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The new Nexus

We noticed a few random third-parties building CM10.1 for the new Nexus devices, and people actually using those builds... :-)

Since there's a demand for it, today we've started rolling out nightly builds for the mako (Nexus 4) at , and the manta (Nexus 10) will join in as soon as it's ready. The rest of the devices will still be getting 10.0 (Android 4.1) builds until we finish merging 4.2 and flip the switch for everybody.

As usual, no ETAs. Thanks for not asking :-D
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Now I just need a Nexus 4 to flash :P
Great stuff. Now if I could only get my hands on a nexus 4 :)
Heee CM team - what about 4.2 for older devices??? sorry for asking here^^

No, just a joke.
I follow your gerrit messages and i can see minute by minute a lot of developers are working hard to integrate new features and fix a lot of bugs.
Good work by a good team!

Have a nice day :)
ETA ETA ETA.  No wait sorry couldn't help myself.
here's hoping that merging 4.2 into the 4.1 builds for the GS3 will bring some stability.... I flashed a nightly and it worked fine.. flash the next nightly didn't like the outcome so clean flashed back to the one that "worked" and it wasn't the same experience as before.. as usual thank you CyanogenMod for all the hard work!!
it's so hard not to ask.... 
Loving CM10 with 4.1.2 on my GNex, and I'll gladly wait for an "M" build of 10.1.  Thank you all, for all your hard work.
+CyanogenMod you could had to the nexus build the NAVIGATION BAR HEIGHT, i think the bar is too high !!!
Now if you can give me the nexus 4 I would be willing to be a tester for it :)
My my, check out the kernel version used! 
too bad... It seems that the Maguro isn't intresting anymore since all dev's getting their N4.
+Andreas Bratfisch Thats not the same. Maguro's prerequisites are (more or less) the same as on the N4, so there is no reason why it would not fit to nightlys too.
3rd parties are also building CM 10.1 for the Galaxy Nexus (Toro) as well and people are using it.  Sad to see the GNex go to second class so fast after the Nexus 4 release.
+Oliver Lienhard it will come, i'm sure :) most difficult parts to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 is a new implemented storage mechanism and some graphic problems. Currently codeworkx is fighting against proprietary drivers like Mali,UMP and TVOut. if its solved, you will get a nightly too :)
+angus young the article says its 10.1  The entire article is about it getting 10.1 except for a small sliver saying the tablet will get it soon as its ready. 
+Andreas Bratfisch Yes, of course they will come... but I'm anxious :-P

My last device was an SGS2 so it pleased me greatly to read that codeworkx cares about the drivers... he's work on the sgs2 (on ICS) was very brilliant.

Are you involved in CM-developing too? (Device maintrainer or so?)
Woohoo!  Now I just need to get one ;)
Its not like its hard to get a cm 10.1 maguro build. Why all the complaining? It had 4.1 so it has to be merged, n4 is the official 4.2 device. This is no different than any other nexus launch.
+CyanogenMod Must be a good feeling to see people prefer your great mod even over the pure and up to date Android experience.

