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Galaxy S4 AT&T

The patch to enable nightlies for the AT&T variant of the S4 (jflteatt) has just been merged - builds will be available with the nightly cycle this evening. 
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There are no words for the joy :)
+CyanogenMod Any plans for releasing M version for int. SGS3? Nightlies seems pretty stable now.
Can I haz nightlies for i9505 int'l?
Great work guys I had faith all along and decided to keep this device thank you so much your ROMs are all I use and I think you guys are the absolute best! 
Can't wait for the nightly train! 

BTW anyone else disabled their capacitive buttons with the nav-bar enabled on an AOSP rom?? I couldn't stand waiting until June 23rd, I had to Googlefy my phone ASAP
+sergey a Seriously? Why do you ask that here, it's about the jflteatt nog about the i9300 which will never get stable builds unless Samsung gives sources.
I can't wait for the Verizon S4 nightlies!!!
Yeah!But I need a S4 first……
When can the international version get the nightly please? They have the same hardware I believe.
I have an I9505 and run the CM10.1 for the american SGH-M919
+Thiago Souza I also have an int'l i9505. Question: When the awesome CM Team starts nightlies for it, what codename will it use on I'm confused about this whole "jflte" naming scheme (or is it only for regional variants?) since the previous Galaxy Flagships simply used their model name (i9300, i9305, etc).
Woot Woot! Now all we need is the Verizon version! XD
mine crashes a lot i am using cm10.1 with my s4 at&t and i have a ktweaker kernel and it crashes a lot is there a reccommended kernel that will allow over clocking 
Any eta for releasing a version for the i9500 Samsung Galaxy S4?
+Fernando Figueroa It's considered rude, in the custom ROM community to ask for an eta. My guess would be August/September before there'll be a semi-usable version (untested nightly build). My guess.
I know it's still on nightlies so bugs are to be expected, but I was just wondering if anyone was having a similar issue to me.

My phone (running 10.1-20130601-NIGHTLY-jflteatt) keeps on resetting itself. It randomly shuts off and goes straight into the boot cycle. This happens often, over 10 times a day, on each nightly after the nightlies started getting released. I really hope this gets fixed soon, I'm going to keep updating it daily.
It's ironic how as I was reading your response, my phone rebooted. lol. I did experience the call hanging up issue, but that was fixed as well. No issue with my bluetooth here.

If no one else is having this issue, any idea as to what could be causing it on my device, and no one else's? The only thing I could guess is it's an app that's going haywire and crashing the phone.
I have mine rooted and ready for a stable release of cm. Keep up the good work guys!
I'm new here. How will I know when a stable release is available? Will it be posted here?
When you are upgrading from a nightly or previous release candidate, is it okay to restore system apps and data with titanium? It's quite annoying having to redo all system settings after I just restore user apps as advised in the past... 
+Greg Weston Are stable releases just "out of the blue"? Or, is there some sort of timeline to expect release of stable?
+Jonathan Wilson There's no sort of timeline. They'll be out when they're out. Trust me, I wish that there were ETA's lol
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