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It came from Paranoia!

Well, more like +Paranoid Android to be exact. 

Ever been on a roll in Fruit Ninja and accidentally hit the home soft-button while ferociously slicing an orange? No? Well pretend you have; this will fix that. 

Selectively hide the status bar and navigation bar for those pesky not-so-fullscreen apps!

Major shout-out to the PA team, Paul Beeler, Dan Symonds and all the reviewers who chimed in on Gerrit. This one almost didn't make it in, and definitely wouldn't have without the code and use-ability fixes - 18 patchsets well spent!
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Wish I could do something like this with my hardware keys on the d2vzw. 
Nice, always been my favorite feature in custom launchers. 
Nice to see collaboration with other devs! I love reading news like this. 
It's good as my little girl won't always touch the home button when playing Magic Piano :)
Nice! I hope it also disables the Google Now gesture?
i'm going to try to adding navbar on/off toggle and custom soft key targets in the empty space next to the settings shortcut in the statusbar to Vanir. any devs out there want to help collaborate on it? I want to include back and home as possibilities so you don't have to use the power button every time you want to go back.  hit my gtalk
I believe the gesture is triggered by sliding from the edge of the screen; not sure if the nav bar is involved or not.
+Craig Laparo II think it's actually triggered by dragging up from the status bar, not the edge of the screen or any button specifically.
Nice. Now we just need to have Geo based profiles. (Wifi ssid would do)
+Bradley Uffner Try dragging up on the side of the nav bar where there is no button. No dice. Also, you can long hold the home button, but not the rest, but you can still drag up on the rest.
+Daniel Bateman Ahh, you are correct, but you can still trigger it from the back and tasks button.  Either way I think hiding the nav bar will stop the gesture that brings up Google Now.
Great to see this sweet feature in my favourite ROM. Seems worth all the rework now!
+CyanogenMod think you guys will ever add the MIUI status bar to the ROM? It's literally the only thing keeping me from cyanogen 
Love seeing this in cm, is there any chance this will be backported to cm9? We touchpad users would be really happy.
I suppose stock will have this in 2 years time?
+Enrico Bastelli non so che dirti, non ho mai usato un tel coi tasti virtuali... cerco solo di capire questi duecento +1 e il bisogno di implementare sta cosa
E saranno i 200 che hanno cell senza tasti fisici :D
Cmq è molto comoda!
CYANOGEN PEEPS, Hi I need your help. My friend gave me a useless tab made by HCL (ME Y2).. it does not have access to lotsa things a normal tablet would have. I m thinking of replacing the firmware with  a rocking CyanogenMod. 

can you give me some advice, or steps on How Tos's.. 
kindly email me for your assistance.

thank you for your assistance
How about 2-/3-finger swipe down (to edge) to hide and swipe up (from edge) to show?
Presumably, this is only applicable to those with soft buttons, i.e. it'll not be rolled in for my SGS2 i9100?
It's great having this feature in the Dark ParanoidAndroid ROM. Good for the CM users.
Wish the button was in the navigation bar and that a single tap on one of the hard-keys would turn it off again, would be quicker to toggle.
Ryan R.
Please tease us more CM team :D
Nice...I have been cherry picking this one for my personal CM10 build for a less step for me.
+Paul Beeler Thanks for your part. Just started running PA on my new one s and liking this option. Thanks to everyone else as well
i have android tablet pc................................:D
I'll try to enable this on N80xx within the next few days.  However, with Hurricane Sandy rolling through, it could be a while.
I'd love to have this and the swipe away everything button in the recent apps flow. Those are two things I really miss from PA. 
+Edwin Torres He's asking about device bringup for a currently unsupported...  not how to install on a N7.  The best would be if someone can find a video of jerpelea's talk on device bringups he gave at BABBQ.
Great news, I'm always doing this on Fruit Ninja! 
+John Karaman  Here are a couple articles on how to root ( and flash CM10 ( on the Nexus 7 Android tablet.  It's very easy to do on the Nexus 7.  I imagine the process is the same for Android phones.  After all, the phones have been rooted long before the Nexus 7 existed.  Read those articles and follow the links to the forums.  Get as much background info. as you can because there's always the danger of bricking (destroying) your phone.  XDA Developers is a great forum for info. on rooting.  You might want to start here:
+Andrew Dodd Then start Googling there's tuns of information around if you want to do it you just need to put the effort in an learn, its really not hard to do.
Paranoid Android is definitely crafted by a great development team.
I'm using PA on my i9100 since 1.6 until now 2.52, PA + CM10 = awesome!!!
This is a very encouraging comment I was always trying to figure out why most people I meet nothing negative even really bothers them I got it let love always abide in the heart then there would be no room for anger I see the rest of this year going in a new direction for me I will pass this comment along to others
Ahh!  My son needs this option!  You guys are the greatest!
My issue is I keep accidentally swiping open Google Now. When you're half asleep and trying to read a book in a hammock at night... it gets annoying :P
+lester neil jumarang Jerplea held a presentation in french too that I assume is similar to the one he gave on the BBQ. The french one (with english subtitles) is available on youtube though. It describes the overall process and a few common pitfalls that you'll probably find helpful.

PAUG Conf Days - Android - Cyanogenmod & ROM Custom

I'd say it's also worth checking out the SoC it uses and see if you can find good kernel and userspace source for it from somewhere. If it is a less common device and the manufacturer is bad at releasing source, try looking for devices using similar hardware and use that as a base instead.
This is definitely good to see.

Will we get Paranoid Settings? Or would that defeat the purpose of Paranoid Android in the first place?
While we like and enjoy working together in terms of smaller feature sets, like that in this post, we will not be pursuing Paranoid Settings or the general hybrid UI style of PA. 
Where is this option? Changelog said it's included but I don't find it. 
+Björn Lundén That's not a talk from Jerpelea, that one is from xplodwild.  It is another good reference though.

+Guido Steiner It's enabled on a per-device basis by the device maintainer.  It won't be enabled on devices it doesn't make sense for (such as devices that have hardware touchkeys - these don't have a navbar to hide, and on these devices, fullscreen apps have no problem hiding the status bar.) - This probably should have been done with code to automatically enable/disable depending on device, but people wanted it merged quickly.
Eric F.
I hope this will help to hide the stupid systemui bar at the bottom of every Android tablet (so annoying when we type on the virtual keyboard, when we play games...)
Léda L
huh....... i love it
+Andrew Dodd Thanks for letting me know that. I'm missing it on the Asus TF101 which dosn't have hardware buttons.
My infant daughter & Ethereal Dialpad thank you - Haven't found any better way for her to create her own music (ie, not squeeze panda feet or hit gigantic buttons to play a prerecorded song), and this should make it much, much easier.

This one's almost important enough to consider finally pumping CM10 to my Nexus7.
I wonder if we can make it so that the power, volume up, volume down are remapped to home, back and recents and have the expanded mode by default.
This is very cool. Now if there were some gestures that could replace the software buttons, the desktop could stay permanently expanded. 5 finger pinch for home, 3 fingers swiped right for back and 3 fingers swiped up for multitasking might work. 
What that....?????
Léda L
Using latest nightly on Nexus 4 and disabling/expanding the navBar the background does not adapt like on this images, any way to fix it?
required CyanogenMod rom for hcl me v1?????????provide it..
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