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We are transitioning to for all CM web assets and utilities.  More information in the linked post. 

-The CyanogenMod Team
We at CM are very trusting of our members, showed by both respect and permissions granted to those people we consider part of the team. Last month, this trust
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CG Nobles
Good luck guys. Sorry this is happening :-(
Good luck getting it all back to its rightful owner. Greed will be the downfall of this planet. 
Please press charges against this scumbag.
such a dumbass . money-grubbing idiot...
Stay strong, CM.  Karma exists and people will get theirs
Well that's a pretty scummy turn of events. Best of luck!
Disgraceful behaviour, I say bring the full force of the law against them if you can. That sort of behaviour is not to be tolerated.

Full support to the continued existence of CM.
That sucks.  Best of luck getting it straightened out, and preventing that person from doing it again!
What a loser. I hope you can get everything back soon! Also, very professional in not telling the person's name. Keep up the great work.
If it's best not to mention the name for legal reasons, cool, but after you guys burn this guy (hopefully you do), please mention his name. It would be nice for people to know who to stay away from.
Please consider incorporating a 501(c)(3) organization to which tax-deductable donations of money and equipment may be made.  That should also make it easier to resolve ownership and administrative control disputes with third parties.
Wow that's bang out of order and disgusting. It's really sad to think people would behave like that! I really do find it such a terrible thing to happen I hope it gets sorted soon.

Although I think you should stick to .org because the project is less of a company and more of a non-profit and you usually expect .org when it comes to charities and non-profits ( for example)

It's such a terrible thing to happen it really is and I hope it's fixed ASAP!  I really don't understand some people
I'm a google apps domain admin, and have setup 15+ google apps domains. If you need help getting one up and running quickly, I can make that happen.
Down with "Steve"! Whomever is this impersonator?
Good luck guys that sucks. This makes me want to donate now more than ever for all your awesome hard work.
J Sal
Will we see Cyanogen Mod 10 for the HTC thunderbolt?
Send "Anonymous" after the D-Bag ;)
What an idiot. Hope everything is back to normal soon.
Wow that's so despicable and just greed at its best. Fuck that guy.
i'm still primarily on swiftkey. i suggest you try that out, it seems the fastest for me at least
Complete and utter arsehole!
What a despicable, opportunist jackass.
Think we need to start up another round of donations. Good luck guys.
keep up the good work guys! hope this doesn't get you down
I have a torrent server which is checking for new versions every day. Is it possible that he can upload a new rom version to to "destroy " or brick our mobiles? If it is, post a warning please. I know that's a worst case, but I don't no how much access and knowledge he has. I will stop searching and loading new versions ( torrents and normal downloads) until you figured out if he manipulated anything.
I can't wait for their version of events.

It takes two to Tango.
Sorry to hear this, guys. You do excellent work, and the community backs you 100%, so we know that everything will come back together well. Keep on rockin'.
wow. sorry to hear this happen. i have been using CM7 nightlies for the last year or so. I hope there are no hidden back doors in any of the roms. I hope suitable measures will be put in place going forward.
Ddos him! 
What a d*ck move. smh... keep up the great work CM. 
All it takes is 1 disgruntle employee, what a douche!!!
Sometimes I don't know how you guys keep fighting the good fight in the midst of all the crap. But many kudos to you! My devices and I thank you!
It's such a pity that you had to go through this crap, I hope they get reamed for this.@Team Cyanogenmod, you guys rock for handling this in such a respectable way!
U done the right thing peeps. We are the lucky ones. Just got to change a few bookmarks and bits. You have got much more to sort out than that! Heads up! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! And u lot ain't going no were!
+Felix Paetow oooh good point...  I need to discuss something with the team regarding this when I get home from work...
Wow, what a prick. My best wishes to those helping to sort this out.
Exclusive prediction: once this hits 4chan the life of Fake Steve will not be very good.
Funniest thing is. Even if you don't get your domain back the dude is stuck with a site worth nothing. No one will want that name. No one will want to work with a backstabbing walker(auto miscorrection mistake left in). 
That's pretty horrible, best of luck to you guys.
anon's gonna tear that ass up
I'm really hoping this isn't who I think it was. I hope that everything continues more smoothly in the aftermath of this unfortunate situation.
Here's $5 to help not much but things are tight here. Keep up the good work and be thankful you caught the git now and not later when he'd done even more damage. What goes around comes around, he'll get his just rewards for this sometime.
+Ricardo Cerqueira  Always thought it was something like a shortlink to the site but anyway, has he access to this site? If yes, we coud get the same trouble. This could be the biggest security issue I ever heard of. Cause you have how many, something about 1,3 million users or so. How will you speard the information to each one ? Does someone inform the online newspapers and so on?

