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When we were at the +BigAndroidBBQ handing out Cid stickers, a lot of folks asked if we would be doing CyanogenMod cases for their devices. Well, we sat down with the folks from +Cruzerlite to see what we could do. 

The cases can now be pre-ordered. The selection of devices are limited for this run, just so we can gauge the interest and see if people actually want these; more will come later. And if you pre-order now, you'll get 20% off of the retail price! 
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im getting the same thing, also is there a way to buy cm stickers? those would be awesome.
I'll def buy one if you offer one for the Nexus 4
I would totally rock one on my company issued iPhone ;)
Website is down, too bad. Definitely proud to rep my CM10 love!
So does that show that there's enough interest?  ;-)
Jake N
Funny you have cases for note2 but no cm rom
You guys sure are copying aokp quite a bit lately....
Hmm, SGSIII case? for a device that isn't even officially supported yet?
I think you are all right. we broke the internet.....well that portion of it...MEDIC! Server down.....
i need one of these, but dont suppose that my dhd will ever get one
+Parker Harrington d2tmo, d2att, d2spr, d2vzw and d2mtr disagree with you :)

Now, the Note 2 you have a valid argument, but its one of the more popular selling device cases on Cruzerlite, hence the addition. 
Definitely want the GSIII one, wish i had the money now. Hopefully they come back at another date.
Parker I've been rock in cm10m for awhile now on my sgs3. Its really stable. However the last nightly 12 11 12 won't download for d2usc
+Abhisek Devkota Yeah, I am running the d2tmo nightly, I know it is there and works great- but still not "official' until stable release right? not listed as a supported device and I don't see a forum section either (though maybe just hidden somewhere)
Can't wait for a Nexus 4 cm case! :) 
Since you're doing request maybe we can get some HTC Sensation love ;) I'm interested to see if you can do any better than Bruce's Kang.
+Liamm MacLeod me too and agree that it is very stable. I did make the mistake of flashing the new GAPPS including the camera. While the upgrades are great, the camera is not very stable and crashes periodically. Of course, I had a crash last weekend at the most inopportune time w/ a priceless picture that was lost forever. Such a shame. Live and learn.
A battery Cover for SGS3 would be nice as well =)
I'd like to have one for the Nexus 4. The original one has that strange glitter effect. But it seems that the NFC is integrated in the cover, so this could get a bit tricky.
Google is suggesting bumpers for the Nexus 4 due to wireless charging.
I ordered one for my S3 to support CM!!
Perhaps you can get them to make a nexus 7 case? That would be dope :) 
No case for my iPhone??? That would be awesome, ironic and hilarious! :)
Ordered my SIII case. Can't wait to rock that thing. 
Alan M
Touchpad for me!
nothing for the great nexus S !!
Will the Galaxy Nexus case fit a Verizon Galaxy Nexus with extended battery?
Just ordered two of them for the s3!
I soooo need that for my Galaxy Nexus!

Does the cover fits with the extra-huge battery addon? (Doubles its thickness).

Anyway, sadly the shipping costs almost as much as the case (16$ for the case, 12$ for the shipping), I will wait a bit.
I'm still stuck on a Nexus S. But if you make a case for that I'll definitely buy one.
I swear that I'm really trying, but I still don't like Cid.
UUuuff! Really cool, i want one, but  i'm a G2x user. Hopefully some day you make covers for this one.
I imagine since the Nexus 4 can still be charged the traditional way that cases won't be scarce. Can't wait. 
Cid and the stunted growth of Exynos based devices make this a no go. Otherwise, I would show my support. I'd buy a Cyanogenmod case for the Nexus 4 though.
Too bad their products blow. Got 2 cases from them and had terrible quality control issues 
Would get this if the design wasnt so ugly. I love CM though
Evo 4g lte please that phone is too hideous not to have one
If you guys eventually get one for the Nexus 4, I'll definitely purchase one!
If a Bondish Xperia T cm10 case became available i'd be in the Q... :)
Too bad you didn't get Seidio to make it. They're about the only ones who make a separate holster for their cases. 
If there was a cm-themed book-like case for my Nook Color, I would definitely purchase it.
Will the Galaxy Nexus case fit the LTE Nexus with the extended battery?
If it was a still of the CM10 boot logo, I'd grab it.  Cid reminds me of an angsty teenager
I'd love a CM case, but I look at Cid and all I see is the twelve year old skateboard kids in my neighborhood. The design of Cid is too childish for a grown man to put on his phone.
Looks sweet, but I can't justify paying $12 for shipping.
+Daniel Chrulew yes, I just ordered one and I live in Sydney. Shipping is a bit steep though at $12.
No sgs2? Shame, i can't show the love...
i don't like hard cases, the phone become too big. what about soft pouch cases? also you wouldn't need a different case for every phone...
Need to worry less about shit and finish cyanogenmod 10. Completely bricked my Galaxy s3 for no reason and now I have to wait until my Nexus comes in. For sure won't be using this again. I hope no one else has to deal with this shit.
+Devon Quaternik this is why every dev puts disclaimers on their work. Starts with "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE... etc" usually. 
I definitely want to support CyanogenMod but I'd prefer to buy a t-shirt instead. I can see some are available online but I don't know if the funds go back to you or if they go to the designers.

Way to go, guys!
These cases fit with all OEM extended batteries and accessories.
Y'know, if it was the current CM10 circle on the back, it would be an instant buy for me. But I could never bring myself to carry a phone with this embarrassment on the back.
Would love to see some Evo LTE love. 
Looks nice - Can we just use the spinning ring Cyanogenmod10 boot animation?
Now I need only +CyanogenMod -branded smartphone to be happy :)) 
Please keep this open till I get paid at the end of November. I may not use cm till stable on s3 but will happily support 
I got excited until I saw Cid, pass. 
Is there something for Galaxy Note 2?
Hating on Cid seems popular. I strongly urge you to design a nice bumper for the Nexus 4 with Cyanogenmod slapped on one side. That's all it needs to be and it gets money.
M. S.
Without the writing it would be a winner! Still nice. 
Love CyanogenMod! Hate Cid! Worst mascot since Purdue Pete!
So, I'm guessing that means there will be a CyanogenMod for the Note2?  That would be great!
+Markus Kaloski - Ahhh Ok. :-)
Maybe they will for v2 of the case - THE ONE WITH NO CID!
Make one for the HTC EVO LTE and I'm in!
Marco V
I'll wait for a white version! Black cover is not compliant with white s3 :-) 
Of course for the note2 and not my note1. Pfft
I would love such case for my n7000
CM10 for GALAXY S ADVANCE I9070!!!! Pls, guys!!!
I'd buy it if it supported my extended battery. 
Just ordered my case. Hopefully I can find someone who wants my OtterBox.
Stickers.... I would buy the CRAP out of some CM stickers!
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