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When is CM10.1 coming to AT&T SGS3???? :/
When is CM10.1 coming to AT&T galaxy note i717?
To actually stay on the top of what this post is about, how's it working +Giulio Cervera ?
I hate myself for having a Xperia P and no CM 10 :(
Does it work on Xperia TX?
The hardware architecture is almost the same isn't it?
Ungrateful anoying disrespectful comments. Seriously team well done.
Ungrateful anoying disrespectful comments. Seriously team well done.
Brilliant work! Sad it won't run on my DHD but I'm in awe of the work that you guys put in to make all this happen. Thanks for my froyo :)
Can I install this if my bootloader is locked?
And in case of I can't, how can I unlock it, if in the testing screen says that the unlock is "Not Allowed"?
I own a #XperiaT. Can you please share detailed instructions how to install CM10? First time I'm trying it, do tell.
Any news on a root / rom for HKC p771a
Here too...
If the NEXUS 4 won't come to Switzerland I am probably going for the XPERIA T or V ... Still hope for a XPERIA NEXUS
Ryan R.
hoping for CM on TX as well :)
Wooot, that is rather fast, looking forward to the release.
Does the camera on the xperia T work at full res on this? Never tried CM before but the slowness of updates from Sony is making me consider it for the first time. Have had my T rooted since purchase.
yes it works at 13mp. only hdmi out didnt work for me with previous version, i will flash the latest nightly right now. i hope it works this time... its smooth version!
Ryan R.
My question is, does the kernel now can be flashed thru recovery as well(together with the ROM)? Or does it still needs PC for flashing via fastboot? :D:D:D
+Ryan R. I think you will always need Fastboot for Xperia T because of how Sony does things (or Flashtool)
+Thierry Destinobles i have installed but when i saw 4.1.2 than i reflashed to my stock rom backup. I use stock 195 with siyah kernel... Perfect for now
+Erhan Afacan Thanks, hope the HDMI works on release as I used that and a MHL adapter with my TV.

Looking forward to flashing this to my T. :)
+Girish Verma To my knowledge, all LTE (Xperia TL) units currently available have locked bootloaders that cannot be unlocked.  I know the AT&T TL cannot be unlocked.
Awesome! I'm already using CM10 as a daily driver, keep up the great work!
hi, I´m  using CM10 on my SGSII, but I´ll Hope buy a Oppo find 5, for me it´s the best phone, so in the future, will my Oppo have CM10??
+Rabih Ortuño Future support of any device is not guaranteed, but the first key is a maintainer.  If no maintainers choose to work with it, and no competent maintainer does a bringup and submits it to devrel, it won't be supported.

Even with a multi-person maintainer team, various roadblocks can keep a device back.  See the fact that no Exynos4 device got CM10 stable.

That said, the Oppo looks like it's a Qualcomm-based device with nice specs, so I think the real key is whether it has any "nasty surprises" that make it difficult to bring up.  For example, if it does not have an unlockable bootloader you'll see a LOT of maintainers avoid it like the plague.  There are many nice devices with SoCs that are easy to work with that maintainers won't touch due to locked bootloaders.  (I think the majority of devices in CM that are supported despite locked BLs are Verizon ones, because you simply have no choice on Verizon other than changing carrier.)  If the Oppo's BL is unlockable, it's going to tempt me...  :)
any luck on MHL with 4.2? It's the only thing keeping me from this rom as I use an Appradio2 which requires MHL
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