+Andrew Dodd , hope that wasn't a joke of you cause I take serious.
.org fits even better than .com! .ORGanization suits the CM ideology way better than .COMmercial. Don't worry.. no data was lost, right? Nevermind..
What an arsehole. Good luck with getting it sorted! Thanks for the info!
Good luck, he has greed, you've the community :)
This is terrible! I can't believe the level to which some people will stoop...
Good luck to you guys.  This is very, very unfortunate.  You guys are doing the right thing though.  I do not speak for all of us but I feel that we all appreciate your honesty.
+Felix Paetow After arcee's comment I'm less worried.  The probability of what I'm worried about happening was 0.001% and after arcee's reminder that the downloads page is, it's more like 0.000001%, but if it did happen the results would be disastrous.  Plus if it is who I think it is, I am not sure if they'd be able to pull off what I'm worried about.

When I meant I had to talk to the team, it's that I wanted to get answers like what +Ricardo Cerqueira provided.  I'm thinking we're fine now based on his answer.  I've just been dealing with certain things for too long NOT to get immediately nervous about them.  As it is, improperly merged code has been proven to do massive damage if not caught in time.  What could be done maliciously if someone were able to create a fake build scares the shit out of me, fortunately it sounds like we still have reasonable protection against fake builds.
No fear.... It's all a nice reminder of what the "non open source" world is sometimes like. It also is one of the things that reminds us of how wonderful the gigantic majority of the +CyanogenMod team really are.
Wow. Unfortunately there are so many people like this guy. Take care Cyanogen. I know you guys will be up and running in no time. 
David M
This is disappointing. These types of things are what makes lawyers very happy. Good luck to everyone and I hope it all gets worked out.
+CyanogenMod Is there any reason to be concerned about the domain? Also - good luck with the ICANN process - I know its not the easiest.
Matthew 6:14-16
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. (NIV)
DAMNNNNN son.  greedy stupid fucks.  this isn't what android is supposed to be about.
Assuming this is not some elaborate hack where the social networking accounts were compromised and the .com was redirected.... I can only say that this fake Steve must not have thought this through. Who in their right mind pisses off a large group of people with a high percentage of "hackers"????
The man must be the reason the word douchebag was coined.
David M
+Roy Schoolfield Forgiveness is different from punishment. People seem to get that confused.  .
Way to handle it with class. The CM community will be better for it.
Seems to be a bad week for android. With Aokp being hacked , then this.

Still keep pushing on. It will get sorted.

I for one appreciate the clarity you have given us of the situation.
+Felix Paetow He had the domain, not infrastructure access. The little access points he had (administration access on the main site CMS, which doesn't have anything critical) were cut off a couple of weeks ago. Nothing he ever had access to had any connections to the actual product. And was bought well into the "team" stage of things, by the actual core team.

That being said... yes, he can set up new hosts under the domain, but there's no way those can actually compromise anything; however, users can be duped into downloading/installing from them, hence our attempt to spread the message as far as we can.
Been following Steve since the G1 in 08, keep up the good work
One less dickhead you'll have to worry about once you get pass this #teamcm! 
+Ricardo Cerqueira  Thank you for this last post. Now I can sleep better cause none of my friends will call me the next days cause of broken roms or bricked smartphones. So thank you and +Andrew Dodd  again and let me say it this way:

Good fight, good night.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Thanks for the clarification...  I'm feeling MUCH better now and not counting by the minutes so I can return to IRC and discuss a worry.  (as in, it's a non-issue now.)
so sorry to hear this.. don't give up on us humans after all that mess, please ? one guy who couldn't fight his greed is literally nothing. hope all legal issues will be resolved asap and to your benefit. good luck and we love you, CyanogenMod !
Guys like that are the filth of this world. I have sincere respect for all the Dev's in the CM community and the community its self. I hope this person gets the justice he deserves, I will be making donations to assist in legal costs. 
Aye, that's pretty poor form. Hope you get your domains back
That sucks! I hope the person gets what he deserves.
wait... so the G+ page was not compromised right?
Dont worry. What goes around comes around. Good luck :-) 
What a bastard.  I bet he is on drugs.  He'll get his comeuppance.
Slam this guy as hard as you can team! Wanting $10,000 for a domain is a total cash grab, and is a douche move for sure.