I also love the added functionality of CM so much that I would flash CM on my Nexus 4 if I had one.
I hope someone will bring CM to the Padfone 2, as I plan to buy it in the next weeks.
And will it be gaps for it? In the download space I can't see any 4.2 gaps. 4.2 gaps for 4.1 based rom crash 4.2 systems
That's fantastic news.  CM is the only ROM I run on my devices, this will be great on my Nexus 4.  Is there a recommended Gapps package that anyone suggests?  I have seen a couple out there for download.  Thanks.
A hope somebody will write a good backup guide for safe move to 10.1. I tried unoficial 10.1 and now I can't go back :( (that's my falt I know). Even Titanium can"t also do his job
never never never NEVER NEVER ASK FOR ETA
you get what you get when you get it. annoying the devs won't speed up the process, and they wont release it unless they are comfortable doing so. 
There's also demand for vivo aka HTC Incredible S :(
I am such a sucker for the newest shinny toy that I have to keep reminding myself that the only thing I care about in 10.1 that I don't already have in CM 10 is the lock screen widgets. I'm in great shape until the official CM 10.1 comes out. Thanks +CyanogenMod team. 
Kai Lim
more like there's a demand for the nexus 4 itself... but awesome work on compiling so quickly!
+CyanogenMod is any optimizations in your kernel or is it just part of the build process.. just wondering if I should stick with franco.kernel or run your stock CM one. Thanks and great work :D
Awesome been waiting for this. Now let's unleash the beast that is nexus 4!!!!
this rom brings more brilliant colors, cellphone overheat sometimes , almost working except live wallpaper.. just saying! Good work CM team!
Let's make a version for phones that just came out and phones that are almost 4 years old but yet forget about phones (which have a few "third party devs" building CM10 ROMs) like the E4GT....sorry, I'm in a ranting mood today....
Any possibility of P999 getting CM10?
Dont know if this is the right place for this question but does anyone else have a problem with battery drain on CM10 with "Media" under battery info being right below "Screen". Sometimes "Media" is using 50% of my battery. I love CM10 but had to switch till i find a solution to this. Ive searched forums and have found nothing.
Battery drain has  always been an issue with android, have you check XDA Forums?
+Anthony Dunlap ahh i see. I should have specified im on a GS3 with Verizon... So my device should be supported?
+Cesar Briceno Yes i've owned a DroidX, Galaxy Nexus, and now my Galaxy S3. This phone has the bet battery of the 3. I can easily get 10 hours of heavy use. But suddenly i noticed this "Media" in Battery Info. Been trying to figure out whats doing it. Only way i got it to go away was to flash another ROM.
Google has them in stock as of yesterday just have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for shipping. 
There is no ETA because they don't know. It will be ready when they feel its ready. 
+Timothy Farol its the media scanner that doesnt stop correctly when finished. "your" device maintainer should look to patch that, in the CM 10 main tree the bug is solved since a few weeks :)
filename of nightly still shows cm10 & not cm10.1. Bit confusing to me
Rob M.
"Since there's a demand for it"

What are things that are self evident :-P
+CyanogenMod Is there a way to tell from the version number whether it is 10.0 or 10.1 nightly?  With the naming convention it is not possible for me to tell...Maybe something to think about?
Ehen will i get stable cm10 for galaxy s2
Rob M.
I noticed even TC has been given the Holo treatment, good work.  Feels good to be back on the CM, although I must say the wait wasn't as torturous as previous waits since the factory image is no slouch either.
Hearing any rumblings for the LG Optimus G? Bootloader is unlocked now and hardware is almost identical to Nexus 4. Thanks!
My toaster heats up a lot with the latest nightly. :/ Any ETA on a stable release for it? 
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Thanks but what about updated Gapps for 10.1? The CM10 Gapps on the CyanogenMod Wiki doesn't allow the ROM to boot past the setup screen.
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Rob M.
+Kingsley More flash CM and the women will be drawn to you like flies to rotting meat.
when will cm10 for nexus s  support ad-hoc?
Don't know the process of merging 4.2 into CM tree, but don't understand how a new phone that barely anybody has gets this first, maybe cause it's a true AOSP phone compared to phones that have been out longer and more people have then Nexus 4.
Flashed it on my Nexus 4. Works great so far! 
lol you tell us not to ask yet you promote the ones 'asking' by making an official nightly build ;) 

Way to go...way to go...
Nice, I cant wait to have my Nexus 4 and flash it!
Is there an issue with the N7?
Anyone know where I can get gapps for this build?
ITT people who think we only ever work on the device(s) in the picture/OP and disregard all others instantly. 

+Hans Hong we are still considering what the filename should be moving forward. Traditionally, nightlies only show the major version (in this case 10-date) not major-minor-date (10.1-date). Release versions traditionally show major-minor-sub (9.0.1, etc). 

