clock widget, I do not see '+' to add a new widget. I cannot even pan to see other 2 lock screen pages. 
Perhaps we could see a option to maintain the clock expanded?
Just wish... little tiny wish.... those weather icons would look like aokp weather :-) 
Could you include the option to show notifications as well such as text message notifications?
+David van Tonder I think the reason for my confusion is that on my phone Chronus and Digital Clock behave and look exactly the same. It's probably just a small bug and my maintainer probably knows about it and will have it fixed soon.
There's a way to put chronus in the lockscreen and not have to swype to see it? because i just see the clock and when I swap DOWN i see the chronus then.
[First I delete the conventional clock and add chronus, obviously]
If anyone can help me, thanks! +me :)
Amazing advances!
How Do I Set This Up On My GS3 I Need This Badly
Guys, no one cares if it is color or colour. Seriously, this is even worse than the pop vs. soda debate... at least they bothered to puck different words to argue about.
I'm not seeing the options to have the new icons etc. after updating. 
+David van Tonder Will there be a Analog Clock version too? Anyway, you've done a real nice work here :-) 
Oh man CyanogenMod Team delivers. I dunno why Google hasn't hired you all yet lol.

Please bring back "Show widgets before unlock" (allow users to have the slide lock before a pattern/pass code entry).

Also please allow Chronus to show fully without having to manually extend it! 
Do you help unlock bootloaders or no? I have the lg motion 4g would like Cm10 but we need help unlocking the bootloader. 
Love it. Thanks for making a already great system (Android 4.2) with some design issues to a really great system by fixing said issues (like the vastly improved version of the system shortcuts or this widget). I really missed the CM10 lockscreen and this is even better in some ways.
Nice, when I'm looking to halve my battery life I might check this out
+Martín Ysse Good god, I'm not the only one to feel that way !
Any advice or developpment on setting not to have to slide down to reveal the whole lockscreen widgets would be greatly appreciated.
You don't slide down to reveal the whole widget, it's only a one time thing to resize the widget when you place it on your desktop.
I'm a sucker for Tick icons. Also, Colour is only ever > Color when preceded by Living. 
I would like to have the option to start the alarm by clicking on the clock in the widget such as it does in beautiful widget.
And if you can a a weather-forecast by clicking on the weather-symbol, even if it starts the browser or google-now,  it will be the perfect widget.
+Benjamin Schmidt I'm not talking about the desktop widget, but about the LOCKSCREEN one... As mentioned in my previous post.
'Colour' is how you spell the English word, and 'color' is American dialect. 

The English language is dictated by the English.
+David van Tonder  Mate there is a bug present with the downloads app.. after a file has been downloaded, if i tap on the notification it doesn't open the file with the respective viewer it just clears the notification. could you please look into this? Thanks! And the latest update is awesome! Loving the torch widget and the colorful weather icons!
Wow my nexus s cm10.1 build 20130103 clock wideged weather panel and calendar doesn't work 
Can we get the ability to align the clock right, center, or left? I miss it on the left
Tapping the calendar event does not launch the calendar. It will prompt to unlock the device (in my case a pattern unlock) but won't pull up the cal. app afterwards. 
Is there by any chance a way to fix up the inverted rendering in the browser? I like that Google has sort of included that, but to me it is unusable- text looks ok but pictures look like negatives or don't show up at all. The way it was in CM 7 was PERFECT! 
+Daniel C   the widget does not affect battery life - it does not update while the device is sleeping, only when the screen is on already.  

+Erik Haber same question as before - what does a lock screen widget have to do with inverted rendering in a browser?

+Jakob Wångö Look at the first comments above - someone posted a link to the wallpaper already.
2 issues with this widget:  It take up a lot more space than "fancy widgets", because it must be 3 rows high to display the time & date, while wasting a lot of space on top.  If I resize to 2 rows, all of this should still be displayed.

2. I'd like it to open eye in the sky weather, or otherwise have as much information as it as EITS.  As it is, I have 3 weather widgets.  AIX for 24-hour forecast, eye in the sky for more days, and fancy widgets for current weather.  I'd like to replace at least one of these.
Are there any plans to display news (like the AOSP "Weather and News" widget does) in Chronus as well?
Will it be possible to select what apps launch when clicking on the clock, weather, and calendar? I love the widget, but tapping the weather to open a specific weather app would be a huge benefit.
Been waiting for you to make this into a widget. Best looking clock widget there is.
+Matt Schraeder tapping on weather refreshes the weather, it does not launch anything.  As for launching specific apps for the other two panels, maybe... no promises though.
I've enabled lockscreen weather in settings, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to actually show up. Help! 
+Terrance Durousseau Are you using the latest CM 10.1 nightlies? If so, you will need to ensure you have set Chronus as a lock screen widget. Afterwards, if on a phone, you may have to swipe down on the widget to show the weather and calendar information.
I'm using the the Euroskank nightlies, which I'm thinking shouldn't make a difference. Anyway, I don't see Chronus as one of the options.
Please release this tasty morsel to Play store! 
Has the signal issue been fixed with the s3 yet? 
+David van Tonder i know that asking this may be "against the rules" but do you actually have planned a relase date for this one? Or will it be launched only when u finish all you expected for it?
Chronus is nice but I miss the countdown timer from CM 10 that would work for values over 12 hours.  Chronus only goes up to 9 hours  :-(
Anyone else have the same issues?
WTF people... can't u see this is NOT a CM thread to discuss ur fucking "this shit does not work for me" this is just Chronos clock, that's all, stop asking stupid random shit
+Gerard Umbert Stupidity is like the universe, infinite ;) Trying to encapsulate it is wast of your time.
+Palle Ravn "Trying to encapsulate it is wast of your time.", this does not make sense at all, try again xD