I don't personally use a CM ROM on my phone, but that doesn't matter. What the CM community has done for ROM creation on Android is truly staggering, and stupendous. 
Why would someone, in a trusted position, do such a dispicable thing? Press charges! Such sick and greedy behaivour and total lack of accountability cannot go unpunished
Worthless, greedy, scandelous.
Never actually used CM ROM, but I've seen how much you guys have invested into the Android community.  Best of luck with everything!
What a shame... great work handling the situation incredibly professionally and not calling for a massive strike against that guy... major points there for integrity and love!
wow, just wow.  I have no words to describe this.
Sigh, it's such a shame that the world is full of people like that. Anyway good luck cyanogenmod, we will all support you in the coming weeks. 
That. Sucks.  I wish y'all godspeed getting back up and running. The community and fans who use and enjoy CM will stay patiently with you.  Thank y'all for all your contributions to the platform and keep being awesome.
Sorry that this happened. I wish you all the very best. Hopefully justice will be served.
damn.  what a shady bunch of douchebags.
Lets get this guy to play 8 hrs of Team Fortress with him on one side and the CM community on the other side. Seriously, this guy has annoyed a lot of people all at once.
Fargin sneaky bastage, fargin cork sucker!
That's a disheartening thing to hear. I hope you guys understand we are greatly appreciative of everything you guys have provided us. You still have the community behind you. Good luck sorting this mess out!
Sorry to hear about this. You demonstrate the best of the world with your enthusiasm and doing all your work for the enjoyment I of it. Very sad that you have been hurt by someone's greed.
Hey everyone--take your outrage and turn it in a some cold hard cash. Send a few bucks to SK and his team using the link at the bottom of
Unpleasant indeed, i know how it feels as it happened to me too, not in a scale of such a big team, but still i feel you.
I wonder if this was worth ruining his name?
Good luck resolving this matter!
Out the bastard. The whole internet should know who he is.
Juan C
Does that mean every time I've donated to the team using the website this guy received my donations?
Are there any stable CM10 ROM for 19100. I still can't find one.
Good luck going through all this guys
Wow, I hope you guys are able to get him on something (extortion perhaps?). Either way that guy is a d-bag and karma is a b. 
+Brandon Ruiz just imagine how big of a wrath he'd be facing, lol its probably the reason why his name is not being released. 
That sucks to hear what happened. I hope you guys can get it straightened out and move on.
Keep up the great work guys; patiently waiting for CM10.0.0 stable for the i777 :)
very sad to see such low actions from a cyanogenmod team member, i hope this ends well
Terrible. you have the support of the community.
i am very sad to hear that such a thing has happened. CM team, you rock. keep up the great work and anytime you need some of our help, just ask us. it's the least we can do compared to how much you do for us!!
+David De Leon i thought about that too. if there is any chance of the law being able to help out, the community burying him may not help that situation at all. If the law fails us, I say release the name and thus the wrath.
Timmy M
Hot dang! Let me at 'em >_<
Just publish his name and an adress and let the nearest CM-user take care of it.
Changed bookmark, but much to my surprise, my phone is still not officially CM10'd ;)
smart thinking on his part... GET THAT MONEY...
One more stupid pirate of silicon valley
Boo! Hope everything turns out alright. Can the community help at all?
This could get stupid real quick. Before everyone grabs their pitch forks and torches, ponder for a second on whether they would be much better served at the hands of the +CyanogenMod crew, rather than everyone tossing hate mongering comments at him(that ultimately, will do nothing). He's already been discredited just from his own behavior. 
Hopefully more jobs open up f or everybody

