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Who says Everest is in Nepal?

The first (experimental) release for the Motorola Xoom GSM variant has hit our download portal. You enterprising adventurous types, go have fun. 

Mountaineers need not apply
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This is still a WIP, so please let us know if you encounter any issues.
Why no nightlies in 2 days?! The crackflashers are getting antsy here...
github is derping, when github derps builds bomb.
well well, i say Everest in Nepal coz I'm from Nepal. :D
(paste above comment by prashant in here) :D
I just checked Apple maps. Everest appears to be in Ireland. 
oops justin, u need to get rid of apple :D its got my house in bermuda triangle
Woohoo.. finally. I'll try this ROM for my MZ601. Thanks CM!!!
cant believe Apple maps shows Everest not in Nepal....
+Peter Sicarevic thanks. Bookmarked. I currently check the cm10log and the bug tracker. I will watch jenkins too from now on.
Hallo, what's the lastest stable version for Milestone2/ME722.
Thank you +CyanogenMod
Dear CyanogenMod just to confirm umts everst is in fact working as it should (signal bars are still greyed out - but if you need a tester let me know) hsdpa is working, charging works firing up everything
Omar I
when is next update coming for gs3? really waiting for that circle battery mod!
And btw, I am quite sure (part of) Everest is in Tibet! Or my GPS was broken. 
Tibet is part of China (although they, themselves might disagree on that)
Bring on the GSM Iconia A501 :-) 
Now I can run all my Androids on CM10. Thx!! :)
Sure wish HP TouchPad(Tenderloin) could get in on some of this.  We've got CM9 and it's great.  Just can't get no love here.  :-(
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