+Marcus Verga keep ur retarded words to yourself dude... try not to be so rude to people so maybe next time they will help you. +David van Tonder already said this is NOT this kind of thread, and tou people keep bugging him with random shit.

Also, if your not talking to  EVERYONE, you use the name tag, that's why it's there, u see? just like i did to reply you =), also, it's not "don't ask to you".
+Palle Ravn i'm guessing u mean "waste", and yeah, you're SO right... the thing here is that people keeps asking random shit here... as if Chronos was the thing that causes all their questions/bugs that need to be reported using social media and not the appropiate tools for that...
A way to set a another provider for the weather would be awesome.
Not everybody lives in USA/America and a provider for EU and other countries would be a great feature.

The Norwegian have a great set of data-implementation ways:

Here you can get Javascript, PHP or XML-forecasts. 
There are some limitations with data tho: 
(in norwegian only)

But in short, a way to...uh...use another provider would be a great feature :)
+Gisle Enåsen i live in a mini town that nobody knows and it gives me my actual current temperature and weather... and i'm not even in USA man... Spanisfag over here, that means i'm in EU... and it works just fine

that means that provably, you don't allow the apps get your location or yahoo does not know where u live at
Looking very nice, great job Cyanogenmod! Hope to see this in the play store soon!
+Gisle Enåsen Just use the location of the nearest larger town. The weather doesn't change that much within 50 km. radius, and the forecast is not that precise anyway.

For the spanishfaq +Gerard Umbert, I agree people are stupid but you are of little help. Calling +Marcus Verga a retard and what not, instead of being the good example yourself? It's much easier using social medias if you just ignore the retards, as there are so many... :( sadly
Date number is after month but it should be before it in finland. Regular clock widget shows this one correctly. Also Yahoo! weather never seems to get correct weather information around here :(
Is there a way to get that digital clock widget but without the weather and date?

Still rocking the galaxy s (gt-i9000) screen looks smaller and smaller everyday :(
Very nice.  It would be great if I can set which calendar app to open after I tap on the event.  Thanks for the great work!
+Andriy Shura I was wondering the same too. Seems Chronus is only for CM10.1, us One X users are currently on CM10 only sadly.
+James Yau thanks I'll go check it out, i also found that if i changed the number of rows and columns on my home screen it hid the date under the next row 
Loving the new chronus app, but I had a few questions about night mode (Launched from the clock app). Would it be possible to add the weather and event info to this screen?. Also it doesn't appear to redraw the screen when the time changes, it just overlays the new digit over the old (On my GS2 running Nightlies). So after a few minutes, the right most number is unreadable as it's showing 1/2/3/4/57/8/9 overlapping ontop of each other.
Disappointed in the new feature. I have to press 2 times on the lock screen now to unlock. Plus it takes awhile to auto expand the widget. I just want the old lock screen back
Its looking sick! i really need to root my new phone and get this!
Can't get Chronus to show anything but clock when on a homescreen, but when placed in lock screen it shows time and weather both...weird :( (Nexus 7 Tablet)
Or just give us the option to use the old lock screen. 
Are these features/bugs fixed being released to CyanogenMod 10 JellyBean, all the developing buz seems to be only to CyanogenMod 10.1, and CM10 still has lots of bugs. 
+Carlos Gonzalez CM10 with lots of bugs? like wich ones? CM10 got the stable many months ago, and at least for me, was pretty much perfect o_o
+David van Tonder Could it be possible to tap each calendar event separately and launch that specific event on calendar app instead of selecting all calendar events and getting to the current date when we touch?
Also it would be great that when tapping the weather takes us to an extended forecast instead of refreshing it. At least let us choose between those two options please. Thanks. Great work though.
Troy C
Why can you not add Chronus to the lock screen when a corporate email account is added with a security policy? I can delete the standard clock, but cant hit a + icon to add the Chronus widget to the lock screen. When a security policy is applied, it removes Chronus from the lock screen and just puts regular clock widget on the lock screen. Any suggestions?
+Troy Corbin  I fully agree with you ! it will be more than needed ! The clock on the lockscreen is pretty sad when encrypted
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