Omg. Hope the guy hangs for this. The guy must be the dumbest aHole I've ever heard of. Hope you guys seriously nail his aHole.
I have a suggestion for you, +CyanogenMod: put the new URL for your site (or at least the ".org") on your social networks avatars, so people know about the change quickly. Good luck, and kick that bastard's ass out of this planet!
Out of the thousands of CM users there are, anyone a lawyer? lol
That douche canoe is going to spend eternity with shoving red hot iPhones up his Lightning Port, if you know what I mean.
koush's twitter has this guy, he seems to be having a couple words with him. 'cough' Ahmet Deveci-@MrADeveci'cough' he actually called Koush a troll!
Best of luck guys that is absolutely terrible. Your an amazing group doing great things.
I believe that eventually he should be named and shamed to prevent anyone else falling victim to this.
Hope you guys get over this soon. Love your work!
I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I wish I could help but I think your trust level is a broken right now. You will prevail. Thanks for everything and being open. I only wish the U.S. government could learn from your openess. Best of luck
keep it up guys, you've been great to the android community as a whole. Don't let that douche destroy everything you build for a couple of bucks.
What a dick move.  The extortionist dude probably asked when the next update would be released.  Good luck.
Wow and that's why you never let anyone buy you a domain name, if they want to donate it needs to be in forms of $$.   Always make sure that if its your name being used that your name is registered with it.
I upgraded six months ago out of being a supported device, but I just gave you a donation because I believe in the cause... And don't like greedy assholes. I encourage everyone else to donate extra, it's not going to be cheap the next few months. Keep up the great work, CM team!
I see a bright future for CM, and actually wouldn't be surprised if you attract a lot of investment in the near future. I would rather run CM than the stock Android, and prefer it by a mile to touch wiz or any other company bloat.

Unfortunately and fortunately Judas was found early in the game before irreparable damage could be made. I will be sure to make a donation to help you guys get back on your feet.

Never pay! Let the person get a job like the rest of us and continue being you
I guess the Satan part of his nickname really does apply.
I can only hope you can post names of the creeps that did this!
I love the influence you guys at CM have had on Android in general. It's disheartening to hear this sort of thing happening within your ranks. I can understand greed, but on the surface, this sounds like idiotic greed. Keep up all the great work guys.
So sorry to hear this. Domainers are often a disreputable bunch. Hope you prevail with icann
+Brian McCool See my comment. The CM team are being coy for all the right reasons, by myself and the Ars article are calling this guy out. It's not slander if it's a known fact what he did. Enter one +Ahmet Deveci.
+Richard Hoefer I guess he anticipated the shitstorm that was waiting for him. It will come regardless. Notice how he didn't mention anything about the nefarious activities that started the whole domain issue?
Whole thing stinks. Best of luck sorting it out - I've loved the CM ROMs and various derivations - your work has been invaluable to the Android nerd community.
Juicing and losing weight like a madman it works
Deleted .using predictive text. Am using android so this is not something good to hear and yes my phone uses nexus 4 keyboard.
I thought about it. That's why i gave my comment. Oh well, long live CM10.
Hope it gonna be fine and do ur best. Scumbag's everywhere. Support u guys.
OK I apologize for that stupid comment that wasn't suppose to be how i
would've responded. It was a reaction to how disappointed i was. Anyways i
already edited my comment as i know that it was a very ignorant and selfish
comment. I stand corrected. Thanks for your reply. Now back to topic.
CM is the only thing that saved me from going to iOS. What about someone from Google showing some love and helping you guys out with this? You do work they should be doing anyway.
I mean, they should at least remove the .com website from search results temporarily, till you get it back
@Brandon lol. Yep. Back to topic. Long live CM 10. 
I feel for you guys. Love all your ROMs and the hard work you put in to them.
Keep up the good work guys. It'll work itself out, minus one douche nozzle of course
Good luck with the transition guys. Hope all going well.
Dayum, I've been on CM since my Evo. Hate when people violate others. You'll recover and continue the good work. Sent from my HOX CM10 4.1
I hope everything works out for you guys! I love cyanogen Mod 
Dark Side have no limits...

+1 for .org
Hopefully everything works out for you guys, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this shitty situation. I've been rocking +CyanogenMod since my first "cool" phone, (HTC EVO 4G.) It was like a whole new world, and a wonderful treat to come across you folks. Now, after learning the ropes a bit, I have my EVO LTE rocking Android 4.1.2 and I have you to thank for it. Keep up the good work and after these shenanigans, I only expect you to be stronger. :)
n rocha
Karma... Or just sue the hell out of them
Goodwork for all of you. God bless you all.
Greedy and idiot. CM publish full details of this guy so everyone in community can boycot this person
That sounds really sh.tty; good luck, head and thumbs up
People steal who have no GAME
I look forward to hearing the opposing side of the story.
So very glad you the domain back. I hate to see anything bad happen to the CyanogenMod name.
Good luck. Even though I never flashed you, I plan on trying you out with my Nexus 4. 
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