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HTC One X (endeavoru)

This device has graduated to 10.1 nightlies. Note the warning below. 
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I sure hope folks understand this is NOT for the ATT One X. However Good Job guys! Glad to see the internation version up to snuff.
Assuming I probably won't need the 2 features mentioned above until next week and want to test the current version, what exactly do I have to do in order to upgrade from CM10?
Sorry, I'm a newbie ;) Just a little confused about the different wiping options in CWmod. Can I simply copy my old sdcard-content into the subfolder of sdcard used by Android 4.2 and will this folder be created automatically during installation etc. ...?
Or will there be daily nighlies again from now on?

+Lukas Stratmann 
Generally updating within the same ROM doesn't require a wipe but its always a good idea.

So you can do a dirty flash before as it'll automatically wipe cache and if it won't work well.. then you know.

As always back up your app data if you plan on wiping to make the transition as seamless as possible. (i.e. via Titanium Backup, Carbon)

and backup your System if you don't have a good or recent enough backup.



Back up your apps.
Back up your system.
Wipe data if necessary.
I'm losing my battle of patiently waiting for a RC or stable build for my HOX... May just get the next nightly. Great work as always guys! 
+Simon Yu thank you! So I can use CMUpdater as always? I thought I had read something about updating to 4.2 being difficult because of a new folder structure or something like that...
Fantastic news! Thanks again guys, looking forward to next weeks release 
sorry, one more question: Do I need to format /sdcard or wipe data/factory reset or sth else?
awesome.. i just inherited this phone from my wife.  Will be a little bit before I finish fixing the screen so ;)

+Marco Reyes figured you'd be interested.
Another note, you'll need an updated bootloader if you are upgrading to CM-10.1 nightly from CM-10 and didn't already update bootloader. The lowest bootloader usable is 1.28.000. We will add a guide to HOX installation notes soon how to do that. To check what HBOOT you have long press Power + Vol Down for a long-long time till you reboot into HBOOT, and there you will see a number If it's not 1.28.000 or a higher version, you need to upgrade. 'Easiest' way - restore HTC Sense backup, re-lock phone, install OTA update, un-lock phone again, install recovery and install rom, and flash boot.img...yes it's painfull, bootloaders are not easy to play with. :-) If you have a phone with HTC Sense jellybean, you should be already fine with this update to cm-10.1 nightly on HOX intl t3. 
Proceed with caution with all of this! Better have a nandroid backup around!
Also worthy noting that updating through RUU exe from HTC (from a PC with USB cable) or using that can be found on XDA OneX threads, will clean your sdcard! So back it up if you upgrade bootloader that way.
Guys how's the camera app on the CM? Do you miss the HTC camera app? 
Fantastic news! Thanks again guys, looking forward to next weeks release 
what about Xperia ION (aoba) seems CyanogenMod doesn't support this device...
Ryan R.
The only thing annoying now is that we still need the PC for flashing the kernel(if there are changes) via fastboot whenever we want to update. Troublesome if we're mostly out and about.
+Костадин Дамянов no. tho there's a nice unofficial CM-10.1 build on xda if you're fine with that. Look it up in the xda forum of X+.
 X+ differs in many of its hardware parts, like wifi and cpu model, so its kernel and libraries differ too.
I've managed to update my hboot and install CM 10.1, but unfortunately right after CM has finished booting I get the message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." When I hit OK the box reappears and I can't do anything else on my phone.
I tried wiping cache and reinstalling the ROM.
Thanks for your help so far!
Yes, "wipe data/factory reset" in CWM. Or should I use "FACTORY RESET" in hboot?
+Lukas Stratmann I will check a full wipe install too soon. So far you are the first to report this issue on cm10.1 I want to check this. If you could hit me up on gplus with a logcat (adb logcat) that would be superb
I'd like to, but I can't even get into the settings and enable debugging...
When I try the command in CWM I only get this:
~/Android/sdk/platform-tools $ sudo ./adb logcat
/sbin/sh: exec: line 1: logcat: not found
My HBOOT is < 1.28 and I don't know how to upgrade it. I search but my CID is a french operator :s
I have been using 10.1 nightlies for my endeavoru successfully forever,  but since 20130303 including 20130306 I'm getting an install error (Status 7) for getprop("ro.bootloader"). Currently I have ClockworkMod Recovery can anyone help point me at what's wrong ?
Do you guys know where I can download the updated bootloader? I need this before I'm able to install 10.1
I finally updated HBOOT to 1.36 by locking HTCDEV, switching back to stock via RUU, doing a tone of OTAs which took me from HBOOT 0.95 to 1.12 the 1.36, then HTCDEV unlock, recovery and finally CM10.1, lots of hoops but I'm there. It's looking good, well done all and thanks for all your work. Can anyone confirm battery use is significantly up ? I've done battery calibration but still chews through while hardly doing anything.
my battery life actually significantly improved, i was getting about 10 hours with 1 hour screen on time before, now i'm getting about 12 with 2 hours screen on time!
Anyone getting random reboots. I have had 2-3 a day. Yesterday I ran Fix Permission from ROM Manager, so far just one reboot today.
Hey +Tommy Holm Hansen is it happening with GPS enabled applications? Unfortunately Facebook and GPS on (or some other GPS using apps) can cause soft reboots when GPS cant lock (inside building etc.)
I gave up on mine. Ordered a Nexus 4 and should be receiving it tomorrow. I'm tired with flashing ROMs just to get pure Android experience. From now on I'm only purchasing Nexus branded phones. 
I'm on 10.1 nightly 20130310.233545 but cyannogen updater or cyandelta downloads fail to boot any later builds, I receive no errors during installation, but once it reboots, it stays stuck on white htc boot screen. Only thing I can do is restore with clockwordmod recovery back to backup of my current. Has anyone got ideas ?
+Tommy Holm Hansen if you switch off GPS location service, the soft reboots will go away. Till a fix is found it's recommended to use the GPS only while outdoors.
I have now been running M3 for two days with GPS service on. No reboots. Interesting and encouraging :-)
+Tommy Holm Hansen good. if you happen to have it eventually, and could grab a logcat for it, please, report it in jira with that attached. Thanks!
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