That said, we understand the confusion, so yea, we are still considering what to do. Luckily, mako and manta don't have an issue, so we bought ourselves some time :) 
Rob M.
+Abhisek Devkota I think you might have to dumb it down more than you might think if you do indeed decide to change the naming convention.  People with GN's were confused by the Saturday night CM9 builds and would flash that over their CM10 ROM, although that speaks more to them taking the time to read the zip file name more than anything else :-D
+Ivan Chapz Long standing upstream issue Initial support was introduced in ICS, and improved upon since then. If the bug is fixed in 4.2 source, then it'll be fixed in CM 10.1
Is it possible to fix the Bluetooth issues that are present on 4.2? I can't use my speakers and tether via Bluetooth since the upgrade. I was expecting Google to push an update for such an obvious bug really soon, but all we got is one more month in the People app, big deal LOL
I was not aware of the amount of RAM on the Nexus 4. Nice !
Just get it on the galaxy nexus and I'll be fine. I can skip the nexus 4.
Still no official love for the Rezound :(
Seconding the request on the LG Optimus G.  I bought the AT&T E970 version last week at Fry's Electronics for $99 (with contract) solely because the bootloader had been cracked and a CM10 release should be a relatively simple deal.  Currently the only custom ROM is a de-bloated stock version.  (What I mean by "solely" is that a locked bootloader was a deal killer.)

Current family devices:
Nook Color (CM10 nightly)
Nexus 7 (rooted stock)
Thrive (CM10 unofficial port)
2 x LG Optimus V (Inferior Human Organs variant)
Captivate (CM10 release)
LG Optimus G E970 (rooted stock)
+Ozgur Ozdil CM isn't one person. There are different people working on different things. The Mako devs are going to be working on Mako regardless of the other devices.
Running it on my N4 now. Smooth. Google Wallet doesn't work, everything else works great.
+Sean G Cyanogenmod isn't a company. The best Google could do is hire the CM developers. If they just want the code, they can merge it with AOSP from Github.

In all seriousness, though there's some stuff in CM that is strictly better, some of the functionality is targetet towards power users, and would confuse normal users, and thus has no place in AOSP.
Cant wait to have it on my p1000
Sean G
+Aaron Traas if Google were smart, sure they got their eyes on CM, They'd hire All the developers.
I have yet to root, so I don't know crap. But just got a Nexus7 would love to Root it. Try CM.
Just not sure if I can reset it back to factory defaults, in case I want to return. Needs a Dock!
+Sean G since it's a Nexus, factory images are available to restore exactly to factory settings. It will still say Bootloader unlocked though. Not sure what their policy is on that.
+Sean G Rooting, and returning to stock on your Nexus 7 is super easy. And you don't need a dock, you need swiftkey, its a keyboard replacement app. Make sure you get the tablet version for your N7. 
Sounds great, though I have to wonder how the Nexus 4 has received such a fast response, while the Galaxy Nexus still isn't officially supported with the latest releases. It's always seemed like a glaring omission, especially considering the typical owner of the device. 
Good stuff!  Just ordered my Nexus 4 yesterday. I have no idea when I'll actually get it but it's nice knowing CM will be waiting for it when it arrives!  
Is there any more info on the lack of USB OTG hardware support on the N4?
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Google wallet force closes foe me anyone else having this problem?
I use Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S and I've waiting for cm10.
4.2 seems laggy on the galaxy nexus. I'm more than happy to stay on cm10, as long as they take to make 10.1 evenore impressive than 4.2.1.

who is the mako maintainer? I want to follow him/her
i ned more information.
Sevan B
CM10.1 nightly version on Nexus 4 are simply amazing. However, AVRCP 1.3 is missing which makes bluetooth less usable; but I'm certain it'll be working soon, if +CyanogenMod 's track record is to be considered. Thanks for my amazing daily experience with my phones.
Thanks for making my nexus 7 a true tablet. 10.1 would be nice though... =) patiently waiting
dilemma here...just ordered the N4(FINALLY), should I flash Cyanogen on it asap or wait until 5.0?
Sevan B
I would definitely flash it as soon as received. CyanogenMod 10.1 makes the Nexus 4, far more usable with custom tiles in the setting drawer, expanded Desktop option, and all the goodies associated with CyanogenMod.
OK my nexus 4 is now here... Just discovering the stock ROM is a featureless piece of crap... question is... AOKP or Cyanogen?
Idem for me ... will manta have ad hoc support, it's important for me !
Any ETA about adding AD HOC to this build ?
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